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Leader: Cloudstar – small white tom with yellow eyes

Deputy: Cedartail – dark gray tom with big white paws

Medicine Cat: Fawnflight – light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Warriors: (toms and she-cats without kits)

Dawnlight – golden-brown she-cat

Shrewfur – black tabby tom with blue eyes
Apprentice; Smokepaw

Leafpetal – brown-and-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Oakcloud – light brown tabby tom
Apprentice; Honeypaw

Petalfall – dappled light gray she-cat

Duststorm – mottled brown tom with blue eyes

Beeshadow – gray tabby tom with a black tail

Mossheart – tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice; Cinderpaw

Stormeyes – dark gray tom with menacing blue eyes
Apprentice; Featherpaw

Owlfeather – dark ginger tom

Eaglewing – white-and-brown tabby tom

Rosefur – white-and-ginger she-cat

Dappleheart – light brown she-cat

Apprentices: (more than six moons old, in training to become warriors)

Smokepaw – dark gray tom with amber eyes

Featherpaw – beautiful light gray she-cat

Honeypaw – light brown she-cat with golden patches

Cinderpaw – dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

Queens: (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Squirreltail – ginger she-cat with green eyes (mother of Cloudstar's kits: Tawnykit (tortoiseshell she-cat with brown patches), and Whitekit (white tabby tom with green eyes))

Nightshine – black she-cat with amber eyes (mother of Owlfeather's kits: Hollykit (black she-cat) and Patchkit (gray-and-ginger tabby tom))

Sandfoot – dusky brown she-cat with ginger paws; expecting Beeshadow's kits

Elders: (former queens and warriors, now retired)

Raggedstone – un-groomed gray tom with awkward legs

Duskclaw – brown tabby tom


Leader: Berrystar – cream-colored tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Sorrelpelt – tortoiseshell she-cat with white patches and green eyes

Medicine Cat: Mudtail – dark brown tabby tom
Apprentice; Robinpaw (reddish-brown she-cat)

Warriors: Minnowheart – black she-cat with a white tail

Graytail – dark gray tabby tom

Willowclaw – light gray she-cat

Antleg – black tom with amber eyes
Apprentice; Crowpaw (black tabby tom with yellow eyes)

Copperblaze – dark brown tabby tom

Morningleaf – white she-cat with a brown underbelly and ginger paws
Apprentice; Stonepaw (light gray tabby tom)

Bouncewhisker – black-and-ginger tom

Queens: Swallowflight – dark gray she-cat (mother of Antleg's kits: Mistkit (light gray she-cat) and Ashkit (dark gray tabby tom with black flecks))

Mistywing – dark gray she-cat with golden eyes; expecting Copperblaze's kits

Elders: Silverfern – silver she-cat

Darkcloud – dark brown tabby tom

Halffur – black tabby tom with half of his fur missing


Leader: Toadstar – black tom with ginger-and-white patches

Deputy: Firestripe – black tom with ginger stripes across his back
Apprentice; Milkpaw (creamy-white tom)

Medicine Cat: Cherrypelt – brown-and-white she-cat with green eyes

Warriors: Rowanfire – dark ginger tom

Amberstream – golden-and-ginger she-cat

Weedfeather – ginger tom with blue eyes

Whiteleaf – pure white she-cat
Apprentice; Pinepaw (pale gray she-cat with blue eyes)

Sunstripe – dark ginger tom

Slushfall – big white tabby tom

Larchpelt – light brown tom with green eyes

Mossflower – light brown she-cat

Swiftcloud – black-and-white tom
Apprentice; Mintpaw (white tabby tom)

Queens: Creamfur – creamy she-cat with yellow eyes (mother of Sunstripe's kits: Briarkit (dark brown tabby she-cat) and Tumblekit (ginger tabby tom)

Elders: Tallfoot – small black tom with long legs


Leader: Hazelstar – brown-and-white she-cat

Deputy: Jayflight – dark gray tom with green eyes

Medicine Cat: Poppyflower – tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Warriors: Sparrowflight – dark brown tabby tom
Apprentice; Nettlepaw (ginger-and-brown tom)

Grayfern – light gray she-cat with green eyes

Starlingleap – dark brown tom

Dewpelt – brown tabby she-cat
Apprentice; Specklepaw (light brown she-cat)

Thrushfeather – dark gray tabby tom with ginger patches

Snakefur – light brown tom with black stripes

Heatherfrost – pale gray tabby she-cat

Bugeyes – small tabby tom with big eyes

Seedpelt – tortoiseshell-and-brown she-cat

Queens: Fallowbreeze – gray-and-brown she-cat (mother of Thrushfeather's kits: Dovekit (pale gray she-cat), Birdkit (dark brown she-cat), Brackenkit (ginger tom), and Barkkit (dark brown tabby tom)

Shineheart – golden-brown she-cat with blue eyes (mother of Sparrowflight's kit: Foxkit (light brown tabby tom))

Elders: Lostpatches – elderly white she-cat with ragged fur

Prologue - It's All Her Fault

"Cinderkit! Watch your siblings!" Squirreltail's head poked out of the nursery and Cinderkit nodded. She turned her head towards her siblings, Tawnykit and Whitekit. The two kits were only one moon old and from her mother's second litter.

Although they received all of the attention in her family, Cinderkit constantly reminded herself not to resent them. This has her parents' doing, not hers.

