Before we begin, a few things to help further the understanding of just what the pancake is going on in this story. It can get a bit confusing at times really.

First, as you can see in Italics below, the marine hasn't updated his journal since Virmire, which means that until Virmire, this story, when seen from his point of view, will be in 1st person. As the story progresses, more and more different pov's will be added, and as Virmire kicks off, the story switches to 3rd person.

Second. This story is rated "supernatual" for a reason. Aside from the usual 'got brought to Mass Effect by a divine being/spirit/God/aspect with gambling-issues, this version of the Mass Effect universe has a distinct feature that I have yet to see in any other fic, except for 'Avatar of Victory'. "Chi" is a very real, is largely unknown thing here. Chi is the driving force behind a lot of the rather supernatural events taking place later on, and will often be referred to as 'Breaking science". So events like bending of rock, metal and fire are caused by Chi.

Third, and last. This story brings in camoes and crossovers from multiple different universes, games and books, hence why it was unable to fit in the crossover section, as there was no setting for what happens in this one. I trust that you guys will recognize the characters created by other companies and the likes, so that I don't have to write down disclaimers for each and ever new chapter. Characters like Admiral Hackett and Lee Riley are obviously the products of BioWare, while hypotheticals like Isaac Clarke belong to...who did make the Dead Space games anyway? I can never remember the name...

This likely sounds like it's too far-fetched for a lot of people, but if you decide to give this story a chance, you are in for one Hel of a ride.

How long has it been now, since all this started? Three years? I think that's it, yeah. I don't really remember the exact date when I arrived on Eden Prime, but… I remember how, and what happened then.

Funny, that I never thought something like could be possible, and here I am, three years later, pondering at the events that led to this… "new life" is a good way to describe it I guess. For some reason, I never really got back to doing this diary-thing after Virmire. I just… I think what happened there made me disregard the diary, and now I'm trying to remember what happened.

There are still days where I almost expect to wake up after a coma, find out that it was all a dream, that I never met the people I met, killed the people I killed, loved… loved the woman.

Service Chief Thomas Vestergaard Fisker, Alliance Marines - 2186


"Hey Nic. You ever wonder what life would be like if we were sucked into the future?"

"Well, sometimes, but why do you ask?"

"Just wondering what my life would be like if I lived in the Mass Effect universe… sounds crazy?"

"Dude, you've been playing that game to much… seriously, you're almost like a nerd when it come to that game".

"Well, not quite… I never played the first game you know? And that kinda sucks, having to see it all in LP's on YouTube".

"Whatever… you would probably end up dead before you had been there for five minutes"


"Well, gotta go now, I've got the early shift in the Zoo tomorrow. See ya' "

"Alright, adios"




I put down the laptop and stare out the window of my apartment. It's raining. This is one of the times I am glad to have my own place, not having to sit in some bar or pizzeria, waiting it out before going to one of the alleys, sleeping on the streets. Luckily, there are only relatively few people who have to do that. That's one of the benefits of living in a semi-socialistic-capitalistic country like Denmark; there are only a few homeless and poor people, compared to the larger countries like England and America. Over there, they've got poverty, slums and riots. While we too, have some slums, or ghettoes, our last "riot" was when they cleared "the House", a part of Copenhagen where a lot of the criminals reside. And that was a decade ago. In my opinion, they should just wall up the place and let them see how well they fared without their "evil opponent" the state. But that isn't my decision to make. Hell, I've always hated politics, never seeing our politicians as anything but people in it for the money.

I look around the apartment, while listening to a mix of the rain hammering on the window, and Two Steps from Hell in my earphones. I love that group. The place is little more than a room-and-a-half. There is the kitchen, living room, and bedroom in the same room, only cut off by a short hallway leading to the door. The toilet is the only other room in here. Well, that's how far you get on a mix of SU(1) and pay from the warehouse at the harbor. I work there in the weekends, more specifically on the Saturdays, as I use the Sundays to do my homework. College really is a bitch. The last time I did something just for fun, was over six months ago, in spring break. That was when I went to Barcelona with Nic and another friend of mine. We had a blast, even though we were approached by several beggars, a prostitute, and we all got food poisoning from a shellfish restaurant. To go into details, I ended the day competing with Nic and Magnus for the WC and the sink in the kitchen. Sucks to be the weakest guy, when you've had the worst of it. When there wasn't any room on either side, and I felt my food wanting revenge, the window seemed like the best solution. Apparently, the guy on the street just below the window, having a smoke… didn't quite agree with me…

We (and by that I mean me) ended up having to pay for new clothes, and for new cigarettes. Well, that was the hard part of that vacation. And also the part I can laugh about now. Ni and I met on the swimming-team, were we took an instant liking to each other. We eventually became best friends. The problem just is that he attends another college than me, and that we work different places. He got lucky, and got work in a zoo where his dad works. And me? I got stuck working my ass off in a warehouse by the harbor. But it isn't all bad. The view is terrific, and I can follow up close the construction of the new library and the new monorail on the harbor. It is an amazing sight, the most advanced and modern building in Aarhus. And it looks good. So far. That's more than you can say about a lot of the modern building shooting up, all over the country, as most are just pillars of glass and steel. My apartment is located about five minutes of cycling from the job, so it's just a quick trip.

