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Chapter 4:

I ended up passing out somewhere during the flying. I woke up on a bed.

I reached out for something or someone. I felt nothing and felt tears fill my eyes. All I felt was air.

I instantly thought the worst. Maybe they decided to leave me since I was useless and would only slow them down. I can't see and I can't even fly. I wouldn't blame them if they did. I would never be the same.

Iggy had his sight taken away so young it hadn't effected him as bad. I wasn't sure if I could ever be like him. It was hard to believe he was even blind at times.

"Fang, Angel, Nudge?" I called out into the blackness.

I heard a shuffle and someone reached for me and placed their hand on my shoulder, "Ssshh." Once again it was Iggy.

I relaxed then but my heart was racing from being so upset a few seconds ago. I knew without a doubt Iggy could hear it with his enhanced hearing.

I kept tears at bay and tried to sit up. I fell back with a sharp cry of pain, forgetting about my broken wing which was rubbed the wrong way.

"Max, you have to be still. You have to heal before we leave again." Iggy placed both hands on my shoulders like he thought I was going to bolt.

The old me would have done just that. Only this new me was pretty helpless without her sight and flight. Oh, haha that rhymed. I laughed bitterly.

Yes I was having a pity party and I didn't care one bit.

Fang's POV:

All I could see was red. Bright and blood red. Who did he think he was?

He swooped down and caught her before she fell. He turned out to be the one that truly comforted her. Not to mention it was HE who carried her to the vacation house they had broken into. And it was he who was in the room right now with her.

It should be me. I'm her best friend. I'm the one who has the crush on Max. I should be the one protecting and comforting her. Not Iggy.

Why was Iggy acting all protective over Max? It didn't make sense. He's been with her all this time she has been out. It has been hours. I'm not comfortable with this at all.

I am supposed to be comforting her.

She doesn't even want me. She wants Iggy. She even cried for him in her sleep when he put her down on the bed and let go of her.

How did it come to this? Just because she's blind she suddenly decides she wants the other blind birdkid?

I felt even madder. The others acted like it was no big deal. Gasman seemed like his usual self except maybe worrying a bit. Nudge had this dreamy eyed look that annoyed the heck out of me. And Angel, I couldn't pin point her. She seemed stunned and dreamy eyed almost like Nudge. What was going on?! They should be worrying.

I couldn't take it anymore and flung myself out of the window.

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