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"What was that for woman, wait how did you get in my house?" She points her stick at my face and growls "you are so dead"
I stare at her and gave a laugh "And what are you gonna do about it, brake the stick infront of my face, this is the real life, remember."

She smirks at me with an evil look which I could tell won't involve milk and cookies.
10 min later feom afar scream could be heard
"Oh sweet Merlin on a bicycle, someone, call my loyar
, I'm beeing violated against my will!"

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Chapter 2

It was a sunny day and for a blonde girl by the name of Gabrielle Delacour the weather was more than perfect. She was glad that her family had finally decided to stay at their home country and spend the summer together. It seems they had bad luck when it came to vacations out of France, it would rain most of the time or be too cold or too hot. But the weather conditions weren't the only problem when it came to their family, and last summer was the worst.

For the ones who don't know her family are Veelas including her. It wasn't a secret, everyone who read about Veelas knew when they encountered one. One big give away is their inhuman beauty and the second which a lot veelas hated because of the lack of control was the thrall.

When Gabrielle hit puberty all hell broke loose. Her thrall was on a rampage and the veela in her was demanding the young girl to gadder her belongings and go find her soulmate. Being quarter-veela really sucked, you would think that being more human than veela will help you overpower the beast inside, but the blonde was stupid to even think that, even if you had only one drop of veela blood you are considered a veela and nothing else. Why couldn't anything in their family be simple?

Gabrielle was eternally grateful to her sister Fleur when that unfortunate day swooped down upon her. Her older sister actually locked her in a room so she won't go off and jump of the ledges, of the flying school (Beauxbatons Academy of Magic) in a desperate search for happiness. And then a bigger, in Gabrielle's opinion nightmare arouse, the family talks. They were so constant for the next few months that the young witch barely stopped herself from not head bang herself in the nearest wall or table and break it. Those talks could go for hours and she hated it because they always talked about the struggles and tragedy that come with the baggage called veela. Why couldn't they once end a story "and the gorgeous veela swept her soul mate off her feet, had the best PG love that the world have ever seen, made kids, bought them ponies and lived happily ever after". 95% of the talks, the stories ended with "and they died"... yes, that was encouraging for a young veela to go chase her mate and to their apparent death.

What she didn't expect was her sister who was even more protective of her after that. She was like a hawk, following every single move she made and giving her the talk when she saw something improper. Maybe her fans needed to rethink and change her status from Ice queen to drama queen because she had the tendency to over exaggerate. If she was this protective over family members, she didn't want to see what would be like if her mate was on the line. She would probably glare daggers at every passer that even dared to glance at her chosen one and screech like a banshee if they tried to do more, or worst scenario, actually rip their hands and other parts off their body. Veelas jealousy and possessiveness was definitely not something you would wanna be playing with if you don't want to lose limbs or life. The blonde didn't want to be in Fleur's mate shoos or pants, though her sister would gladly put herself in her mate's pants and stay there... forever. She didn't know if she should help Fleur find her mate or keep her a million miles from her chosen for the sake of both their health.

Gabrielle wasn't eager to find her second half, she knew that a lot of her kind never find their mates or find it but can't be with him or her. The blue eyed girl preferred to never find her mate and be able to get someone and have family, even if she can't love that person then find the love of her life but to not be able to be near or touch and suffer for the rest of her life, and one long life that would be. Why have such long lifespan if you can't spend it with the one and only?

For a few months she was able to hold her thrall at bay but like her sister she sometimes released a bit without noticing it. Last summer they decided to go to Italy and explore the muggle country. But it was a disaster, everywhere they've gone, they have been openly stared, like rare animals in a zoo, drooling and worst, having a boner. No wonder huge % of the veelas preferred females who had more control over their hormones than the males who forget what their names are and even what gender. There were many that mustered the courage and tried hitting on them, even the girl's mother was hit upon which was annoying the blonde veelas to no end. They hated being touched by strangers like all of their kind and her sister Fleur was barely containing her rage and not claw the muggle's faces off. But enough was enough and when a certain idiot touched Fleur's breast the girl grabbed it and snapped it in two and threw the screaming male to the side like a doll. Everyone were so shocked they didn't actually knew what happened but the 2 blonde's mother Appoline didn't want to wait and see, she grabbed both her daughters and pushed them to the first secluded place she could find and apparate them home.

It was then decided that they will spend vacations in the magical world or somewhere in France where there weren't many people to deal with. Languedoc's Mediterranean beaches were just the right place, it was in France and a place where mainly only families go to vacate. There was staring, there always will be but the onlookers partners would snap them out of their daze quite as fast with a hit to the head. It was funny every time you saw it happening.

