Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new story, Like Never Before.

I tend to write fairly long chapters with a lot of detail in my stories, and so I thought I would try something different. Short chapters and less detail but still maintaining a plot. Drabble-esque. A 'quick fic' if you like. And I'm going to try to keep the author's notes to a minimum after this one!

This story has chapters of around 200-400 words and will alternate Edward and Bella's points of view. I'll post most days, and I'll publish at least two chapters when I post. The aim is to post the story over the whole of December, and have it wrapped up by New Year's Day, although it may run over.

It would be great if you could let me know what you think, either chapter-by-chapter or at the end. This story, like my others, does not have a beta. I try very hard to get the grammar, syntax and spelling right but if there's a mistake and it really bugs you, please let me know.

I should warn you that this story has bad language, dirty talk, lemons, limes and lemonade. Nobody in this story is an angel, and Bella especially is a bit OOC. That being said, I'm not planning any major angst.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer created these amazing characters and the magic that is Twilight and its sequels. I have taken them to England and made them think and do naughty things. This story idea belongs to me.


Part One: The Wedding



Friday night

"Wow, Jazz, this groom's cake is a work of art. It looks exactly like a medieval jousting tournament."

"It's ace." My oldest friend Jasper laughed and ruffled his shaggy blond hair. "I'm glad Alice insisted on me having one. She said that Prince William had a groom's cake, so I had to have one!"

I looked at the details embedded into the cake design. The suits of armour, the jousts, the horses, the spectators in stands made of gingerbread.

"Whoever made this is seriously talented." Rosalie said.

"Yeah, Bella's the best. My groom's cake is actually small fry for her."

"Bella?" I asked.

"Yes. Alice's best friend and the maid of honour."

"So she makes cakes professionally?"

"Yes. She runs a specialist bakery, catering and events planning business. Award-winning and very profitable."

Jasper's head suddenly turned towards the door of the dining room. His gaze softened as it landed on Alice, his petite, raven-haired, effervescent fiancée. My gaze however, was drawn to the woman standing just behind her.

What a woman. My whole body trembled. I'd never before been affected by the mere sight of a member of the opposite sex.

Glossy chestnut locks to her tiny waist.

Huge pools of chocolate for eyes.

Puffy, pouty dark pink lips.

A delicate heart-shaped face.

Clear porcelain skin decorated with a hint of blush.

Large, creamy, bosoms, trying to escape from a v-necked dark green dress.

Hint of a soft tummy under the dress's flared skirt.

Wide, rounded hips and ass.

Long legs. Really fucking long legs.

Dainty ankles.

"Jasper, who's that with Alice?"

"That would be Bella."