"I will," Cinderkit promised, watching Tawnykit and Whitekit play-fight with each other.

She sat outside the nursery with her tail around her paws. It was a beautiful day in leaf-fall and with leaf-bare coming, Cinderkit reminded herself that as an apprentice, she'd be training during the hardest season of the year. She had to the savor the weather as it was. Days like this didn't happen often.

She sighed, as she settled herself down, curling up in a ball while she watched Tawnykit and Whitekit. Tawnykit squealed as Whitekit rolled over, pinning down his sister.

"Get off me!" Tawnykit laughed, batting at her brother.

Cinderkit sighed, closing her eyes. As long as she could hear them, she considered that to be "watching" her siblings. She tapped her tail against the ground as she heard her siblings laughing. She began to drift off when she heard a voice drawing near to her.

"Hey, Cinderkit!"

Cinderkit poked one eye open and groaned, seeing Smokepaw padding towards her. The dark gray tom seemed to have a habit of catching her whenever she wasn't busy.

"Hey, Smokepaw," she mewed, sitting up, brushing off her pelt. "What're you doing?"

"Just chatting," he mewed briskly.

Just chatting… Cinderkit moaned, knowing that that was the only thing Smokepaw ever did.

"So what's up?" Cinderkit asked, deciding the quicker she began a conversation, the quicker it would be over.

"Shrewfur wants to assess my hunting skills. He thinks I have great stalking skills, but I seem to always scare off the pray."

"Wonder why," muttered Cinderkit, too quiet for the apprentice to hear.

Smokepaw was so clumsy and stupid, it was a wonder he hadn't driven all the prey out of RainClan.

"What's that?" Smokepaw asked, clearly not catching on to Cinderkit's thoughts.

"Hey, Smokepaw!"

Cinderkit looked up and saw Shrewfur padding towards them. The black tabby tom looked annoyed. It was a wonder he could put up with his apprentice. Cinderkit wished that she had his tolerance.

"Let's go assess your hunting skills," Shrewfur called.

"Great! Bye Cinderkit!" Smokepaw bounded after him and Cinderkit breathed a sigh of relief as the apprentice bounded after his mentor.

Cinderkit then curled back up again, hoping for peace and quiet. It was her last day as a kit. The next day, she'd ben an apprentice. It was as though she was on top of the world. She'd finally get to get away from Squirreltail. Her mother was always fussing over her, telling her to try harder and do better, but she clearly favored her siblings. Tawnykit and Whitekit got all the attention. And so much for having the clan leader as her father. Cloudstar barely even noticed her.

The nursery was also too crowded. She'd wake up from a nap to find Nightshine's two kits, Hollykit and Patchkit, tumbling over her. And with Sandfoot recently having moved into the nursery, Cinderkit never got any peace and quiet. She then squeezed her eyes shut, blocking out all sights and sounds, except for that of the nature around her…

"Help! Help!"

Cinderkit's eyes flew open and she turned to see Tawnykit suspended from the mouth of a hawk. Whitekit was grasping onto Tawnykit's tail and the two kits were dangling from the mouth of the hawk as it picked itself off the ground.

"Cinderkit! Help!" wailed Whitekit, struggling to hold onto his sister.

All of the cats in the clearing stared up at the two kits, on the brink of death. Squirreltail burst from the nursery and ignored Cinderkit, running after them.

"No!" she cried.

Then, as if SkyClan had given her more power than she'd ever had, Squirreltail leaped up and managed to grab onto Whitekit. She tried to pull him down, but the hawk just made loud noises and swooped higher, shaking off Squirreltail, who had a firm grasp on Whitekit. Together, the two plummeted to the ground. Whitekit hit the ground with a thud, rolling away from his mother.

Looking up, Cinderkit saw the hawk, with Tawnykit in its jaws. It swooped away, with the kit dangling from its mouth. Cinderkit was frozen in shock, unable to tell if the kit was dead.

"Great SkyClan, what have I done?" muttered Cinderkit and raced over to her mother and Whitekit.

Fawnflight had already appeared out of the medicine cat's den and was pushing her way through the crowd of cats. She bent down towards Whitekit, prodding him gently.

"Whitekit," she murmured. "Come on, Whitekit. Wake up."

When Whitekit didn't move, Cinderkit felt a rush of terror run through her. What had she done? She should have been watching them…

"He'd dead," Fawnflight announced, her eyes dull. She then moved towards Squirreltail. The ginger she-cat was unmoving, her green eyes staring upwards.

Cloudstar was by his mate's side, letting out small wails. "Come on, Squirreltail," he coaxed. "You have to make it."

Squirreltail didn't move and Fawnflight pressed her paw to Squirreltail's neck. "It's broken," she mewed, noticing the awkward angle of it. "She… Cloudstar…" She turned to look at the leader, trying to think of comforting words to say to him.

Then Squirreltail, as though using all of her effort to say a few simple words, choked out, "It's. All. Her. Fault."

Cinderkit felt a chill run through her as her mother spoke. She looked into her mother's piercing green eyes to see hatred and anger in them, before they flickered around as though searching for something. Cinderkit gulped, waiting for her mother to react, but she didn't. Instead, she fell silent.

She was in the paws of SkyClan now.

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Oh, and PS. SkyClan is their version of StarClan, if anyone hasn't figured that out.