AN/ Sorry i haven't updated 'The wood' i am having a hard time thinking of Ideas for that story. Anyway we have decided that we would like to do a story about Beck and Jade during the different holidays through the year. This one is a Christmas one and will be in 3 parts.

This first chapter takes place the 23rd December. Enjoy :)

Jades pov

'Come on Jade this is fun, how can you not love christmas shopping' Said beck enthusiastically, his eyes lighting up when he saw yet another christmas tree. I swear if i see another one of those stupid trees i am going to puke.

Yes thats right its that time of year again, and Beck has forced me to go shopping to get presents for our so called 'Friends'.

I slowly walked through the crowds of excited children, frustrated parents and over jolly shop workers, Beck holding my hand tightly to make sure i didn't try and go home. The only reason i came anyway is because Beck promised that if we got all we had to do done then he would buy me a new pair of scissors.

I didn't think it was very fair but i do need some new scissors and i am practically broke right now.

'Okay so what do you think Cat and Tori would like' Beck asked me. 'Why would i know' I snapped. Beck stopped walking right in the middle of the walkway earning some irritated stares and angry mutters from the other shoppers.

He looked around at me and gave me that smile that always makes my heart melt, ughh come on Jade stop being so sappy.

He put his hands on my hips and leaned his forehead against mine making me stare in to his chocolate brown eyes.

'Come on Jade' he said softly 'please cooperate we have to get this done and you know it'

He softly pressed his lips to mine and i couldn't help but kiss back, we broke apart and Beck took my hand and we started walking again.

'So' Beck started 'i never got that answer what do you think we should get for Cat and Tori' I decided that if i wanted to get this done i might as well do as i was told.

'Well' i started not really knowing what we should get them 'Cat would be happy with anything... So i think i'll just make her some red velvet cupcakes' Beck looked at me strangely but didn't question my generosity because he knows Cat is actually my best friend even if i would never admit it 'And as for Vega... I guess we could just get her a bracelet or something' i wasn't thrilled about having to buy her a present but you know she actually isn't half bad.

'Okay what store would you recommend to get Tori's bracelet' Beck asked. 'Uhhh' i spotted a little jewellery cart 'we could could get it from there' i said pointing at the cart. Beck looked in the direction i pointed 'yeah that looks okay, lets go'.

We pushed ourselves through the crowd of people towards the cart and started looking at the different bracelets. There was loads of them, this was going to take ages.

'Beck just hurry up and unlock the Rv its starting to rain' i said angrily. We had just got back from shopping, it was dark, freezing cold and starting to rain and i was not happy.

'Ahh got it' Beck said triumphantly pulling his key out from his pocket whilst struggling with the shopping bags that i had made him carry. He looked at me expectantly 'You know you could offer to hold these bags for me' he said. 'I could...but i really don't want to' i said snapping my new scissors together.

He finally opened the door and we clambered in to his RV just in time, as it started pouring it down outside. I looked around at the small christmas tree we had and a few lights hanging from the ceiling, it wasn't much but it was enough.

Beck dumped all the suff down and looked at me as i snapped my scissors open and close by my ear. 'What are you doing' he asked. 'Listening to the sound that my scissors make, i love that sound'.

'You love the sound of scissors' he said, looking really confused. 'yeahh listen' i said. I walked up to him and snapped the scissors next to his ear, dangerously close to his hair.

'Okay' he said grabbing my wrist to get the scissors away from his hair 'You' he in a flirty tone 'Are insane'. He wrapped his arms around me in a hug and kissed the top of my head. Its moments like this that i love, the little sweet things between us.

He let go of me all too soon declaring that we needed to sort out all the stuff we had bought. I reluctantly put my scissors down and started taking stuff out of the bags.

In the end we had come home with some new headphones for Andre, some lotion for Robbie, the ingredients to make Cat cupcakes and a bracelet for Tori. We also had some stuff which i absolutely needed no matter what Beck said, new combat boots, Two pairs of black jeans and some more black nail varnish because i had ran out of.

I started putting my stuff away in the places that i had claimed to be mine since i now live in the RV most of the time.

I started putting my jeans in the closet when i felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist and a voice whisper in my ear, 'I love you Jade' he said placing soft kisses on my neck.'Beck you know i love you too. But we can't do this now' i said resisting the urge to just turn around and kiss him, 'We have presents to wrap'.

He slowly spun me round so i was looking at him and he lent down to kiss my lips softly and slowly at first but getting harder each second, i couldn't help but kiss him back wrapping my arms around his neck.

He pulled away and i saw his eyes were full of lust, he bent down to pick me up bridal style and slowly lowered me down on the bed.

His eyes met mine and he kissed my lips again, getting more and more passionate, i could see where this was going. Oh well i guess we can wrap presents tomorrow.

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