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"All night, all day
Angels watching over me
All night, all day
Angels watching over me.

Now I lay me down to sleep
Angels watching over me
Pray my soul to keep
Angels watching over me

All night, all day...

If I die before I wake
Angels watching over me
Pray my soul to take
Angels watching over me

All night, all day...

If I live forever and a day
Angels watching over me
Pray the angels guard me always
Angels watching over me

All night, all day
Angels watching over me
All night, all day
Angels watching over me."

The little children clapped their hands, giggling and laughing after the song was finished.

"That was a really nice song Mr. Fernandez!" One of the little children said. Antonio smiled and patted the child's head.

"Gracias! I'm glad you all liked it," He said.

"Sing another song for us please!" One kid said. The others then started to ask for their teacher to sing them another song too.

"Oh I'm sorry little ninos but your mommies and daddies will be here soon and you all have to get ready to leave." There were whines and ahs from the children, but they did what they were told and went to get ready before their parents came.

Antonio Fernadez-Carriedo was their kindergarten teacher of course. At the end of the school day he would always sing a little nursery rhyme for the children before they were picked up by their parents. And all the children loved hearing him sing. Well most children like to hear anyone sing but still. They really liked it when Antonio sang the angel song. It was their favorite song. It was Antonio's favorite for some reason too.

You could say that Antonio was a kid person. Children are sweet and cute, and he usually got along with a lot of them. Probably because he was a child at heart. He liked to have fun, and he was pretty care-free like a stereotypical Spaniard.

As the kids left with their parents, they waved bye to Antonio. He sighed and waved. Once all the children were gone the Spaniard started to pick up the last of the toys that were left by the children and cleaned the rest of the room. As he was cleaning things up there was some footsteps that walked towards Antonio.

"Yo Toni, done touching the kids kesesesesesseses." Knowing that laugh and joke Antonio turned around to see a tall white haired, red eyed albino. The Spaniard smiled (not that he wasn't already smiling) and waved at the man.

"Hola Gil! Touching the kids?" He asked a confused before hearing his Prussian (Gil always said he was Prussian not German) friend laugh and figuring out what he meant. "Hey!"

"Keseses sorry Toni. It was pretty awesome joke though. Well, looks like the kiddies are gone."

"Yeah their parents came. So why you here? I thought you, Francis and I were going to that club at six," The Spaniard said confused.

"Oh yeah. Come over to say that Franny's going to be late."

"Ah why?"

"I'll just say when we were talking on the phone there was a lot of moaning," The albino explained. There was an oh and a nodded.

"Si. Hey why didn't you just tell me over the phone? That would have been easier you know amigo."

"Well... I kinda pissed Elizaveta off and she broke my phone," He explained.

"And by broke you mean….?" Gilbert sighed and took something out of his pocket to show Antonio. It was about a million of broken little piece of what used to be a phone.

"Oh I see."

"Ja…. That woman and her frying pan!" The Prussian said. Well I'm going to be heading home. Feliciano is going to make some of that awesome pasta of his. Damn that kid can cook well."

"Ah lucky! I love Feli's cooking!"

"I'll bring you some later then."

"Gracias mi amigo!" Antonio said happily. Laughing Gilbert said goodbye and walked out the door.

Antonio really did like his two best friends. Gilbert was funny but could be a jerk sometimes, not that Antonio really noticed –he was kinda oblivious- nor cared. Because Gil was actually a really good friend. Loyal no matter what! And Francis is very… Loving? The French man did very well with love advice and other things. In short they were both the greatest friends Antonio could ask for. Even if they had their faults.

The three boys have know each other sense they were about five. Antonio remembered it so very well. When the Spaniard first moved to the town he didn't know anyone, but Francis and Gilbert came over and befriended him. They've been through so much together.

Once the room was cleaned, Antonio grabbed his jacket and walked out of the school. Locking the doors as he left. As he walked out he button up his jacket. God it was starting to get cold out. Well it was fall. You could clearly tell by the orange, golden brown, red, and yellow leaves that were falling everywhere. "Maybe we could play in the leaves tomorrow! The kids would love that." Antonio thought as he placed his hands in his pockets.

Though there was something off….

His phone wasn't in his pocket!

"Oh no…" He muttered. "I must of left it at the school!" Right away the Spaniard turned around and started running as fast as he could back to the school.

Once he got there, he took out his keys and opened the door and ran into his class room.

"Oh no, I'm going to be late…." He mumbled as he quickly looked around for his phone. "Where are you little phone, come out!" Then he spotted it on his chair he sat on when it was sing along time.

Running over –tripping just a few times- he picked up his phone and placed it in his pocket.

"There we go, now I can get home and get ready to go!" He said happily as he walked out of his class room and then out of the school.

But as he was locking the school's doors, he heard something. Something that was coming up above him. The sound almost sounded like screaming or yelling.

"Huh?" He looked up and what he saw was a form from the sky falling down right above him! It was coming closer and closer. Before he could move out of the way, the object fell right on top of him.

"Dios Mios!" He said before falling to the ground with the thing that fell on Antonio on top of him.

"Ow….. Fucking bird. I'm going to kill it if I ever see it again!" Antonio blinked. The object just talked? Wait a sec. That wasn't just a simple object. It was a human, or it looked like one at least. By the sound of the voice, it sounded like a man's. The man's head was turned away from Antonio's face so he couldn't see the other's face.

"E-eh? You okay?" Antonio asked. The man's head slowly turned to look at Antonio's, giving him a chance to look at his face.

The person was beautiful. Just stunning. He had dark auburn hair, that fell over hazel or maybe golden brown eyes that were wide with what looked like surprise. His skin looked tanish, but paler than Antonio's. Plus there was a little familiar looking hair curl that stuck out at the side of the boy's head. The boy looked like he was around his late teens or early twenties. After all the things with angels today, Antonio could say without hesitation that this boy had a face of an angel. He was really cute too.

Antonio gulped a bit and continued to stare, though the boy's face started to look distressed so the Spaniard shook his head a bit.

"L-Lo siento, I didn't mean to stare.. You're just so…" Antonio said trailing off. The boy's eyes stared at him, before looking behind him and back at Antonio.

"You can see me?!" The other asked.

"Si….? Am I not suppose to see you?" Well Antonio hoped that he was supposed to see this man.

"No! You're not dammit!" The boy said, starting to frown. Antonio smiled. Even when he frowned he looked cute! As he looked at the boy again, he noticed something he didn't see at first. Something very strange. Something that surprised Antonio more than anything he could think of. It surprise him more than this birthday party that Francis and Gilbert threw him once. But that's another story.

What surprised Antonio, was that the boy sitting on top of him had something most humans don't ever have.

The boy had wings.

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