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Chapter 15- It's Finally Over

Two clones came over and pulled Sarina to her feet then placed binders on her wrists. Another two clones released Padme and Satine. Once down, they moved to Obi-wan and Anakin, who were still unconscious. The two clones holding Sarina moved toward the exit.

"Wait," Sasha said. The clones stopped. "Tell us how to break the spell."

"It's not that easy, you know," Sarina said. She had a black eye and a spilt lip, but still managed to look like a model.

"What, telling us or undoing the spell?" Ahsoka asked.

"Undoing the spell," she said.

"Why?" Sasha asked.

Sarina sighed. "Unlike my other spells, I don't know if this one will work when undoing it." The look they gave her told her to go on. She did. "It's a process. My first spell, that made men think about me, would wear off. My second spell, when we become friends, needs a true loves kiss to break it. The third spell, when they fall in love with me and leave their loved ones, just takes a lot longer to wear off. The final spell is long term until they die which is about a month to three before they do.

"But the only way to break it is to… umm… well." She paused. "I need to suck the spell out of them.'

They all seemed to make a disgusted face as they imagined it. Sasha placed a hand on Sarina's shoulder and gripped it tight.

"Then do it," Sasha said.

"That's the problem, I don't know if it will work, because… I've never done it before," Sarina said.

"Well it's time for a test run," Sasha growled.

The two clones released her, but pointed their blasters at her. Sarina knelt between the two male Jedi. Opening Anakin's mouth, she moved her lips to his and breathed in. The pink mist came out and disappeared into the air. She then moved to Obi-wan and did the same thing. Once she was done, the clones pulled her up and away from them.

"Take her away," Ahsoka said.

Sarina was escorted away. Sasha sighed and slumped into the only chair in the room, which was by the table. Rex knelt in front of her.

'You alright, Commander?" he asked.

"Oh I'm fine, but how are they?" Sasha asked Satine and Padme.

"They are fine," Satine said.

"But you don't look fine," Ahsoka added to Sasha. She pulled out a small mirror from her belt and handed it to Sasha. Glancing in the mirror, Sasha noticed that her nose was black and blue and bleeding.

"Oh that's not good," she said as she gently brought a hand to her nose. That's when she noticed that her right hand had bruises all over the knuckles. "Kriff, this is definitely not good."

Rex turned and motioned for Jesse. The clone medic made his way over to them, a med kit at hand. He knelt down in front of Sasha. Popping open the kit, he pulled out a cloth and handed it to her to clean up her face. Once she was done, he got to work on her nose and hand.

Ahsoka looked over to her unconscious Master, whose head was in Padme's lap. Master Kenobi was in the same position, but with the Duchess. Suddenly Master Windu, Master Koon, and a really talk male Jedi with blondish white hair. Ahsoka had seen him before, but couldn't remember the Jedi Master's name.

"Master Garen," Sasha happily as Jesse wrapped her hand.

Master Garen Muln smiled at her. "Hey kid you alright?"

"Oh just a few cuts and bruises," Sasha said.

Jesse looked up with an amused face. Sasha smirked then winced as it hurt her nose. Ahsoka shook her head and looked at the two council members. Plo Koon was looking around the room.

"Looks like quite the fight happened here," he said.

"Indeed," Master Windu agreed.

"Well I wouldn't know how it went, but I can say for sure that when I entered the room, Sarina was on the ground and Sasha was victorious," Ahsoka said.

"Is that true, kid?" Garen asked smirking.

"Pretty much," Sasha said as Jesse was now working on her nose.

"Quiet," Jesse ordered. "Stop moving."

She froze it place and remained silent. Windu then noticed Obi-wan and Skyguy out for the count on the ground.

"What happened to them?" he asked.

"They were still under Sarina's control when Sasha was fighting Sarina." Padme started." Then she ordered them to fight Sasha. She knocked them out. Once the clones arrived, Sarina undid the spell and they have been out ever…" Padme was cut off by a groan coming from Anakin. "Anakin, how do you feel?"

Sitting up, now awake, Anakin rubbed the back of his head.

"Ugh, I have such a headache," Anakin mumbled.

"You too?" Another voice said. It was Obi-wan.

Anakin rubbed her eyes. "Hmph, what happened?"

And Ahsoka explained. She explained to her master what happened before their plan was put into action. Then Satine and Padme explained what happened when the plan went wrong, and the fight between Sasha and Sarina, including how both of the Jedi masters ended up unconscious. When they were done, the council members, Garen, and Anakin were silent.

Obi-wan spoke up. "Are you alright, padawan?"

Sasha gave him a thumb up as she was to remain silent.

"Well then return to the temple," Mace said. "Well discuss more of this later."

Plo Koon and Windu left. The Clones even stated to file out. Rex helped Padme pull Anakin to his feet. Garen and Satine helped Obi-wan. Jesse finished up with Sasha, and together with Sasha and Ahsoka, left.

Once they got outside, did Sasha realize where they were. Ahsoka looked at her.

"How did we get to the docks?" Sasha asked.

"There was an underground tunnel under her apartment," Jesse replied. "It led to this abandoned shop."

"No wonder it smelled of fuel and oil," Sasha said. "Well it did when I could smell."

They laughed as they walked to the waiting gunship. Finally, they were done with Sarina Black for alone time.

The End.

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