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"Charlotte Diane Gilcrease, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" A young man asked his beloved, bowing down on one knee offering her a beautiful ring with a big, bright diamond in the shape of a heart shining in the middle.

The woman named Charlottle stared at him with big bright eyes overflowing with tears of happiness of the moment.

"Yes! Oh Henry, yes! I accept!" Charlotte cried out, allowing him to slip the ring on and kissing him romantically, despite their cheering audience.

There was no doubt in everyone's mind, this ball was merely a proposal party designed to announce the upcoming marriage of one Charlotte Gilcrease and Henry Turnform; Though the most people that were cheering belonged to the family members of the new, soon-to-be, happy couple.

After they broke they're kiss they turned back to their approving audience and waved at their respectable familes.

Henry's family was small but highly wealthy, but only made up of his parents and his two younger brothers. So while they cheered for him, it was Charlotte's bigger family that cheered the loudest.

And it was Charlotte's family, the Gilcrease family that had planned this entire event. The Gilcrease family was one of the most known and wealthiest families in the entire town of Tulsa, and many people believed that they might even be more so. It was also a rather big family.

Charles Gilcrease, the obvious head of the family, and also the CEO of his newspaper business in Tulsa, along with his wife Tiffany, had five children, including their now betrothed daughter. However, Charlotte was the second eldest daughter in the family, but not the first to be asked her hand in marriage. That position belongs to Tabitha, the eldest daughter and child in the Gilcrease family, at the age of 20 now, she had married four years ago to her husband Fredric, the son of her father's business partner.

Charles did have sons though; twin boys in fact! However they were just born several months ago, so they are still just babies. Their names were John and George.

And last but not least there was Charles' youngest daughter, only 6 years old and yet was quite talented. Her name was Cindy.

And out of all the people who congratulated her sister's proposal with happiness and joy, she was the one who felt most excited about it. Her sister was getting married! How could she not get excited about that!

"Cindy calm yourself." She heard her mother tell her, placing a delicate hand on her shoulder.

Cindy was surprised to find herself jittery, but immediately calmed, when she felt herself acting childlike and foolish in front of her mother in public.

"Sorry mother." She said, still not being able to contain her excitement down though. She practically beamed; her smile practically taking over her face.

It wasn't until her sister came up to her that she let go of her manners for a bit.

"Congradu-ations Sissy!" she slurred, racing up to her sister and giving her the biggest hug she could give. Cindy heard the other party members say congratulations before, but she never really had time to practice saying it herself.

"Thank you Cindy. I was hoping to get your seal of approval." Charlotte said, smiling at her little sister's silliness.

"Cindy!" a sharp voice rang out, making Cindy flinch.

"Sorry mother, but I was just too excited!" Cindy apologized, turning around to face her mother's disapproving head shake.

"Oh Cindy, whatever am I to do with you?" Her mother said, then forgetting her trouble and started smiling at her elder daughter.

"Charlotte, I am so happy for you on this day!" She said, giving her a motherly embrace, then standing back to look at her fully, as if she hadn't done so for years.

Cindy still wanted to wish her older sister good tidings for her engagement, but the rest of her family started to swarm, leaving her out.

Well that wasn't particularly true. Her father came in and said his good wishes, followed by Cindy's eldest sister. Too soon the three elder women in Cindy's life started talking non-stop, making Cindy's head spin.

"If you want Sugar-plum, you can go play in the outer fields." She heard her father tell her, after feeling him place a steady hand on her well kept head, slightly a skewing her perfectly tied up bow.

She looked up to her father with bright eyes.

She loved exploring the fields in their yard.

"Really Father?" She asked, hoping she heard him right.

"Really, Cindy. But be careful you don't ruin that dress your mother bought for you, ya here?" Her father teased. Her only response was to giggle at him and run off.

"And be sure not to go too far away!" He called out to her, knowing that she probably already knew the command.

"Don't wanna get captured by them red skins and their injun problems now…" Charles said softly, so that no one would hear him. He knew they were only rumors, but since his land and yard was stretched so far, it almost reached the Indian Territory. He'd gotten so many jokes from his business partners of his choice of living space, that he'd learn to ignore them entirely. However it had started hearing rumors some deviant was out there killing and raping those red skins.

