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25th December

Becks POV

Waking up it took me a second to realise what day it was, Christmas day. I may be 17 years old but it doesn't mean I don't get excited whens it Christmas.

I looked to my left and saw Jade was still asleep. Smiling to myself I went in to full child mode.

'Jade, Jade its christmas' I shouted. 'Beck shut up' Came the response.

'Well if that is how its going to be then I guess I will just have this" I shouted. Wrapping my arms around her I started rubbing my knuckles on her head.

She tried to fight me off but I wouldn't give in. 'Beck seriously stop...Your such a child"She shouted at me, but she was smiling.

Eventually I stopped and she lay there breathing heavily. When she had regained her breath she sat up 'You do that again and I swear I will kill you' She said coming to sit next to me.

'No you wouldn't do that, you wouldn't be able to live without me' I said putting my arm around her shoulders. "Come on Jadey its Christmas, wheres your Christmas spirit".

She just laughed,smiling that beautiful smile of hers. She was about to kiss me when I pulled away to get something from behind me.

'Hey what was that for' she said obviously hurt.

"Wait a minute... Ta da" I said holding some mistletoe over the top of us. She laughed and hit my arm playfully.

"Your so cheesy" She said, I just smiled and pressed my lips to hers. The kiss got more intense and passionate by the second and soon the mistletoe was on the floor, long forgotten, my arms wrapped around her waist.

'Bang,Bang,Bang' "Beck, Jade are you awake, come on sleepy heads"

We broke apart and tried to make our selves look presentable. "Yeah mum, we're awake" I shouted back.

Next thing you know the rv door is swung open and my mum and dad rush in. My mum came up to me wrapping her arms around me "Merry Christmas Beck" she said. I returned her embrace "Merry Christmas Mum". She detached herself from me and rushed off over to Jade.

Looking over I saw my mum hugging Jade and surprisingly she was hugging back, I guess its a Christmas miracle.

Jades POV

Its 12pm and Becks house is filled with Aunts, Uncles, grandparents and cousins.

Beck is stood talking to a women who looks like she is 100 years old, his arm firmly wrapped around my waist.

"So whats your name then sweetie?"

It took me a couple seconds to realise that she was talking to me. "Jade" I said, looking at the ground.

"Shes your girlfriend?" she asked Beck. "Yeah" he replied squeezing my waist and kissing the top of my head.

She looked at me and just walked away. I glared at the back of her head as she walked away.

"Did you see that" I shouted "She was judging me I could tell, just because of what I look like she hates me"

"Relax babe" he said kissing my cheek "She was not judging you, I love you" he whispered in my ear.

I relaxed as he hugged me, breathing in his scent.

Suddenly I felt a tugging on the bottom of my top, Looking down I saw a 5 year old version of Beck.

He had his tanned skin, big brown eyes and fluffy black hair.

"Whats your name?" He asked me, his big brown eyes looking up at me innocently.

I looked at Beck expectantly. "Jade, this is my cousin Ben, Ben this is my Girlfriend Jade" He said.

"Oh, Hi Jade" He said in a surgery sweet voice that I usually hate, But was actually really cute in this case.

"Hi Ben" I said, less enthusiastically, I had never really been good with kids.

Beck shot me a look and then looked back down at the boy. "Ben, do you know where your mummy is?" He asked.

"In the kitchen with Granny" He answered before running off outside to play football.

Beck took my hand and started off towards the kitchen, I just followed, powerless, Even though I hated feeling like this I really don't want to make a bad impression on his family.

Stepping into the kitchen the smell of cooking food was overpowering, and there was plates and bowels and food covering every counter.

"Hey" Beck said putting his hand on a women with fluffy brown hairs shoulder.

She turned around her face lighting up, "Hi beck, Merry Christmas". She then noticed me standing there, I expected her to just ignore me but the smile never left her face when she asked Beck,

"So who's this then"

She raised her eyebrows and smirked at him, he blushed and turned his head to the side a bit.

I laughed at his reaction, "I'm Jade, Becks girlfriend" I answered for him.

"Well aren't you a beautiful girl" she said, I like Becks aunt I decided. Blushing I mumbled a thanks. Beck just smiled and said 'yeah I know she is' he put his arm around my waist and kissed my forehead.

'shut up' I said hitting his arm, he just hugged me to his side tighter.

'Awww you to are just so adorable' becks aunt said before walking off to help with the dinner.

Me and Beck just looked at each other, before Beck decided that we needed to help with the dinner too.

Becks POV

We had finished dinner with Jade behaving herself and my family being nice which was good, now Jade and I are sitting in the couch in front of the fire.

Jade was snuggled into my side, my arm wrapped around her shoulders. I decided this would be the perfect time to give her the present I had got for her.

Reaching in my coat pocket I brought the box out, 'Hey babe' I said gently nudging her side.

She looked up at me, 'Merry christmas' I said giving her the box. She took it gently. 'Umm Beck...' She started, looking like she was going to cry, 'I'm sorry I didn't get you anything, I'm am literally broke right now... And I didn't expect...' I cut her off with a quick kiss.

'Bade I don't care, your the best gift I could ever get' she smiled at me and looked down at the box, gently peeling of the wrapping paper.

Opening up the box she took the necklace out looking at me a bit confused. 'Its a promise necklace' I explained 'The circle of the ring promises my love for you is endless...Look I have one too', I pulled my one out from my coat pocket.

At first I thought she didn't like it and then her face broke out in a smile, wrapping her arms around my neck she kissed me and snuggled into my chest, 'I love it, Thank you' she murmured.

Yepp this is definitely the most perfect Christmas ever.

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