= =Left In the Dark= =


A boy stared out at a field pouting, the over grown grass coming up to just below his knees as he held them to his chest, he was sitting and wished the grass was higher so it could completely hid him.

"Rex" a man called out to him, he glanced towards the person, a scientist in a lab coat and the grass only touched about a third up the man's shins. He quickly looked away pouting more, and he could hear the man behind him give a big sigh. The scientist approached him standing next to him, the man's form easily towering over his small one. The man kneeled down next to him, and Rex stubbornly scudded away from him.

"Rex I know your upset" the scientist said, and Rex glared out at the field ignoring the man "but I brought you a present" Rex's head perked up hear that, glancing towards the scientist. The man revealed a bright yellow and red bouncing ball the size of Rex's head, handing it to him.

Rex took it feeling a big smile form on his face and lowered his legs so he could hug his new toy "Thank you Proffesor…"

Suddenly everything was a bright white light as Rex's eyes threw open, lifting and using his arm to protected his eyes from it.

"Rex" a cheerful voice said coming from his favorite doctor.

"Hey Doctor Holiday" he said drowsily, lowering his arm as she moved the light away "what happened?"

"We were hoping you could answer that" said a gruff unfamiliar female voice; Rex looked toward the voice across the room where he laid. The woman who said it sat in a wheel chair writing down some notes, and the girl that helped him lay unconscious on the med bed next to the woman. The part of her suit that covered her face was zipped down to her chest and the blue shade she wore was off too. Completely revealing her face and she looked about the same age as Rex maybe younger.

"Is she ok?" Rex asked trying to get up, but Doctor Holiday pushed him back down "Rex, she's fine and lay back down, your leg is still too damaged to walk on" she scowled.

"Oyer Ghost, has been threwgh muk worst" said a German woman that stood near the bottom of the medical bed, arm wrapped in a sling.

"Ghost… that's her name or code name?" Rex asked pointing towards the girl on the med table.

"Same thing to her" the woman in the wheel chair said putting a pen into her lab coat before rolling away from the girl on the table as she began to stir in her sleep. "Holiday, be a dear and make sure the green suite samurai doesn't jump the gun and attack Ghost" she said in a tone that was condescending towards Doc. Holiday.

Rex sat up glaring at the scientist, opening his mouth to defend his favorite Doc. When in one smooth motion Ghost opened her eyes jumped up into a kneeling position, a small white gun slipped from her left sleeve and aimed it at the nearest person, which happened to be the German woman. Just as quickly as Ghost moved Six took out his swords ready for a confrontation.

Though the German woman didn't looked fazed in the least, her piercing blue eyes gazed over the gun before looking up to the girl, the girls bangs covering her eyes from Rex's view. "Lost the tew primary guns ahd secondary ones" The burnet woman stated more than asked, as she pulled Ghost's blue shade out of her pocket and handed them to her. Ghost lifted her arm straight up slipping the gun back into her sleeve before taking the shades and slipping them over her face with one hand.

"Affirmative Miss. Generiert" Ghost said with a nod towards the woman, before looking around the room, scanning the surrounded area. The Woman in the wheel chair calmly piped up, she did not seeming to be fazed by Ghost previous action either "how did you lose them?" she asked pen ready to write on the paper.

"The primaries were lost during confutation with the Class 2 and 3 EVO members while retrieving Agent Generator within The Vault. EVO designation: Skalamander, his crystal counter attack pierced the two primary arsenal weapons, as such they were abandoned" Ghost explained sliding into a sitting position her back straight and proper as she gave an almost military explanation.

The scientist wrote all this down quickly she was about ask the next question when Rex bumped in "Wait, Agent Generator?" he questioned.

The silver haired girl turned her attention towards him as the woman in the wheel chair glared at the boy for interrupting. "It is your designation within providence is it not?" Ghost asked in return, seeking a confirmation or rebuttal.

"I guess on paper" Rex said with a awkward shrug, rubbing the back of his next it was odd having a girl that he assumed was around his age talking almost robotic like. "But I prefer to be called Rex" he explained, and he received a nod from the girl "then I shall referee to you as Agent Rex upon further explanations and greetings" she said, and Rex nodded in approval.

