A/N: Zelgadis reflects on his reasons for hiding his face from the masses and the importance of his friends.

"Some People"

Alone again, by choice again,

I walk down the streets of an old-fashioned city,

Lost in the herd and for once not glad of it.

If I took off my mask, what then?

Would the crowds draw back in horror?

Or worse, would they not even notice,

And leave me lost in their midst;

Unnoticed, unneeded, unloved, unfeared?

Still, I'll never know, will I?

I'll never dare to attempt it

For fear they'd hate me.

But then again- why do I care?

What does it matter what they say,

The nameless ones who walk here,

Who no one will remember in history?

So I lower my hood and mask,

And continue walking on to nowhere.

And some people stare in horror,

Some avoid meeting my eyes,

Some cringe at the sight of my face . . .

And some call out my name,

Running to catch up with me,

Grabbing me and hugging, laughing,

So happy and carefree, so welcoming.

And amidst them, there you are,

Smiling for no reason but my presence.

And for once, I let myself smile back.

Because after all, you're you,

Who's always seen me through the mask.

* ende *