My place is pretty spartan, to use the old expression. I've got a TV, a bed and a bedside table, dinner table, a small kitchen where all the utensils are gifts from my parents, a shelf with lots of books, also from back home, and my laptop, which I use, both for work, for school and just for relaxing at shit-o-clock in the evening. My bathroom doesn't even deserve that name, as it is just a WC and a sink. When I need a bath, I have to go to Spain. Yes, I travel to another country. No just kidding, I use the public baths called Spain. It's not much, but at least I don't smell like a monkey.

I get up from my office chair, oh yeah, I've got one of those as well, and walk to the kitchen to find myself some dinner. All I've got left is a can of lentils, some chicken breast and a few vegetables. Guess I gotta go shopping tomorrow. When all is said and done, I can enjoy a healthy meal of questionable taste. Well, it doesn't taste bad, but I've never been much of a cook, so "not-bad" is the equivalent of "not tasting like boiled water only". And that's also my theory as of why I can't get a girlfriend: girls stick to guys who know how to cook. And just my luck, my food is more likely to make me enemies than get me girls. This is also why I often just go to Italia. It's a small restaurant down the street. They serve really good pizzas. Aaand that's also where most of the money that I don't pay the landlord goes. Into my stomach in the form of a circular Italian bread with food on it.

Anyway, gotta stop thinking about food. Especially since, when I look at the time, it's already way past 23:00. That means I've just been sitting and listening to music for over an hour! Dammit, Now I have to go to bed.

I drop my plate and the rest of the utensils in the dishwasher, and head to bed. That's one good thing in my life. I've always been able to fall asleep almost the second my head hits the pillow. This time, is no exception.



Man, what a crazy dream. I don't think I'll ever be able to view the combination of octopuses, astronauts and music from the 70'es the same way again. I mean seriously, what kind of messed up brain can do something like that?

Sigh, what time is it?


Oh snap! The time is already far too late for breakfast. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm supposed to be there at 07:30!

I rush out of bed, and brush my teeth while… performing the rituals of the bathroom. And yes, we leave it at that.

Oh fuck, my boss is gonna be sooooo pissed at me!

I all but jump in my clothes, getting the T-shirt on wrong, swearing and cursing as I pull the damn thing right, then speed down the stairs. Halfway down, I remember that I forgot to lock the door.

Up again.

I lock the door.

Down again.

I practically jump on my bicycle, and then I remember that I forgot the helmet…. Fuck it! I can go there without it. Down the street, the shopping centers and Malls are located, making this one of the busiest and most crowded streets in the city. Not really what I need right now. I get a lot of angry shouts and raised fists when I almost race down the pedestrian zone, a strret meant for walkers, not cars and bicycles. I don't give a shit. If I am late by more than five minutes, the most raised fist I'm gonna see, is my boss' when he tells me to get a new job.

He's kind of a prick in the way.

I get lucky, though, as when I approach the crossroads, the light is green. Only problem is, that the car racing towards me halfway over, doesn't seem to have noticed that, in opposition to me, his light is red. So yeah, I'm this close to being rammed by some idiot who found his driver's license, in a Happy Meal.

"Fucking Idio-"I start to yell at him.

Then I notice that the railroad, cutting across the road, has its light on red. Did I mention the railroad? No? Oh well, there is a railroad following the harbor, bringing goods from one end to the other. And oh, there comes the train, heading directly for me, and with no chance to stop.

"Oh for Fucks sa-"

Then all is black.

"Well, that could have gone better" a voice sounds from… everywhere.

"What the- where am I? Who is this?!

Okay, now I am starting to get a little scared. A little? I died there!

"Yes, you did. But this isn't necessarily the end"


"Who is this? How can you hear my thoughts?!"

"Do you know the saying: "are we more than our thoughts?" Well, in this case, you are not."

Oooohh fuck! This is soo messed up! I'm standing, or rather; I am in a room, or a plain or somewhere completely dark. I can't see the floor, and there is no noise when I move my feet…

FEET! My fucking legs are gone! I can't even touch the- my ha- my arms! What the Shit!?

"What happened to me?! Where is my body!? Where are you?!"

Where am I?

"You are… somewhere in-between. You died back there, because of you own idio-"

"The fuck did you sa-"

"Don't interrupt me boy!" suddenly, it sounds like I'm standing in a stadium, with all the speakers pointed at my ears from the distance of an arm. The voice sounds pissed.

