Walking out the front door of the Mirror, Andy smiled with happiness. The last six months had been the most wonderful days of her life. Sure, they'd disagreed at times on how to navigate this new dimension of their relationship, but that hadn't stopped them from working through each and every argument. After Christmas, Andy had applied at the Mirror. A month later she had landed the job, thanks in part to Miranda's dubious recommendation. She had told the editor-in-chief of the Mirror that of all the assistants she'd ever had, Andy was, by far, her biggest disappointment. And, if he didn't hire her, he was an idiot. Andy chuckled. So Miranda.

It turned out that Stephen had started an affair before serving divorce papers on Miranda, effectively cutting off any and all claims he might have exercised on the profits she had earned through her livelihood, as dictated through the prenuptial agreement they had signed. He had agreed to admit fault, which had shaved several months off the waiting time for the divorce decree to become final. The court date for the final judgment was today.

Andy looked at her watch and wondered whether it was final, yet. They were planning on celebrating by having dinner at One if by Land, Two if by Sea. Miranda had wanted Andy to meet her at Runway to ride home together and change before going out, but Andy had balked. They could wait a few more hours before being seen together in public. Although they weren't living together, Andy often stayed over. Miranda loved to bring home clothes for Andy, claiming no one wore a four at Runway, so she might as well make use of them. She also admitted that she had brought home nightwear in Andy's size the day she had discovered Andy's sketchpad. Such a pivotal day.

Miranda had not been happy when Andy had refused to meet her at work. This was an old disagreement. Andy refused to do anything that would hurt Miranda, and that included fueling the rumor mills during the divorce proceedings by being seen together. Miranda didn't care what the press said, arguing strenuously that she wanted to spend time with Andy whenever and wherever they chose without being curtailed by others' opinions. The journalist applauded Miranda's attitude, but not enough to change her mind. She would not jeopardize Miranda's reputation when she could prevent it. Or at least delay it. She knew the press might not treat their relationship kindly, had come to accept how she would lose some of her privacy. Miranda was worth it. However, any damage the press might inflict on Andy paled in comparison to how they could harm Miranda. And it was unnecessary. Soon the divorce would be final.

As she had told Miranda several times, this was a small price to pay. The way Andy figured it, she was committed to Miranda. Six months was not a long time to fly under the radar when compared to the rest of their lives. Andy had every intention of remaining with Miranda. All indications pointed toward Miranda feeling the same way.

The afternoon sunshine warmed Andy pleasantly as she strolled down 6th Avenue. Recognizing where she was, Andy glanced across the street before slowing to a stop. Miranda was on her cell as she strode toward the waiting car. She must have felt Andy's stare since she stopped at the open door and pinned Andy in place with her gaze for several moments, ignoring Andy's nod and self-conscious wave, before getting in. Andy had to chuckle. Of course she wouldn't acknowledge Andy's existence. Why would she when Andy had argued against it for so long? She couldn't be annoyed since Miranda was acting exactly as Andy had requested.

All that would change after tonight, though. Andy smiled impishly. If Miranda wasn't careful, Andy just might have to tease her throughout dinner. She knew exactly how passionate Miranda could be, and if prodded enough, her lover would be hard-pressed to maintain that disinterested fa├žade she often utilized.

The blast of a car horn captured Andy's attention. A well-known silver Mercedes rolled to a stop by the curbside. Andy smirked as she slid in. Before she could say a word, soft lips covered hers with a possessive kiss. "Andrea," Miranda murmured as the car reentered traffic.

"Hello, Miranda," Andy gasped, feeling her body flush with desire. Miranda saw Andy's reaction and ran an elegant hand down her cheek to rest on her collarbone. "How was your day?" Andy asked, thoroughly distracted by fingers dancing around her blouse neckline. She swallowed loudly as Miranda dipped a finger toward Andy's cleavage.

"Mmm, better by the moment," she voiced throatily. This time Andy was ready for the kiss, pulling Miranda closer and opening her mouth to receive a warm tongue. They indulged for several minutes, ignoring the traffic, Roy, everything and everyone except each other.

Once they broke apart, Andy cuddled into Miranda's side, content to bask in the affection she could feel from the older woman. "I love you," Andy whispered into the silent car. She closed her eyes, glad to finally say it.

It wasn't that she hadn't wanted to tell Miranda in the past. So many times the declaration had been on the tip of her tongue. She had waited, though, wanting to be sure that Miranda was ready. And that she was ready.

In some ways, this relationship had taken Andy entirely by surprise. After their first night together Miranda had pursued her with such focus that it had tested Andy's resolve to keep their romance under wraps. Miranda used all the means at her disposal to make sure Andy knew how much Miranda cared for her. Often, Andy fantasized showing up at the hallowed halls of Runway after hours and pinning the editor-in-chief against that glass desk or leather couch as she claimed her lover.

Talk about ending the workday on a high note.

Instead, Andy took great pleasure attacking Miranda in the sitting room, in the hallway, and when they finally managed to make it up the stairs, in the bedroom. Andy wasn't picky. All she cared about was making Miranda lose control while shouting her name. Feeling that body shudder and come apart under her ministrations. Watching those clear blue eyes cloud with lust and need.

Fingers lifted her chin gently. Andy fell into sapphire eyes reflecting a tenderness that took her breath away. "I love you, my dear Andrea. And soon the world will know it. Are you ready for that, my love? "Andy smiled widely and nodded. Miranda smiled back. "Good."

The End.