This is my first Maximum Ride fanfiction. I recently read the entire series and fell in love with it. I wanted to write my own fanfiction. At first I wanted to do a Fax and then I saw how many there actually were. Then I found myself reading some Miggy and realized how cute they were together. I know a few people have tried doing a story about Max being blind but only person did one where she and Iggy got together during the story. Okay so blah blah blah. I know you want to read this. So anyway. I'm not copying anyone's story. This is my own. Also the setting in this book is between the first and second book. There's no actual plotlines from the books except the erasers and the white coats and whatnot. So whatever happens during this story isn't in the books. I'm keeping the chapters short like the actual books and the fact I can't write long chapters anyway. I hope y'all enjoy.

Chapter 1:

A normal day to avian-human hybrids as we know it usually started with waking up in a tree and scavenging for something to eat. At least I had the credit card that had magically appeared. No more dumpster diving. We could at least get something in a grocery or convenient store. We never went to restaurants. We always had problems whenever it came to eating in. Either it was an ambush or the manager decided we ate too much and wanted to control our food intake. That's not even the best part. The third thing we do in our normal everyday life almost always involves running from flying erasers. Erasers which are wolf/human hybrids or mutants didn't used to fly but somehow lately, they have been appearing out of nowhere in the air with these awkward looking wingspans. They're not very graceful which is a big help to my flock. There were also flyboys which were robotic forms of erasers.

I'm not going to explain everything about how we came to be, who everyone is, and all that jazz. You probably already know. So…anyway I will go away for now and let you read.

I groggily woke up out of the tree I was in. My wings felt sore and cramped from being jammed against the tree trunk. I had been on guard last night which unfortunately I fell asleep. Crap…

I looked around to see if the others were still sleeping. Seeing them all sprawled out on different branches made me relax. So they hadn't seen me slack on guard duty.

I sighed softly. All the flying, fighting, and fleeing was starting to take its toll on me. Not that I'd let anyone know. I was Maximum Ride. I was the tough, tomboy leader. I couldn't show weakness of any kind. I was to be strong for my flock. I guess though even leaders get exhausted and need rest.

I waited a few more minutes before shouting, "Come on. Up and at 'em!"

Everyone shot up in a sitting or half sitting position. None of us were really early risers.

"We need to get a move on guys," I said before rummaging in Fang's backpack which was beside me and began pulling out the little bit of food we had left. It wasn't much. It really didn't even make up a proper snack but we weren't around any places to buy anything. It was just beef jerky and cheese but at least it would keep us from feeling sick with hunger pains.

There were moans heard from Gasman and Nudge. Fang, Angel, and Iggy just ate their breakfast quietly. We were all tired of running but it was either die or run.

We took off from the trees and were off toward who knew where just yet. We didn't really have a destination. We were just trying to put as many miles between the erasers and flyboys. There were many places to choose from. Texas to Alaska. Or maybe even a different country. We just wanted a safe maybe permanent place to live.

It was a few hours later of hearing a few of the flock complain of being hungry and wanting to stop mostly Nudge when Iggy froze almost in midair. I was developing a head ache. I was hoping it wouldn't develop into something worse like it sometimes did.

"What is it?" I asked him, getting a sickened feeling in the pit of my stomach. He always knew when something was coming first from his sharpened senses caused by being blind.

Fang who was beside me wore a dark expression on his face.

It was then I heard metallic sounds and buzzing. Immediately I knew this would be a bad day. Could this day get any worse?

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