The sequel of Sadness or Happiness
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Here are the Classes:
Elsword- Rune Slayer
Aisha- Elemental Master
Rena- Wind Sneaker
Raven- Blade Master
Eve- Code Empress
Chung- Deadly Chaser

Chapter I: Illusion

Aisha's POV:
There was nothing but darkness, the light was dim and there was no sound. I could feel the chill in my heart. I wanted to get up but something kept me put. I wonder if this is what you call 'death'. Elsword wasn't there, I died for Elsword. No… I want to die WITH Elsword, but right now Elsword isn't by me at all. Where was he? Is this what you call emptiness? The dark aura just kept on filling my world. My mind was confused and lost, did I die or is this just another dream of mine? The last light I last saw was the powerful skill that Azuma gave out, and the last smile I've seen since then was oka-san's. Out of nowhere his smile gushed in my head, his words, and kindness. Every memory of mine turned into tears that can't be seen. I wish that he's here with me, right by my side, cheering me on with his ignorant, yet kind, comments. Right before he died, he told me that he died in the real world, but he is still alive inside of me. Tears started to flow out of my eyes, I wanted to see him one more time. Suddenly, I felt slight warmth on my lips. I could feel a presence of someone infront of me. Whoever the person infront of me may be, I knew it in my heart that he was dear to me. I opened my eyes, in front of me was a red headed boy. I knew it! It was Elsword! Soon the warmth disappeared, I reached out my arms to hug him. He smiled gently. I hope this is reality, not a dream. The hug broke off.
"Elsword," I started. "Is this death? Or is this my dream?"
"…" he didn't reply.
I was confused, I fear that this isn't reality. No matter what I do he wouldn't talk to me. Elsword turned around and started to walk away, I wanted to run after him but my foot was stuck to the floor, I reached out my hand, wanting to reach him. The world began to fade…

The sun shines brightly on my face, blinding my eyes. I looked around, there were blue colored beautiful houses of various sizes, and this town reminds me of Hamel. I have a feeling inside of me that I needed to go to the Hamel castle, I run at my fastest speed to the castle. The golden gate stood infront of me, two guards stood infront of the gate.
"Ummmm… I am Aisha," I started. Before I could even continue my sentence, I noticed that the guard wasn't even paying attention to me. I waved my hand infront of them, but it seems like that I was invisible to them, without any hesitation, I opened the gate and walked in the castle. It was just the way I'd last seen it. I saw Chung talking to one of the butlers.
"What do you mean she's dead?" Chung retorted.
"I am sorry but clearly she's dead…" the butler apologized.
"It couldn't be something's not right… I am sure she figured out the powerful spell, with that spell you can destroy anything."
"Or retrieve anything."
"Still either way she could have destroyed that guy!"
As I listened to their conversation, I was lost and confused. Who are they talking about? Could it be that they are talking about me? A dark mist surrounded me, I got yanked down to a place of nothing, but darkness.

Again I opened my eyes, this time I was in a wooden cabin. It was the cabin where we were at before we came to Hamel. I slowly walked into the living room, there I saw everyone. They were all depressed…
"I should have gone with her," Raven said. "I should never have left her alone. It's all my fault."
"Raven, it's not your all fault." Rena cherished. "Remember, I was with you too. So, it's like a half-and-half."
Raven shook his head. "Well, I hope that they will have a happy afterlife…"
"Well we can't give up hope now!" Rena said. "We have to believe that they are just unconscious, and you have to take care of them until they wake up again."
"But that's impossible Rena," Raven said. "We can't just sit here pretending that any of it never happened. We just have to accept the fact that they are dead!"
"I KNOW!" Rena yelled. "I know, I don't want to know the fact that MY BEST FRIENDS are dead, whenever that thought come up to me I would always get this unrelieved feeling, and… a… and…"
Tears started to fill Rena's eyes, Raven slowly placed his arms around Rena. This feeling of guilt gave me a shiver down my spine. I somewhat felt sorry that I am dead. A small dark mist surrounded me, and I began to fade to nothingness.

The mist somewhat teleported me to a dark forest, I saw Eve, hugging Moby and Reby. It was the first time that I've seen tears in Eve's eyes. Didn't she say that she didn't have any feelings? Maybe she does but she just never notices it, just like my feelings for Elsword, I didn't realize that I have feelings for Elsword until the very last minute.
"Moby," Eve started. "I don't know what this is, but there are images of the past. They just kept on replaying in my head, causing what humans call it Tears, they are painful. I don't know what is wrong with my system today… I should probably shut it down."
Eve pressed the button shut down, and her system started to disappear. Once again a black mist surround me, I slowly disappeared…

I appeared again, this time I was in a field with nothing but grass… I saw a girl with purple short hair, similar to mine, training in the field. I walked closer to her to get a good look at her. As I walked towards her, a silver dagger landed before me.
"Whoever you are don't come any closer to ME!" the girl yelled.
"You can see me?" I said, shocked.
"Of course I can," the girl replied. "I am not blind."
"Well, I am not anyone you need to be afraid of…"
"Ummmm… okay."
"My name is Aisha, what's yours?"
"Alexia, by the way you look torn and mess up. What happened?"
"Well it's a long story…"
"Nothing's a long story, tell it to me…"

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