Love Everlasting

Chapter 1

Rating: R

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            Hermione happily strolled down the hallway after finishing the final exam of her 6th year at Hogwarts. Finally, she thought, I'm done with my sixth year. Only one more to go and I'll be a full-fledged witch. Suddenly, something bumped into her, or did she bump into him?

            "Miss Granger, may I ask what you are so happy about that you believe you don't need to pay attention to where you're walking?"

            Damn! Why did I have to bump into Snape? "I'm sorry Professor. I was thinking about the fact that I only have on year left. And Professor Dumbledore told me at lunch that I will be allowed to stay for the summer as an intern for Professor McGonagall. Who is your intern going to be?"

            "I shall be taking Mister Malfoy as my intern. And, might I say, Professor McGonagall thinks very highly of you to take a stubborn girl like you as her intern. Congratulations."

            "Thank you Professor. I hope you have a pleasant summer."

            Snape passed her and went into his private office. He sat at his desk, putting his head in his hands, breathing heavily. Gods, she has grown up to be a very beautiful woman. I can't believe it. She makes my heart jump every time she passes. How am I going to spend an entire summer near her? He flipped through a worn copy of Most Potente Potions, trying to think of what he was going to do with Malfoy all summer. Dog-earing a number of pages with very complex potions listed within, Snape got up, put the book back on the shelf and went into his quarters.

            Hermione walked quickly into her new room, Head Girl's room. All the 7th years had already left, seeing as their exams and graduation ceremony were completed the week before. After unpacking a few things, she sat on the bed and stared at the new potions book, the book for 7th years. How am I going to spend the whole summer near him? He makes my knees wear every time I talk to him. I think I'm in love with him.

            The next day at breakfast, only the students staying as interns and the professors were in the Great Hall. Hermione sat next to Harry, who was taken as intern for the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.

            "I wonder who the new DADA teacher is, Mione. They sure don't last long, do they? Hermione? Are you listening to me?" Harry said, waving his hand in front of her face.

            She was staring at Snape. He was wearing a snug black dress shirt and black tuxedo-type pants. She could see almost every muscle in his chest and arms. Finally, Harry's words got through to her, but she didn't know what the question was. "Umm, yeah Harry. I'm listening."

            "No you're not. Who are you staring at?"

            "Oh, no one in particular. I'm just thinking about how odd it is to see all the professors out of their robes. Well, everyone except Professor Dumbledore. I don't think he owns anything other than those old robes."

            "Me either. Well, I need to go down to the lake. The new DADA professor is supposed to be apparating there any time soon."

            "Bye Harry. If I don't see you, have fun with the new teacher."

            Harry got up and headed outside. Hermione sat at the Gryffindor table, staring at Snape. Snape tried not to stare back, although he wanted to very badly. Every so often, Snape would steal a longing glance down to where she sat. As she got up and started toward the door, he stared at her, watching the gentle swish of her hips and the light reflecting off of her hair.

            She certainly is beautiful. But she's my student! This could never work out. She and I could never be a "we". Why must the ones I love, always be out of my reach? He stood up and briskly chased after Hermione. "Miss Granger! MISS GRANGER! I must speak with you."

            "Why, Professor, are you alright? Have I done something wrong?" Hermione stared at him; her innocent, brown eyes nearly made him melt.

            "Hermi…Miss Granger, I must ask you to please not come to the potions room unless you are accompanied by someone other than myself, or else I am sure to do something rash that we will both regret."

            "What do you mean Professor? Something like this?" Hermione stood up on tiptoe and softly kissed him full on the lips.

            "What did you do that for? Are you trying to tease me? No one has ever wanted to kiss me, especially after everything that as happened in the past with Voldemort. There is no way you could love me."

            "But I do. I don't know exactly when I realized it, but I do love you. Professor, I love you so much that it makes my knees go weak every time I see you. I couldn't tell you because I knew you wouldn't feel the same way."

            "I wouldn't feel how? Like this?" Snape said with a sly smile as he brushed her cheek with his fingers and pressed his lips to hers. She parted her lips slightly and his tongue invaded her mouth, exploring every crevice. After a moment, she pulled away. "Not here, Professor, not here."

