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Well after Lovino had left on his 'personal' run, Antonio had made his breakfast, gotten dressed for the day, and brushed his hair (even though it just stayed in those bouncy brown curls of his). So by around ten he had called Gilbert, well really Ludwig's because his white haired friends phone met an unruly fate with a frying pan, and told him that he would come and get him and go see that Alfred person.

So after Antonio ate his food, the Spaniard started to walk over to the German's house again. Humming as he walked he looked around and saw that most of the leaves were on the ground now.

"Hm… Wow winter is coming fast isn't?" he mused to himself. Soon he got to his friend's house, he knocked on the door. Once he knocked on the door, it opened roughly and Gilbert fell out of it and landing behind Antonio.

"Ow…." Gilbert glaring at the door. "Gott West. That was not awesome!" Antonio looked down at Gilbert. He looked a bit better than last night. The blood was washed off his face, but that black eye was still there and well his hand was wrapped up like a club.

"Come on Gil, we have to go say sorry senor Alfred!" The Spaniard said. "Now can I have the keys to Ludwig's car?" Gilbert sighed and handed Antonio a set of keys with a potato keychain as the two walked –well Gilbert limbed- to the car. Once they both got in the darker haired one started up the car.

"Now, where does this guy live?" Antonio asked.

"How the hell should I know where he lives?" Gilbert said before Antonio gave him a look. "Fine fine fine. Okay I think he lives with Mattie."

"This Mattie gave you his address?"

"Uh…. Nein," he said quietly. A groan came out of Antonio's lips as he rested his head on the steering wheel.

"Don't you normally get someone's address or something at clubs?" Antonio asked as he thought of all the times the three friends would go out and how many times both Francis and Gilbert got either numbers or address by the night. Gilbert gave him a sheepish grin.

"I was going to ask for his number and stuff..." The albino muttered. "But… Well his brother got in the way and you can figure out the rest that happened." Antonio nodded slightly and sighed.

"Well let's go look them up in the phone book si?"

"Ja alright. Let's just get this all over with," the other one muttered. Antonio nodded. He understood that his friend really didn't like apologizing. It brought his pride down a little. Not that Gilbert's pride didn't need to be lowered slightly, but still Antonio understood why Gilbert was acting slightly more bitter.

"Hopefully we'll find one still in good shape," Antonio muttered. "Since everyone's using cell phones a lot of booths have been getting kinda bad."


Soon the two started driving around for a bit to find a booth to use. After a while, maybe ten minutes or so, they were able to find a pretty old looking one. Or at least it looked pretty old from the rust on it. The two squeezed into the smallish booth and picked up the greenish yellow phone book.

"Wow that thing looks disgusting," Gilbert muttered as the tanner one turned the pages.

"Well not a lot of people use these anymore Gil. It's gotten really dusty," The Spaniard said before Gilbert sneezed himself. " God bless you. What's their last name?" The albino thought for a moment before speaking.

"I think…. Williams and Jones…?"

"Two? I thought you and Francis said that they're brothers."

"They are!" The Spaniard shrugged, thinking they were just step brothers or something like that. Wait but they looked like each other though from what he remembered in that video… Oh well he could figure it out later, he thought to himself as he flipped through the old book.

"Ooh I found one of them!" He shouted.

"Okay where do they live?" Gilbert asked looking over his shoulder. "I want to get out of this booth quickly it's getting too stuffy in here! Not awesome."

"Yeah yeah," Antonio said. "They live on 1867 Freedom Street."

"That's on the other side of town ja?" Gilbert asked.

"Si I think so… Guess let's go. Come on," He waved over to the car. "Let's go!~" The two walked back to the car and got in. Soon Antonio started the engine and went on the way to the blonde haired brother's house.

"Come on Toni Let's listen to a different radio station. I can't understand any of that Spanish stuff, this is my car after all!"

"But the 80s isn't as beautiful with culture as Spanish music! Plus this is your brother's car Gilbert."

"So it's still under my last name in a way!" The Prussian said before Antonio drove into a street named Freedom.

"Gil, calm down. We're here," He said as he looked for the house. "Now keep your eye out for 1867."

"Ja, okay," the two drove slowly watching for the house number they were looking for before the white haired one shouted. "There!"Once Gilbert shouted and pointed at the house Antonio pulled in.

"Do I really have to say sorry to the jerk?"Gilbert gave this friend a pleading look, with all the puppy eyes and quivering lip. Antonio rolled his eyes slightly and got out of the car.

"Yes you do," the other gave out a groan. "But think about it this way. You get to see Matthew!" Gilbert perked up slightly once Antonio spoke. Seeing that kinda made Antonio wonder how much of a good first impression this Matthew guy gave his friend. It takes a pretty cool person to get the albino interested in them. They both started to stroll over to the front door. The tanner one smiled and shook his head as he followed.

"Should I just like knock on the door?"