Every time he tried to look into it, folks would always say the same thing. "Those Red Skins will say anything if they thought it could evoke pity for them to give 'em back their land." But he couldn't be sure.

Did he go and check? Hell no, there wasn't one damn thing he could do to even plan so otherwise. But he still worried.

Real or not it was a terrible threat and fear to have some maniac go around killing and raping people, especially with him having three daughters. True he was happier that he finally had sons, but that didn't mean he didn't love his daughters as well.

But those problems had to be cast aside; this was a moment of celebration now, and he wasn't about to waste it worrying about some silly injun rumors.


Though she was upset at not having the amount of time she wanted to have with her sister, Cindy still enjoyed to opportunity this freedom of being outside gave her. She was hardly ever let outside for most certain days, not to say that she never goes outside, she just hardly ever gets to go exploring the garden this far out.

Usually Cindy liked to play near the gazebo with her sisters, or splash and play around near the fountain with her Nanny, without her mother knowing of course. But those places were taken up thanks to the party, so Cindy decided that now was a good as time as any to explore new places to play.

That was when she discovered the forest. She hadn't ever been to this side of the yard before, and she only had to assume that she never ventured out this far before either. Still she was drawn ever closer to it, excitement the only thing that was fueling her now.

She'd never been in a forest before. She heard of tales, told by her nanny, of people who would find wondrous thing and grand adventures in the forest. But Cindy never even imagined that one could be so close to her own home.

A part of her was deathly afraid to enter, because it was unknown, and though it was the middle of the day, the forest looked dark.

But Cindy was oh so curious. She couldn't let the opportunity to explore something like this pass her by.

Hesitantly, she stepped a foot in the forest, giggling at the action. Then she took another step, and another, and another…

Soon, driven by her own excitement, she started running head long into the forest, giggling the entire way, not really knowing where she was going; just that she was having her own little adventure.

The rustling of feathers was the only thing that snapped her out of her bliss.

She looked up towards the noise, only to find a flock of birds apparently getting spooked and taking off in flight.

Cindy just stared in wonder.

They seemed to fly off to a certain location, but as to where Cindy couldn't place. She was half tempted to follow them to see where they were going, but she knew it would be a fruitless journey seeing as how she lost them before even taking a small step towards them.

Then she heard another noise.

It sounded like the rustle of feathers again, but it sounded too close to the ground, like a bird was left behind squiggling about on the ground floor, trying to flap its wings but failing.

Cindy headed off in the direction the noise was coming from, hoping that she could find the grounded bird and help it. But it seemed the more she ran in the direction of the noise, the more the noise moved away from her, like whatever was making the noise was afraid of her and tried to run away. This just motivated her to run a bit longer, ignoring the pinching in her feet from her newest shoes that mother bought her for the party: Shoes that were not made for running, shoes that were made to be fashionable and look nice.

Finally the noise stopped, but it took Cindy a good while to figure that out and finally stop herself; quickly getting short of breath with all the hard impact she had to endure in her tightly tied and tailored dress.

Clutching her chest with her tiny hand, Cindy let in big puffs of breaths in and out of her body, silently thanking God that her mother wasn't here to see her look like this. Her mother would practically black out if she heard that any daughter of hers was gasping so heavily like this.

"Hello?" Cindy asked out in between her heavy breaths.

"Is… Anyone…" She tried to talk but couldn't find it in herself to find the right words to come out. Though that mostly had to do with the fact that she still found it difficult to breath regularly. Even her vision started getting blurry.

However, she soon started to recover from her run and found herself breathing a little bit easier. And once she started calming down did she hear the strange land rustling again.

She looked around, hoping to locate the source, her breath still coming in and out in big gasps. If any one were to observe her without knowledge, they would assume that she was in a panic, though that was far from the truth; she was merely curious and was still recovering from her run.

She had the fleeting thought that maybe her mother was right… Girls really weren't made to do any kind of sport.

While she was searching around the woods around her, the sound kept getting louder and louder to her ears.

And then she found them.

She almost passed them; she was searching around her so feverently. But when she did see them, her eyes were immediately drawn back to them, stilling her heavy breathing if not just for a moment.