            Hermione took his hand and led him up into the Head Girl's room. She sat Snape on the queen sized bed before sitting on his lap and planting a soft kiss on his lips. Snape ran his fingers through her chocolate brown hair, reveling in its softness and pressing his lips harder against hers. A soft moan escaped Hermione's mouth; Snape used this opportunity to explore her mouth with his tongue. She returned the kiss, running her tongue along his teeth. This time, Snape broke off the kiss and just stared at Hermione.

            "What's the matter Professor? Did I do something wrong?" Hermione asked, looking into Snape's nearly black eyes.

            "Quite on the contrary, my dear Miss Granger. I just cannot believe that someone with your amazing mind and beauty could possibly have any feelings for me."

            "Please, call me Hermione when it's just us. Can I call you Severus, or am I to be stuck calling you Professor even when we're alone?"

            "That's entirely up to you, Hermione. I just hope you make the correct choice."

            Hermione leaned in and whispered in his ear "Severussss."

            "Gods, I like the sound of that. Do you have to meet with McGonagall today? Because I mean, Malfoy's on vacation for 2 weeks and I have nothing to do until he comes back." Severus took her hand and ran his fingers over her smooth skin.

            "Yes I do have to meet with Professor McGonagall today in OH GODS! I only have 5 minutes until I have to be in the Transfiguration room. But I will talk to Professor McGonnigal to see is I can work with you once or twice a week until Malfoy comes back. I don't see why she'll say no. See you at lunch. Goodbye love."

            Hermione gave him a quick kiss as she flew out of the room and made it to the Transfiguration room just in time. Professor McGonagall was waiting for her with a number of inanimate objects and a few small animals. They worked for a few hours, changing bits of parchment into butterflies and porcupines into cacti. A few minutes before lunch, Hermione tidied up and went to Professor McGonagall's desk.

            "Umm, Professor, I was talking with Professor Snape this morning and he told me that Draco is on vacation with his family for a few weeks. This means that Professor Snape won't have an intern until he comes back. I was wondering if maybe, until Draco comes back, I could do a little work with Professor Snape also. I would spend most of my time with you, but just a few hours a week I could work on my potions too."

            "As touching as your speech was, I've already spoken to Professor Snape and we have agreed that you will work with me during the mornings and with Professor Snape in the afternoons. Does that schedule satisfy you?"

            "Yes! Thank you so much Professor! Then I suppose I will see you tomorrow after breakfast."

            "I don't know why you would want to spend so much time with Professor Snape, but that's your choice. Have fun and I shall see you tomorrow."

            Hermione half-walked, half-skipped down to the Potions dungeon. The door was closed, so she knocked on the door and opened it a little bit.

            "Go away; I have no need for anyone right now!"

            Hermione opened the door all the way and stepped inside. Severus was in his private office, so she headed toward the back of the room to his office.

            "I SAID GO AWAY!" Severus stood up with his back to the door and spun sharply to face the intruder.

            "If you want me to go away, I will. But I thought you might like to tell me what time to come here this afternoon." She turned and headed to the door, but he grabbed her arm and pulled her in close to him.

            "She said yes? I can't believe it. Are you tying to tease me because if you are, I will never speak to you outside of class."

            Hermione stood up on tiptoe and wrapped her arm around the back of his neck to steady herself. "I would never lie to you, never." She whispered in his ear and kissed down his jaw line, finally reaching his lips as he sat down in an overstuffed office chair with Hermione in is lap. Hermione kissed him softly on the lips, but pulled away as soon as he tried to press his lips harder against hers. Severus looked at Hermione with a quizzical look in his eyes.

            "What were you so angry about when I first came?"

            "Nothing, nothing important at all."

            "I've never seen you that angry about nothing. Now please, tell me. Whatever it is, I'll always be here for you."

            "Hermione, I want to, but I just can't. I can't"

            Severus buried his face in her soft hair and the two just sat there for a few minutes, holding each other. After some moments of silence, Severus picked his head up and slowly moved to roll up his sleeve…

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