Chapter 8: The Final Battle

"We finish this now!" I yelled at Berthe

"Foolish human! How can you possibly defeat me by yourself?!" Berthe yelled

"I can try!"

The final battle began. I charged at him both swords in hand and attacked him. He got hurt a little bit. He knocked me away as if I was just an ant, but I kept trying. I kept attacking and attacking, but the outcome was always the same. After that I had little strength, I had lots of cuts on my body and blood coming from my mouth.

"This is the end for you!" Berthe yelled

"Kazuto!" everyone yelled

This is the end of the line for me; at least I will die protecting my friends: I said to myself.

I thought this was the end but time was suddenly stopped, I found myself the only one being able to move.

"You." A spirit said

"Me?" I asked

"Yes, you. You have taken the responsibility of dying to protect your friends from death and for this you will be rewarded. Since you have the ability to change the attributes of weapons you will now be a master of the sword and marksmen, and to be able to control the elements to your will, you are now a Enchanting Caster."

"Thank you."

Time started to move again. Everyone was still screaming my name. when I looked at them Aisha was crying on Elsword's chest as he pulled her close, Rena was behind Raven being unable to see what was going to happen, and Eve, Chung pulled her close to his chest and rested his head on hers also unable to see what was going to happen.

As Berthe tried to finish me, everyone screamed my name one last time, but I pulled out my swords blocked his attack and knocked him back further away.

"What?!" Berthe yelled

"You think I will die that easily? In your dreams!" I yelled back.

"What just happened?" Aisha asked Elsword, as she saw Elsword's face wide with surprise. Elsword pointed at me and Aisha had the same expression. After everyone else saw me they were also surprised.

I had 2 new swords, new clothing and some of the elements' power swirling around me.

"K-Kazuto?" Rena said very surprised.

I charged at Berthe again but this time, stronger.

"You think that will work! HAHAHA!" Berthe said while laughing.

"No, but this will." I said smirking a little. "Phoenix's Fiery Charge!"

After I said that a huge phoenix came from the sky and engulfed Berthe in a flames.

He was still standing but this time with only 5 bars left.

"How are you able to damage me?!" Berthe yelled

"I fight for life and for freedom not for power." I answered "Shark's Bite!"

A giant shark came and bit Berthe causing him to bleed a little.

3 bars left: I said to myself

"Sky's Lightning!"

1 bar left: I said to myself

"Elemental Fury!"

All the elements gathered around me I lifted my hand and blasted all the power of the elements toward Berthe destroying him forever, and closed the portal.

I looked at the gang and they were still surprised at my transformation.

"What?" I asked

"What just happened?!" Raven yelled for the first time

"How were you so strong all of a sudden?!" Elsword screamed

"Um…" Eve said while looking at my appearance.


"You look… different." She said

"Yea, you do." Chung said

I had black pants, and a black cloak like before, but it had some gray additions to it. My shirt was white and a hint of gold on the collar and sleeves. I had black and white gloves on and my shoes were black. My swords also had a change in appearance. One of my swords were black and had gold on it, the other had was white and had silver on it. My silver shooters were now a golden shooter which kinda ticked off Chung a little.

"Glad you noticed." I said "I'm now an Enchanting Caster; I can control the elements and I am a master swordsman and marksman."

"Cool!" Aisha yelled

"Well, let's get back and tell Ms. Vanessa about our success." Raven said

Everyone agreed. We went to the main building and reported our success.

"Congratulations!" Ms. Vanessa said

We left and everything was pretty much normal from there on out.

The End

This is the end of one of probably many stories. Keep a heads up for any updates. Sorry for the bad ending I'll see what I can do about that. See you guys next time!