Taking this one to the grave

~Authors note : Yes I am aware my grammar isn't the greatest but again it's my first fan fiction story so please do bare with me~

Max had no idea what to do; all she knew was that the mysterious person wanted something. She was clueless as to what they wished to have in their possession, but the thought of it scared Max. It's not like she could tell someone, she remembered how Rae reacted when she had told her. She decided she would try to get back to bed and hopefully have a plan in the morning. After trying to sleep for hours, Max had one thing on her mind, which was the creepy voice repeating "You'll regret it" over and over in her head. Around nine o'clock, Max decided to get up and head to town. Her plan was to forget what had happened last night. Once Max arrived into town; she headed straight for the nearest coffee shop. As she waited in line to get her coffee, she felt someone tap on her shoulder.

"Yes?" Max asked in confusion. "Never thought I would see you again" "Well, I do live in this area Mike." 'How did you know it was me, you didn't even turn around" Mike asked with a questioning look. "Do I even need too, I recognized your voice." "Well said, you don't seem too happy to see me Max" Mike exclaimed in a joking manner. "I'm sorry would you like to restart this conversation?" "Sarcasm I get it." After her short brief talk with Mike, Max grabbed her coffee and took a seat. She was soon followed by Mike, who took a seat in front of her. "Do you mind, I'm sure you have something better to do then annoy me." Max exclaimed with annoyance hidden in her voice. "No I don't mind, and it's my job to annoy you." "Is that so, what happen to your very secretive job?" "Annoying you is just part time." "OH, really" "You better believe it." Their little distribute was shortly ended when Max received a text. "Who is it?" Mike asked. "None of your business last time I checked Mike." Max exclaimed, opening the following message. "What does it say then?" "Uh, again none of your business so please stop asking." Max asked looking down at the message.

The following text message read….

Do you really think you can forget about me Max, all I want from you is the computer chip. If I don't get it then you're taking it to the grave.


Max didn't know how to respond to the message, she felt scared, worried, and clueless. There was only one person she knew she could ask for help, but that meant working with the people, that try to convince her that her father was a mechanic . She had no choice but to ask Mike for help, but before she could ask Mike broke into her thoughts.

"Max is there something wrong?" Mike asked with a questioning look. "Yeah there is actually" "What is it then?" Mike asked. "Well I was hoping you could trace a call for me" "I'm pretty sure KITT can trace it, but why do you need the call trace?" "Well the caller was block and the voice on the other end seemed pretty determined to get something from me." "Well we'll finish up here and head over to KITT" "sounds like a plan" Max exclaimed getting up and head out the door. As she walked out of the coffee shop, Max spotted the same black mustang from yesterday. "Where are you going?" Mike asked with a confused look. "I thought I saw KITT over there" Max exclaimed pointing over to a now empty parking spot. "You must be seeing things cause KITT is over there" Mike said pointing over to the parking spot where KITT was. "I swear I thought I saw him over there, maybe it was another black mustang." Max said following Mike over to KITT.

"Hello KITT" Max said kindly when getting in on his passenger side. "Hello Max it's nice to see you again" "Likewise" Max said replying back to KITT. "Anyway KITT do you think you could trace this call Mike said you could" "I can, please plug your phone into my systems." "Ok" she exclaimed taking the cord and plugging it into her phone. After several minutes of what looked like random letters and numbers to Max. KITT finally got done with what Max hoped was good news. "SO what did you get? " Max said asking KITT. "Sadly to say this but I got nothing looks like your caller knew you would try to get help from Mike and I." "Max what did this unknown person want?" Mike asked Max. "Well they want the same thing Sarah did the stupid chip that I don't have and if I don't give it to them, I'm surely dead." "Do you know anyone that would want you dead?" "NO I don't know Mike and I wish I did" "Well I'll help you find out, we should head back to your house, did you drive your car today?" "NO I took the bus why?" "Just checking, you'll have to show us the way." "Ok let's get going then." …..

"WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING!" yelled the angry male voice. "I was doing what I was told" snarled back the other voice. "YOU BLEW IT SHE SAW You!" "No" "YES, she did, did you not she her walking over to you?" "Yes" "YES nothing KARR, I promised I would help you, if you help me get the CPU chip withheld by that girl, I can't help you if you are deactivated by Mike and his car KITT, now do as I say and we won't have a problem." "AS you wish" KARR snarled back at the male voice.