"Well yeah of course." The Prussian shrugged and knocked on the door. They both waited for a while before hearing some footsteps coming closer to them. Soon the steps stopped and the door opened, showing the one blonde that was dancing with Gilbert in that one video.

"Oh hello," He said before looking over to the albino his eyes widening slightly. "Uh… Gilbert?" The Prussian chuckled a bit and waved.

"Hey Mattie!"

"Not to be rude but… What are you doing here?" the blonde known as Mattie then looked over to Antonio. "And who's this?"

"Ah this is my good friend Antonio!" Antonio smiled and waved slightly. Matthew smiled as well and nodded.

"Well nice to meet you Antonio," His eyes then traveled back to Gilbert. "So why are you here?"

"I uh…. Well I can to say sorry to that stupid little fuc-!" Antonio 'accidently' elbowed his friend in the arm and smiled cheerfully.

"He wanted to come over and apologize for getting into a fight with your brother. Must have made a lot of trouble for you after all." The Spaniard said quickly as Gilbert rubbed his arm and nodded.

"Oh I see. Well it wasn't so much trouble. Things like that happen," the blonde said. "Alfred wanted to say sorry as well, so this is perfect! Come on in." Matthew said waving his hand toward house, moving out of the way so the two could enter. Gilbert and Antonio walked right in and started to follow the blonde to another room. Once they entered they found another young man wearing glasses as well but with a cowlick instead, playing videogames. He figured that this was Alfred.

Antonio noticed that he too was in the same shape as his friend. Under his left eye there was a huge bruise, his glasses slightly cracked and his right arms was wrapped up in bandages. Soon the man looked away from the tv and smiled widely at the Spaniard and Canadian before his eyes drifted over to Gilbert.

"You," He glared. "What are you doing in my house?" Gilbert started to open his mouth to say something, but Antonio knew better and quickly covered his mouth with his hand.

"Ah, my friend and I are here so he can apologize…. Alfred right?" The Spaniard watched as his glare turn slightly softer and he nodded. "Okay great!"

"Well alright then. Go ahead. " He uncovered Gilbert's mouth and he frowned.

"You didn't have to cover up my mouth."

"Yes I did. Now say you're sorry~" Gilbert groaned a bit and sighed.

"I'm sorry that I messed up your face…" He muttered. Alfred stood up and crossed his arms careful y as his brother stared at him.

"And what do you say Alfred?" The other blonde asked.

"I'm sorry…. For almost throwing a bottle of wine at your head." As he said that the image of the bottle hitting Antonio's head flashed through his mind.

"Okay good! See all better now." Matthew said. The two looked at each other. It was quiet for a few moments before the American and Prussian smiled. And as they're smiles grew they both started laughing.

"Holy shit I actually did that to your face?" Alfred muttered between laughing fits. Gilbert nodded.

"Ja you did! Did I really crack your glasses that much?" The blonde was laughing to hard to speak so he simply just nodded quickly. "Gott man! You look so ridiculous!"

"You too!" slowly their laughter turned into small chuckles and then only large smiles. "Sorry again for all the trouble. I mean a guy as cool as you couldn't be too terrible to be around my bro. "

"You aren't too unawesome yourself. We should hang out sometime!" Gilbert said and the two nodded before shaking hands with each other. Antonio laughed a bit and whispered to the other blonde in the room.

"Well that was quick."

"Yeah. Good thing too," He whispered back. "I was hoping to get a date with Gilbert sometime soon. It wouldn't be good to have my brother hate him." Antonio chuckled softly.

"That is a good thing then," Antonio replied. "I think we should get going soon maybe." Matthew shook his head and looked down at the watch he was wearing.

"No no. It's only…. Ten a.m." He smiled before speaking louder. "How about you two stay over for lunch or something? You're both friends with Francis after all and you two are all fine with each other now."

"I LIKE THAT IDEA!" Gilbert said raising his hand. Antonio figured he wanted to spend more time with his new friend and well… Matthew. That made him smile a bit more.

"Cool! That would be awesome, you guys like video games? We can play while Matthew is cooking or something like that." Alfred said, picking up the remote control for the Xbox.

"Hell ja! I love video games. What games do you have?" Gilbert asked.

"Well…. There's Call Duty, all the Halos…" Alfred thought as he listed the games on his fingers.

"Ahahaha you two play games. I'll help Ma… Uh…" Antonio looked over at the blonde who was standing next to him. "I'm sorry. I think I forgot your name." He said. Matthew waved him off a bit.

"its fine I guess. Matthew."

"Alright! I'll help Matthew with the food." Antonio said.

"Sounds great!" Gilbert said as Alfred gave thumbs up.

AN: God this chapter took me a while. Waaaay longer than I wanted I don't know why, just because I didn't want it to seem like filler or anything you know? But now it's out! I'll start on the next chapter now, Little Phili out~