Because what she saw was two great big glowing red eyes, and they seemed to stare strait at her from the blackness of the shadows from the shade of the trees. A small part of her probably realized that she probably went too far into the forest than she realized since it was still day time and the shadows shouldn't even be that dark, but there it was… Darkness, with two red eyes staring her down. And it seemed to be coming closer towards her.

Cindy hadn't realized that she had started backing away from the red eyes until she felt her back hit the base of a tree, nearly clonking her head.

The red eyes still stared at her and she tried to see why they were staring at her, however the only thing she could note about them was that they were human looking if not for their color.

Those red eyes still kept coming closer to her, and all too soon Cindy was able to see a figure form from the shadows around the eyes the closer it got to the light.

It looked like giant bird at first, but the closer the silhouette came the more Cindy thought it looked like a boy than it did a bird.

And then it stepped into the light.

Cindy let in a gasp of air she hadn't realized she blocked out until just now, hardly daring to let it out.

Because she was actually right to assume both her thoughts of this person with the red eyes. He looked like a giant black bird alright, complete with a very scary looking beak on his face, and giant, unfurled wings to his back. But he also had human arms by his side, with dirty, scrapped looking hands, and as if he had previously had tried to dig through the ground before spotting her. He also had two human legs that kept striding forward towards her.

He obviously looked much bigger than her, but then again, being 6 Cindy was naturally, normally small, but his height did serve to send a small bolt of fear through her. And yet she couldn't look away from him she had never seen anything like him before.

"What are you?" She asked before she could stop herself, her curiosity triumphing over her fear yet again.

He stopped dead in his tracks, like he didn't expect her to speak to him.

He didn't say anything, but just cocked his bird head to the side as if confused, though that was the only indication to Cindy that told her that he was confused.

"You're not a bird, but you have wings. And you're not a boy, but you have arms and legs." Cindy noted out trying to explain her question to him, pointing out to specific limbs on his body, making him turn his head around to stare at them, like he just discovered what they were called.

"And your eyes are like a boys too, only they're red." She said, pointing to her own eyes, and then to his as if she could point out the obvious difference in color between them. Though she found it incredibly hard to look to look away from his eyes, they almost held her in an invisible cage only he could see.

"So what are you?" She asked again, daring to take another couple steps closer to him.

His response was to crouch down to the ground, like an animal and make a frightening, animalistic sound, which made her jump back a little in a startled shriek. The sound that came out of his mouth, or beak, didn't sound like any bird she'd ever heard of. In fact he almost sounded like a snake… If a snake's hiss could growl that is. And not only that, but Cindy was sure that the look she could see in his strange, trapping, red eyes, was something like anger.

He came closer to her, he still hissed at her, though she couldn't see where the sound was emanating from. His beak was closed, and she doubted that any creature could make a sound like that without having to at least have some open space in their mouth.

And yet she still wasn't afraid.

She just kept staring at him, looking into those great, big, red eyes of his; She didn't even notice when he finally made a move, and pounced on her. Before she could even comprehend what was happening, she was pinned to the ground, the air, momentarily knocked from her lungs in a high pitched grunt from her. She clunked her head, but that was the least of her worries, as her whole back was screaming at her from the shock of hitting the floor, no matter how many leaves had fallen to cushion her fall.

She looked up to see that this bird-boy had his legs, for the most part, pinning down her lower body, making it hard for her to try to wiggle out. And not only that, but she apparently had he hands to her sides, because they were apparently trapped in between his legs as well. The only thing that was keeping her from raising her upper body was the fact that he forcibly placed his hand down on her chest, proving that he was way stronger than he looked. At to her, he looked pretty strong. She finally managed to bring her eyes up forward to look at him again. He was still staring her, with what she could only describe as a foreign glare in his red eyes. It was foreign to her either by the fact that its color threw her off, or she didn't know why he was glaring.

Slowly, he finally reached his beaked face down to hers, and suddenly, Cindy was ultra aware of how sharp his beak looked. But surly it couldn't be that sharp… Right?

Cindy tried to rack her brain for anything she remembered about certain birds and their beaks. But all she could remember was some theory she heard mother complain about that apparently mocked the church that talked about different bird beaks.

"So, what are you called?" Cindy asked again, hoping that this was just his way of introducing himself. She had heard from her father that different people like to greet each other in strange and unusual ways. And he certainly was a different person.

He stopped and looked at her funny again.