Ghost's attention was pulled back to the woman in the wheel chair, as said woman made an aggressively chough as she tapped her pen against her clip-board. "Now then may we continue" she said in a gruff tone using no restrain in hiding her annoyance.

"My apologies Dr. Goodwin" Ghost said bowing her form towards the woman in the wheelchair, but the doctor paid no mind to the apology and continued with the questions.

"And what happen to the secondary arsenal weapons?" she questioned, pen at the reading to write down the girls explanation.

"During Agent Rex and my course to escape we were confronted by Van Kleiss " the room tense some hearing that name "I used my secondary arsenal weapons during combat…" she feel silent as she searched through her memory.

Dr. Goodwin waited for her to continue, but when the girl did not talk again after a few moments the woman poked the girl in the leg "then what?" she said pushing the girl to continue.

Ghost looked as if she was still searching through the memory, but continued talking as order "Agent Rex went down…. I turned to catch Agent Rex, wrapping an arm around his torso and….I… I do not recall what happened next" she said her straight posture slouching as her shoulder slumped seeming somewhat trouble as she continued to try and rack her brain on what happened.

"Agent Generator do you recall what happened?" the woman in the wheelchair practically barked, completely disregarding Rex's preference in not being called that.

But any anger he held deflated when Ghost turned to him and asked "do you?" with a tone that was softer than what he heard so far from her.

"ummm… I remember my leg getting injured and me going down" he said crossing his arms looking down at the leg, just noticing the pain thumping through it when reminded of the wound. "…..and I remember you catching me… but…." He tried to think back on what happened during and after the fight, everything went black and then…

Rex bolted up right, making jump slightly from the sudden movement, his eyes widening as he realized "I remember…"

"Well what do you remember" said tapping her pen on her clipboard impatiently.

"It has nothing to do with the fight!" Rex growled at the woman, making the annoying tapping of her pen stop.

Holiday placed a comforting hand on his shoulder gaining his attention "then what do you remember?" she asked her voice soothing, calming him down somewhat, as Six approaching the two from the side, his closer presence also relaxing him some.

"Before…" he said simply before a small smile made his way onto his face "before… before I lost my memory… I saw a memory of when I was a kid" his smile growing.

"That's amazing Rex" said with a smile of her own, before it slowly turned to a slight frown "but… how… and why now?"

"Maybe if we can put together what 'happened' " Dr. Goodwin said, growling the last word making Ghost's gaze whip towards the doctor "then maybe we can figure that out as well" she finished.

"What are you withholding from us?" Ghost asked as her posture straighten again, making all the adults, but six, stiffen some.

"As of yet none of you have not told neither Rex nor myself, as how you were able to retrieve us" Ghost stated, glance at all the adults in the room as the realization hit Rex too. "Judging by all your reactions upon hearing that we confronted with Van Kleiss would mean that you had not rescue us from him… the technique you've been using to question us is to figure out the event before what…happened…" her eyes scanning over everyone, but Rex, possibly trying to seek answers that were not spoke.

"Six, Doc what… happened?" Rex asked glancing between the two, as the two of them looked towards the other.

"From all the reluctance to speak to us, something profound must have transpired and you've been trying to deuce through the two of use what occurred… In hopes of not telling us, you wanted to gather answers without tainting our perspective" Ghost concluded, going through her theory with what information she had. "Now that all who are present are aware that we fell unconscious, I request on both our behalves that you tell us what happen, the truth that you all are so unwilling to tell us" Ghost said keeping her voice steady, though her hand tightly clutched the bedding expressing uneasiness.

The room fell silent the loudest sounds came from the buzzing of machinery and the hum of the ventilation. The silence was suddenly broken by the rush of the doors opening as Bobo came in carrying a tray of Styrofoam cups yelling "I've got the coffe…" his voice died down once feeling the atmosphere of the room "ummm did I miss something?"

Rex looked towards his side-kick and asked "Bobo… what happened?" hoping to get at least a straight answer from him.

Bobo froze glancing around the room stumbling over a few words before suddenly saying "I think I hear something burning in the break room" before bolting out of the still open door. The door slide back close and the room became quiet again. Rex's shoulders slummed, when even Bob wouldn't come out and states the truth it had to be really bad.

