Max's dream

"What are you?" she called out. It didn't answer, all she could see was its red eye staring back at her. "Who are you?" she tried again hoping to get an answer, she got nothing. All she knew was the "red eye" was coming towards her, she didn't feel afraid, she felt safe, yet she kept running away from it. As she tried to call out for it again, all she got was dead silence. Before she could call out to it again she began to feel dizzy, everything was spinning around her. She thought to herself "I'm going to die " repeatedly in her head before she blacked out. She awoke to find herself in her room, only to realize it was yet another dream. She was clueless why she kept having the same dream over and over again. The only thing she knew was she had to take her mind off of it. As she a raised from her bed, she went down the hallway into the kitchen. As she arrived to the kitchen, she headed straight for the fridge. As she opened the fridge door she thought to herself "why outta all people must I be stuck with these damn dreams" as she grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, she shut the fridge door only to find herself heading straight to the living room. She grabbed the TV remote and flipped through channels only to find nothing that was on in her interest. After several minutes of pure boredom, she turned the TV off and went to grab her sketchbook. As she began thinking of something to draw, she started to sketch out the "red eye" from her dreams. Then did she begin to realize that there was more to this "red eye" then she knew. After what seemed like minutes to her, she awoke to find herself on the couch realizing she fell asleep and was late for work. She quickly got into the shower and got dress. She made a beeline to the door rushing as fast as she could. Once she arrived at work she was greeted by Steve, he is known as the most annoying head manger ever by most everyone.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in" Steve greeted her with. "OH, put a sock in it Steve I know I'm late don't need to remind me" she said with a little annoyance in her voice. "Is that anyway to treat the new head manger Max?" he exclaimed "Whatever" she said sighing. "Anyway some guy came by and said you knew him and wanted me to tell you he needed to talk to you." "Wait what? Some guy! What's his name?" she said as she began to feel worried. "He said his name was Mike." "MIKE! I don't know a Mike does he have a last name?" "Not that I know of he didn't say." "WELL! Don't you think I would have like a last name, I mean there are what a billion Mikes in this world!" "No it didn't dawn on me." "Ugh!" She sighed in frustration. "Hey don't get mad at me, anyway he wanted to meet you here on your lunch break" Steve exclaimed handing her a piece of paper with a location on it. "Really could have picked something nicer I mean really Bob's Burgers come on." "Hey don't look at me I didn't pick it, anyway it's your turn to do back duty with Rae." "Yes whatever" She took the paper from him shoved it in her pocket and head to the back.

"HEY! Max you're late, and who's the cute guy that was asking for you?" Rae said cheerfully. "Don't know and don't care." "Come' on He was super cute, he your new boyfriend?" "Nope, don't know the guy, looks like we're stuck on back duty" She said grabbing boxes and putting cans of pet food out. "Hey now don't change the subject, and you really don't know him Maxy?" "Again don't call me Maxy and yes I don't know him." She said sounding a little frustrated. "Whatever you say Maxy, wow looks like you got a new stalker." "Rae don't even go there, and I don't know, he wants to meet me at Bob's Burgers." "Well I think you should go, yet he could have picked a better place to meet, but whatever." "He could have I mean Bob's burger gross with a capital G!" She said laughing. "Hey, did he give you a name or a last name?" "Yeah, his name is Mike." "Mike sounds hot" she said. "Yeah, yeah, think all you want" she said with an embarrass smile. After Hours of unpacking boxes of pet supplies, it was finally Max's break. "So?" Rae exclaimed looking curious. "So, What?" She said looking suspicious. "You meeting tall dark and handsome?" "Uh, yes I am" "Good, now go." Rae said almost shoving Max into her car. "Tell me how it goes ok." She yelled out to Max from the store. "You know I will." Max yelled all the way from the parking lot. As she got into her car she thought out loud to herself. "Let's go meet the mysteries Mike." She turned her car on and left the parking a lot heading straight for Bob's Burgers. Once she got there, she began looking around the parking lot. She notices a black GT 500Kr mustang "Woo! I wish I was that lucky to own a beauty like that." She thought to herself. As she began to enter the building, she felt someone tap her shoulder.

"Who are you?!" She said when she turned around. "Woo, cool your jets, I'm Michel, you can call me Mike" He said extending his hand for a handshake. "So you're Mike" "Yes I am care to sit?" "Sure, but you're going to tell me why you know me or why you want to see me, got it" "yes." He said pulling out a chair for her. She sat down and watches him as he took the sit in front of her. "So what do you want to know?" Mike asked. "Ok, first off how do you know me?" "It hard to explain, but it's along the lines my father knew your father." "My father is dead" She said. "I know and I'm very sorry for what happen." "Well no need for apologizes you can't fix it and why are you here and why do you want me?" "Well I work for a private, independent, organization called Flag." "Really you want me to believe there is a private, independent, organization called Flag?" She said looking suspicious. "Yes I do, Flag stands for Foundation for Law and Government." "Ok then why do they want me?" "That I do not know, but I'm here to take you back to our base." "Our!? Base as in I….I…I…I work there?" "No as in there are more people than just me there." He sighed in frustration. "Ok then lead the way I'll follow in my car." "Ah, yes your beat up yellow bug." "What's wrong with my car?" "It's just mine is faster and we would get there in less time than your bug." "Ok then what do you drive?" She said looking a little angry for calling her yellow bug beat up. She watched as he got up out of his chair and motion for her to follow. She got up and followed him. "Let me guess you're the mustang's driver?" she said being sarcastic. "Yes I am actually." "What! No way" "Yes way." Once they arrived at the car's parking spot in the parking lot. He pointed to the car and said "Yep this is my ride way better than yours if I do say." Max kept staring at the car not because of its beauty because she noticed something about the car. "Hello? You there aren't you going to get in? What are you looking at?" Mike said looking confused. She raised her hand and pointed in at the front to the front of the mustang. "Th….Th…..Th….The red eye it's…its….it's real! It's your car!" She exclaimed with a hint of worriedness hidden in her voice. Before she could think she began running away, only hear Mike's voice and his footsteps behind her.