"Want… to know, why… you would?" He finally said, which made her owns eyes widen with a huge amount of shock. She had never heard anybody talk like that. His voice held a hiss within it that still didn't even sound human. And each word, no, syllable he spoke sounded forced and messy, like he rarely ever spoke, and was still trying to get used to the habit. It took her a moment to even put the words he said into a sentence and understand what he even asked!

"I want to know because I'm curious. I've never seen anything like you before." Cindy finally answered him once she was sure she understood what he said.

He let her go at those words, and she managed to lift herself off, never letting go of her gaze on him, as he did the same for her. Though she stared at him mostly because she couldn't find it in herself to look anywhere now. And she could tell that he was staring at her through more curious eyes than anything.

"Do you have a name?" She asked, finally standing up to dust the mess he made on her dress off.

"Name?" He asked, drawling out the word slowly, like it was the first time he had ever heard it.

"Uh-huh… You know, what people call you. Your title, your identity." She tried to explain to him, he only just stared at her like the words she used were completely foreign to him.

"Uhm… Oh! For example, my name is Cindy Gilcrease. What's yours?" She asked, holding out her hand in the offering of a handshake, like she'd seen her father do so many times before.

He only stared at the hand, like he didn't know what to do with it, which in truth; she really didn't know either, so she dropped it after a moment.

"Name…" He repeated, softer this time, like he was trying to think too hard on what it meant, or if he had forgotten his own name.

"Do you… Even have a name?" Cindy asked, her almost dropping.

It took a moment, but he finally nodded his head, after what looked like some serious thinking on his part.

"Great! What is it?" She asked again, jumping closer to him, looking up at him with big puppy dog eyes.

He flinched away a step.

"N-n-Niii-ssss… R-ro-ro-roc…Niiiisssssrooc. My name." He finally said, after what felt like several minutes of sounded out the first syllable, but still… It was so guttural; Cindy could barely make out what he said until he explained that all that hissing was his name.

She tried to sound out what he said in her mind, but it was hard. She remembered hearing a "knee" in there… Or something that sounded like it… A long with a "row" sound at the end.

"Ni-Ro? Is that your name? Ni-Ro?" She asked hoping that she got it right.

She could decipher the look he gave her, but he made no move to correct her in any way, that she guessed that she must have been right.

"So your name is Ni-Ro!" She said happily, clasping her hand together grinning.

"It's very nice to meet you Ni-Ro; of course you probably already know my name is Cindy. I just told you!" She said with a giggle stepping closer to him again.

This time he didn't flinch away from her, instead he just cocked his head as if to get a better view of her, like she was the strange creature and he was to be considered everything "normal" in this world.

Then there was the sound of rustling feathers again, and this time, Ni-Ro did flinch. He quickly stepped away from her and looked behind him, like he was looking for something that she couldn't see.

"What? What is it?" Cindy asked, trying to look past him but finding nothing but shadows in the trees.

"Father…" The sound was like a hiss, but even then Cindy could hear sentiment in the word, like he was whispering a prayer.

"Is your daddy calling you?" She asked, trying to imagine more of the creature like Ni-Ro, or even what his father might look like, but could barely even fathom the image.

"Yessssss" He said, but again, it was too much a hiss for her to understand properly, but she got what he was meant for the most part.

"Then you better go to him if your daddy is calling you. You always have to obey your parents." Cindy said, listing the rule that she was told and raised with, practically since she could comprehend speech earlier before in her short life.

He just stared at her for the strangest minute, like he could barely comprehend that she was telling him that. Like it was the first time anyone ever told him that. Which confused her.

Aren't all kids raised to know for a fact that they should always obey their parents?

"Well go on. You don't want to worry him now do you? Besides we can always meet up again. Right?" She asked that last part with a little more hope than she thought. Was it really a bad thing to see him again? True she didn't know if she could find him again, but she could try couldn't she? And besides, with all this talk of going back home, she realized just how far into the forest she was, and wouldn't be surprised if she went back home to find everyone worrying about where she disappeared off to. But she didn't just want to lose him like this. She needed to know his answer before he left.

He didn't answer her; he just looked at her one finale time and took off: Spreading his wings like he was about to fly, but then, strangely just running towards the shadows again.

She heard the noise of rustling feathers once again.

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