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Chapter 6- One Way to Break the Spell

Sasha and Obi-wan returned to the temple an hour later. It was only one hour till curfew or lights out. Sasha rushed to the apartment, changed clothes, and ran for Anakin and Ahsoka's room. Knocking on the door, Sasha waited for someone to open it. Ahsoka opened the door and was immediately pulled into the hall.

"Whoa, what's going on?" Ahsoka asked.

"I think I know to break the spell," Sasha said. "Since this one seems to be lasting longer than the last."

"Tell me," Ahsoka asked thrilled.

And Sasha did just that. She told her about what had happened at dinner that night, including the kiss between her master and the duchess. Ahsoka was shocked by that, but before she could say anything, Sasha added the fact about the pink mist coming out. When she was done, Ahsoka was shocked.

"So I'm guessing you've got a plan?" Ahsoka asked.

"Oh yeah," Sasha said. "At dawn, lips will lock." Ahsoka looked confused. "Means tomorrow we're making a visit to a certain Senator."

"Oh…" Ahsoka said now understanding.

The next morning, Sasha, Ahsoka, and a highly confused Anakin left the Temple and headed to the apartment of Senator Padme Amidala. If Sasha's theory was correct, the good senator may be the only one to break the spell. Sasha pulled up to the veranda of the apartment. The three Jedi climbed out.

"Why are we here?" Anakin asked.

"Oh just coming to visit, you know," Ahsoka said casually.

C-3P0, the protocol droid, came waddling up to them.

"Oh hello, Mistress Padme wasn't expecting visitors," Threepio said.

"Just tell her that we're here, please," Ahsoka said.

"Of course," the droid said.

Threepio waddled off, into the apartment. About a minute later, Padme came out dressed in casual attire.

"This is an unexpected surprise," she said. "Sasha, Ahsoka, nice to see you. Anakin, you as well."

"Senator, can we," Sasha gestured to her and Ahsoka. "talk… alone for a moment?"

"Sure," Padme said a little worried.

The three women walked to the other end of the veranda, out of earshot of Anakin.

"What's going on?' She asked.

"Master Anakin is kind of under a spell right now," Ahsoka said.

"He is?' Padme asked.

"Yes, now it's a long story on why he is," Sasha then explained. "So that's why we need you to kind of… umm… kiss him," she finished.

"Kiss him?! Do you really think that will work to break the spell?"

"It worked on Obi-wan," Sasha added.

"On Master Kenobi?" Who kissed him?"

In a low voice, they said. "Duchess Satine."

"Whoa, hold on, are you saying Master Kenobi and Duchess Satine… kissed?"

They both nodded. Padme seemed a little less shocked by that than they thought. She looked back over to Anakin then back to them.

"If you think it will work."

Padme turned and walked back over to Anakin. She said something to him then pulled him in for a kiss. Both padawans felt like they should be disgusted by this, but only found themselves awing. When Padme pulled away, the pink mist came out. She was startled by that. Anakin shook his head once all of the pink mist was gone.

"Oh hello, my dear," he said when he noticed Padme in front of him. He leaned in for another kiss.

She stopped him and pointed to the padawans. Anakin awkwardly pulled away, his face red.

"We'll leave you two alone. There is obviously some explaining to do," Ahsoka said as her and Sasha moved toward the speeder.

"Yeah and Senator remember, if he seems out of place, just kiss him and the spell should break," Sasha said sounding like a fairy god mother.

"Kiss me? What happened?!" Anakin asked afraid.

"I'll explain to you once they are gone," Padme said.

The two padawans climbed into the speeder and left them alone. Now that they have broken the spell, it was time for these girls to confront the wicked witch herself. And to find out what the kriff is going on!

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