I don't deserve forgiveness for what I've done. I don't deserve relief, or companionship. I am an evil monster. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll say the same.

Ask my father, he told my brother to kill me.

Ask my mother, I killed her.

Ask Bobby, I almost killed him.

Ask Cas, he's always thought I was a disgrace.

Ask any angel, they told the world I was evil.

Ask Lucifer, he wants me as his vessel.

Ask god, he wanted me to have this life.

Ask the world, I started the apocalypse.

And Ask my brother. Ask Dean, I destroyed his childhood, I betrayed him, I ended the world, I did everything wrong.

I'm a disgrace to the ones I love. And now I have way to end my life. I can do it. For the greater good.

Thanks a lot for reading!
I just felt like writing a fic about angsty Sam...
Lots of Love, Mana Walker