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Chapter II: The Conflict of Happiness

Part I
"So you are saying that you think that you are in an illusion?!" Alexia shouted.
"Ya, I guess…" I replied. "So, I was shocked when you said you could see me."
"Well, my childhood friend said that I have a special kind of power, he told me that not everyone has the same power that I have."
"Wow, he must've been an important friend…"
"He is actually, but I guess he disappeared out of nowhere, and I think he ran away because he hated everything there is in this world to him, I don't really know…"
Alexia's expression seems as if she was about to cry, I admire her dignity, and her bravery. I don't even believe that she is real though. Her childhood friend must hate her while she doesn't… wow tough life!
"Well, anyways, you said that guy that you died for is your lover?" she asked.
"Ya…" I replied.
"Well, first of all, I am sure that you are not dead, you might just be unconscious. If you would when you've awaken in the real world, come and find me again, maybe I could fix something…"
"Wait! How do I know if you are real?!"
"Didn't I tell you that I have a special kind of magic?"
"Ya… but… what can you fix even if I come and find you?"
"Let me tell you a secret… I have healing magic… I can your lover back to life…"

Her words caught my attention, she could bring Elsword back to life! That means everything to me, Elsword and I can restart the whole relationship thing again… I feel SO happy. I've never felt this happy in my life before!

"But," she continued. "Even if I bring him back to life, he will forget the precious thing that matters to him most, meaning he will forget everything about you, Aisha… and one more request, you have to give me something in return, that is if he didn't make that bond that you and him use to have in 1 year, then he belongs to me."

Alexia was a nice, innocent person, but she has a dark side of her… if she brings Elsword back to life he would forget everything about me, and I have one year to build back our bonds if I don't she will make Elsword fall in love with her?!

Is Elsword better off dead?

Elsword's future will be up to me. The ending will be my decision, I have to make him remember me once more. I can't let someone who barely knows him take him away from me. I have to make me mine once more, there's no doubt, but if I fail I have to promise myself not to cry. If I cry, I should have never brought him back to life. If I walk down that path I can't turn back whatsoever. Elsword, I am going to bring you back, and make you mine!

"I agree," I finally said. She nodded and gave me a smirk. A gale of black mist suddenly whipped me away, I looked at the bright light diminished by the dark mist. From now on I must stay strong… I will, no I must make Elsword mine once more. Elsword, I promise that everything will be back to how it was…

Part II
A sudden gush of wind hit my face, I woke up in an instance. The place I was at is dark and scary in a sort of way. Right beside me was Elsword... his face was pale. Before I go and find Alexia I must preserve him somewhere. I closed my eyes trying to think of a spell, I rose out my hands and recited a spell. The place where we were glowed bright and bright each and every minute, I opened my eyes and looked around. There was a ruby crystal in my hands. This crystal is Elsword's spirit, he is dead and his spirit will disappear within 48 hours after his death. I was on the run, I must find the whereabouts of Alexia…

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