Keisuke watched Asturo close his COMP after reading that morning's lapplace mail, and thought of his own COMP and the messages he'd received the previous night.

"Um, Katsuya? Why are your replies always so short? To our e-mails, I mean.."

"I'd rather talk in person." The blunete said with a calm face.

"Well, how about tonight I'll send a short message, and you send a long reply."

"That sounds hard." He said, sort of pouting.

"Well, it's good to be able to paraphase and all, but it's also nice to," Keisuke stuttered a bit here, and his face turned somewhat pink, "express all your thoughts and feelings." He put emphasis on 'feelings' without realizing it, but it seemed to convince Katsuya.

So later that night, Katsuya opened his comp and looked at the new messages from almost everyone he knew with a comp, but the first one he went for was Keisuke's, which was simply titled 'Katsuya..'.

"From: K-T
Subject: Katsuya...

I love you. "

Katsuya stared at the screen for a few seconds before sending his reply.

" I'm not sure how I can do a lengthy reply to this, because I'm not even sure what I feel. The first question that comes to mind is: is this a joke?"

A few seconds later he got a message back.

" No! I'm being honest, I swear.."

"How about I go talk to you after I answer my messages? Don't worry, I'll be quick. *wink* "

Keisuke blushed as he read the message. 'Well, I didn't think of him as the type to type things like 'wink' ' he thought. Then he started replying to his own messages, but at length; it was no surprise that Katsuya was done first. Katsuya crawled over Keisuke, at first reading over his shoulder, and stopping him with,

"Less typing more kissing." Keisuke jolted, his face beet red. Katsuya took advantage of the situation by grabbing him into a tentative kiss.

After getting over the initial shock, and after that; his own willingness, Keisuke finally broke free of Katsuya's grip, saying breathlessly

"Katsuya! Everyone's here!" Katsuya only smirked.

"Well it's a good way to let everyone know your taken. Besides, I heard that a kiss is a good way to start a relationship. All it told me was that your a good kisser, and I don't want this to be the only time."
"Y-You can't seriously mean that..."
They looked at each other for a few seconds before Katsuya's COMP signaled a new message.

"From: AT-LOW
Subject: .


Katsuya quickly kissed Keisuke again on the cheek before replying

"I know."

((A/N: I know this whole thing plays out kind of suddenly, and I'm a bit unsatisfied with it. I may be happier if there were a chapter before this, adding context for Keisuke's feelings and maybe some extra plot. I don't know if anyone would really care though, since I think I'm the only one who ships this.

Anyway, comments and critique are appreciated! ))