Dr. Holiday sighed before squeezing his shoulder, Rex looked up hopefully, thinking she was going to tell him what was going on, and what they were hiding but instead "both of you need more rest" she said.

Rex tried to protest as Ghost's shoulder slumped "What you aren't going to tel-" "that's an order Rex" Hoilday said cutting him off firmly before sighing "we'll check on you two in an hour or so."

"Six?" Rex said turning towards the man in green, only earning a shake of the man's head and a "sorry Rex" before the two adults made their way to the door. fallowing suit as Miss. Generiert went up to Ghost patting the girl on the back with her good arm. "Proyect GD2_0_4 sahfe, rest for nov… yew will need it Vhite is still displease with yew" the German woman said giving the girl a small smile before departing the room. Leaving the two teens alone, they both were hearing the beep and click of the sliding door locking as the overhead lights dimmed till they were off leaving only the laps above their examination beds for light.

Rex lay down with a huff, squinting as his eyes were bombarded by the light he woke up to and turned the hanging light to face the wall instead. He crossed his arms glaring at the roof feeling left out and a little betrayed for everyone keeping a secret from him. Well at least he wasn't alone in this boat, he thought glancing at the girl who sat on her bed staring at the ground looking somewhat like she just lost a major fight or at least that's how he looked when that happened.

"So why's White mad at you?" he asked, seeming to snap the girl out her thoughts.

"I disregarded my primary objective, in order to retrieve you" Ghost explained looking towards him.

"So he's pissed you tried to save his biggest pain in the neck" he said with a huff, yep that sounded about right for The Head stick in the mud.

"Would not his sitting posture or the lack of activity couple with, what one could only guess as many hours of sitting, cause more strain on his neck, then the mental strain and frustration you cause?" she said tilting her head.

Rex just burst out laughing, not sure if she was trying to tell a joke in a roundabout way or was being serious either way when he looked at her next she had a slight smile. It faded away as the silence returned and she looked down at her feet wrapping her arms around her waist.

"So… what was your primary objective?" he inquired, not liking the silence anymore then her it would seem.

"To escort and protect project GD2_0_4" Ghost explained her heels absentmindedly tapping against the examination table she sat on, Rex just now noticing that she only wore socks right now.

"What's project GD2_0_4" he asked curiosity perking, but she looked away from him and with a sigh he said "Classified right?"

She nodded in confirmation before looking back at the Rex "may I sit with you?" she asked.

It wasn't what Rex was expecting and looked at her with a raised eyebrow but when she said nothing else, simply waiting for his reply he shrugged and said "sure" as he scooted over on his bed to give her some room.

She snagged the pillow from her bed before standing and making her way towards his bed. He notices that her steps wobbled a little, but she didn't look in pain so Rex figured it must have been from fatigue.

Ghost sat down next to his leg placing the pillow on her lap, Rex could almost visibly see her muscles lose their tension; she then spoke a small but grateful "thank you."

"Ah not a problem" he said with a shrug, admittedly it was nice talking to someone next to him instead of across the room, and seeing her relax a little help ease his own nerves.

"How is your leg?" she asked as her hand fiddled with the cover of the pillow.

"It hurts a little" he said looking down at said ligament as he twisted it a little, confirming himself that it still hurt "but I think it's healing all right" honestly he never got the chance to ask Doc. Holiday about it so he could only guess by the feel of it.

"That is good" Ghost said with a nod taking his word for it "I am still very perplexed on how we both achieved minimal damage upon subsiding into comatose state in the mist of combat with Van Kleiss" she said staring out into the empty room, rattling through the possibilities of what had occurred, but almost all things that came to her mind were improvable even with what little they did know.

That fact didn't sit very well with Rex either "yeah no way Van Kleiss would just leave us there, not after trying to dispose of me for so long and he seemed to need information from you…" something that Vanlice said clicked in Rex's head "wait the beast he was talking about, that's project GD what-ya-ma-call-it, isn't it."

Ghost nodded, that much she was comfortable with letting him know, and Rex did a mental fist pump getting it right. "Hey wait what about you" Rex asked eyes scanning over the girl.