The Delacours had an estate here and Gabrielle was wondering why they visited this place so rarely and for a small period of time, the land, the weather, the houses, everything was perfect here. She was happy they will spend the rest of the summer here and she couldn't wait to go for a swim and the thought only made her speed faster down to the beach. The blonde was able to slip through her big sister's clutches though she knew her alone time won't be long and she knew that Fleur has probably already turned the house upside down. Soon she will find her trough the bond the family shares. She loved her big sister to death but now she hoped Fleur's mate to just appear from nowhere and save her from her drama and "what could have happened if..."

Gabrielle finally stood in front of the crystal water, admiring the way the sun made it shine. It was already lunch time and she was glad that there were barely any people at this beach, luck was on her side, she stripped fast and rushed to the water with a splash and happy smile on her face. She was swimming for at least an hour and was wondering what was taking Fleur so long to find her so they could play together since she was getting bored to be alone in the water. Her musings stopped when suddenly the veela inside her started purring. Gabrielle was confused, the beast inside hadn't done anything for months now and suddenly to make her body tingle. She was ready to ignore it but then her gaze unintentionally fell upon a bushy haired brunette and her life ended and the veela began.

She was looking, no she was starring and how could she not, look at that girl, young, healthy and quiet build for someone her age. The blonde was roaming her entire form wanting nothing else to go there and remove those offending cloths off her so she could see it all, that girl was not allowed to hide any part of herself from her.

Minutes passed like seconds and the brunette finally looked up at her and they locked their gazes. Gabrielle wanted for the girl to come to her, to come closer so she could properly look at her and be sure that her brain and beast weren't playing tricks on her. The hazel eyed girl looked confused for a few seconds and then started shifting uncomfortable under her intense stare and ready to bolt. Oh no, she wasn't going to run away from what was happening here and now, if her head was already in the gutter so was her chosen ones.

She was about to make her move when something hard hit the back of her head and the blonde started seeing black spots. Her body got limp and she tried not to swallow too much water. She didn't want to drown, she just found her soul mate and only wanted to be with her and swoop the young girl off her feet and have the happily ever after she was planning. She tried hard to move some part of her body but her brain didn't send any messages where it should. She didn't know long could she hold her breath when two warm hands embraced her waist and pulled her fast over the water. The blonde was happy she could at least breathe even though she couldn't move and her head hurts badly.

When she was on shore she felt the strangers hand hold her and the other was placed at her head and something was murmured, and the pain in her head started to subside. Her gaze cleared fast and she turned her head to look at the one embracing her and was mesmerized again by the brunette she was starring less than 10 minutes ago. She was soaked with her wet brown curls falling in front of her face looking golden in the sun. Oh how she wished she could push the hazel eyed girl on the sand and rip the little she had on or maybe not, just keep it there because it looked more sexy on her and have her dirty way with her, making her scream while she push all her buttons, to see all that this girl was. Everyone else could go and kill themselves if they didn't like it for all she cared.

She snapped back from her not so innocent thoughts when she saw that the girl was saying something to her and cursed herself for being so distracted and not being able to hear her voice. Not to look stupid the young veela thanked her and smiled back at her with a predatory look. She couldn't help herself when her thrall was released to try and lure the girl to her destiny and happiness. It didn't have any effect on the brunette who looked confused at the silver light that was emitting from Gabrielle but the veela was more than happy that the girl didn't fall for it which proved she wasn't hallucinating. The young Delacour was about to ask the name of her chosen one when a loud shout and her name was heard in the distance. Gabrielle turned around and saw behind the crowd that was already there, her big sister who was running toward her with an angry and worried look on her face.

She was going to deal with Fleur later, now what was important is to know the name of her half so she eagerly turned around to do just that but she was met with only the empty place beside her. She cursed her bad luck, looked to the direction the girl probably ran off too and murmured something under her breath.

In the next second Fleur swooped down upon her like a storm and started scolding her while checking every bit of place on her body for any damage.

"Gaby, you stupid airhead, you are in such trouble when we get home." said Fleur in French and giving her an ice cold glare. Good thing Gabrielle was used to it or she would have been frozen in place. The ice queens and witches in fairy tales had nothing on Fleur, that's for sure.

When the young veela was tired of listening her sister rant and I told you speech, she decided to cut her off before she starts having problem with breathing and for her to need rescue.

"I have found her"

Fleur stopped her nonsense and looked at her little sister with confusion "What?"

"I have found my mate." said Gabrielle more clearly.

The older sister was staring dumbly for a few seconds when realization hit her and her brain cells processed what was said to her. Fleur's features softened and she hugged her sister gently with a smile "I'm glad."

"I need to find her." Gabrielle said with determination in her voice.

Fleur's smile widened, she knew how important a mate is for a veela and looked at her sister's similar eyes and replied "No, we will find her."

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