She tilted her head and asked "I do not understand, what pray tell are you refereeing to?"

"You know" he said waving his hand at her "did you get hurt, are you ok?" he asked and she almost looked startled being asked that.

"Yes I am undamaged" she said watching as Rex relaxed hearing those words his waving hands resting on his chest with a sigh "Agent Rex, please do not distress yourself with my wellbeing. I am rarely inflicted by others assaults" she explained and Rex looked at her oddly.

"Did you just brag?" he asked she said it so straight he honestly wasn't sure, but his mental translation of her words sure sounded like a brag to him.

"My apologies Agent Rex, I did not intend to boast" she said with a bow of her head.

"Don't say sorry for something like that" he said with a sigh slapping his hand to his forehead, man if he said sorry for every time he bragged… he didn't even want to try and figure out the number of times he would apologize within a week. "And call me Rex" he added, it was a little wired being call Agent Rex by someone who was sitting on the same bed he laid on.

She tilted her head and Rex started to realize it was Ghost's habit when she didn't understand something "But I have been refereeing to you as such, Agent Rex" she said looking puzzled before a light seem to come on in her head "am I perhaps pronouncing your designation wrong?" she asked curious and somewhat eager in figuring what she had done wrong.

"No, no" he said shaking his head and crisscrossing his arms as he waved them back and forth "just call me Rex no agent in front, just Rex" he said briefly wondering if this girl was from another planet.

"Oh!" she said as it finally clicked want he meant "I understand… Rex" she said looking to him for approval.

"Good" he said with a nod, she gave him a small smile before looking down at her right arm twisting it face up and then down on the pillow.

She seemed to be having a silent self-debate as she looked at her arm "though I am not injured, there is some sort of lasting effect ailing my right appendage"

"What do you mean?" he asked popping himself up on one elbow so he could have a closer look.

She pulled up her loose sleeve revealing skin that was only slightly less pale then her white suit, showing Rex that she indeed had no injuries. "For some unknown purpose my appendage feels like it has an itch below the skin alongside a prickle and stinging sensation, though it is not the same feeling as with lack of blood flow" Ghost explained twisting her arm this way and that to show Rex all sides.

"So it feels tingly… but not in its fallen asleep kind of way" Rex translated looking at her arm, besides the sickly pale tone of her skin her arm looked fine "weird…so what did you do to it?" Rex then quickly corrected himself "I'm mean what do you remember using it before you know, before the mental blackout"

Ghost paused thinking for a moment "the last thing I recall using this particular limb was to catch you" she said examining the arm a bit more before pulling the loose sleeve back over her arm.

"Though I predict that my odd aliment is the least of our concerns" Ghost said shifting her siting position so that one leg was now bent on the bed, ankle sitting beneath her other leg that hanged over the side, elbow resting on the pillow in her lap as her head rested on her propped up hand.

Honestly it was the most relaxed posture he had seen of hers, but the way her body tense and the way her features looked trouble, made her look anything but relaxed.

"You're really worried aren't you" Rex stated more than asked, earning a nod and a soft sigh of a "yes" from the girl.

"Whatever had occurred… they consider us the culprits behind its happening" Ghost said gazing out into the empty room "it is the only clear conclusion as to their motives to withhold information such as this."

"Yeah I got the same feeling" Rex said with a sigh glancing to the door, the three people that were the closest to him, kept what he still only guess on happened and the longer the silent lingered the worst his thoughts became.

"Hey at least there's one really good thing" Rex said getting Ghost to turn her head to him as he sat up "No matter what kind of trouble we're in, at least we're not stuck in it alone" Rex told her with a big smile, she simply staring at him for a long moment.

Soon enough it seemed that his smile became contagious and she returned his smile with one much smaller than his, but it was genuine and that's what counted to the young hero.

"Yes" she said with a nod "this ordeal would be considerably less tolerable if one had to face the unknown happening unaccompanied" she said in agreement.

The two teens continued to chat with each other, both aware that the other was doing so to distracting them self and the other from the situation they were purposely left out of, and so their worsening thoughts wouldn't plague them.


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