"Are you… are you God?" as scared as I am, I can't help the question. It just comes out the second I think it.

"God? No… there is no such… deity in this place. There is only me, and I would rather you refer to me, as You." Now the voice came from INSIDE my head.

"Then... what am I doing here?"

"You are dead, what are you asking?"

Was this thing stupid? Why am I not in Hell or Heav-

"No, I am not ignorant. And as to why you have not transcended, I am actually here to… give you a choice, so to speak."

Shit! Forgot about the "mind-reading thing". I decide to be a little more curious about this whole "you are dead with a choice" thing.

"Okay… so why am I here?"

"I just told you. To be given a choice"

If I had a hand I would have done a face-palm now.

"I mean… what are the choices?"

"Oh… was wondering when you would ask. The choices are rather… simple. You can return to life on Earth, however, as you were just hit by a train, you will spend the rest of your life there crippled in a way that will make Stephen Hawking look like Usain Bolt. He's still alive right? I haven't watched your TV in more than ten years."

"Yeah….. He's still ali- wait a- are you watching TV?!" this is going from terrifying to downright ridicules. Death or whoever this is… is asking me about TV and sport.

"Good, good…"


"Sooooo… isn't this were you tell me about the other choices?"

"What choices?"


"Arrhh just messing with ya. I haven't had a visitor in more than 72 years, so my humor may be a little… rusty."

What the… he's making jokes now? Then, if he's joking, I might not be-

"And yes, you ARE dead. Sorry to tell you, but that one wasn't a joke. Would you like to see?"

"See? Dafuq are you talking abo-"I start but he cuts me off by turning everything into a panorama movie of the crossroads. There, flung through the air, is my bike; twisted and destroyed, across the railroad. There is along track of blood across the tracks, and an arm is lying a little to the left from the train itself. The driver of the train, a man in the late 40's I'd guess, has jumped out of the vehicle, and is on his knees by the arm. MY arm. Several cars have stopped, and people from all around the road are pouring in to see just what has happened. Some are aghast, walking back and getting sick in the middle of the road. Some are just standing there, pointing and talking, I see one taking a picture. A PICTURE! With his cell phone, like this is some kind of entertainment to him. But most are scuttling around, looking for the rest… of me. Then the sirens start, and people start pulling back, letting the paramedics through. Not much they can do but try to collect the pieces. Then, the police arrive. Their headquarter is only two minutes of walk from here, so they are almost immediately on the scene, talking to the driver, asking the crowd what happened here. And we fade out as the picture freezes, just as one of the paramedics start to pull out something from under the train.

"Now… this is where you decide whether or not to return to life in a state of total invalidation. If yes, then the good doc will pull out paralyzed arm-and-legless body, only capable of looking around. If no, then you will see… what's the phrase? "Just how deep the rabbit-hole goes" I think it is."

"….. And by that you mean the other choices?" I ask, shaking from the still evident picture of my accident. I am not spending the rest of my life as a cripple.

"Well, one choice obviously is to just die and go to heaven. A lot of people choose that even before I've said what the third option is…"

"And what is this third option" I ask the voice, hoping that it isn't Hell.

There is a slight pause; something that I have by now come to understand, is a sign of the voice considering how to say it.

"Well, the third option is a rebirth, in your current state that is. Not as a baby, and not in this dimension either… you will begin a new life in a new place. And when I say your current state, I mean the state you were in, before the accident. You will, however, be left with several scars and broken limps. But not invalid. And I think you will find that the people there are quite capable of healing that."

So, just to sum up; I can A) be the new Stephen Hawking, minus the brains. B) Go to heaven and bore my ass from here to eternity. Or C) Be reborn as a normal version of myself, with some broken bones and bruises.

"And how many have chosen C before?" I can't be the first to consider it better than the first two.

Well, surprisingly few. Only about five or six people in the time that I've been here"

"And that is how long?" this could get interesting, not that it isn't already interesting, having a chat with the voice in the dark.

"Oh, only about two-hundred-and-ninety-one years. My predecessor still holds the record of being in power for the longest time. He sent a guy from the Stone Age into the Roman times, and they called him "the Scourge of God". Pfftt, he was just some caveman dressed in armor.

"Well, tha- are you saying that Attila the Hun was a caveman?" Man this was definitely getting interesting.

"Oh right, that was his name. Always forget it. Anyway, I'm really hoping that you'll choose the last one, and then do something either terrible or great and noble. Because I am getting tired of him saying; "oh my crossover raided Europe, what have yours done so far?" Dammit, sometimes I hate that guy!"

Man, this is gold!

"So, what have your people done?"

"well, I did bring back that dude Electric hammer-something from WWI… he could have been world famous for being the first man to fly… but noooo; He'd rather build bicycles. I had to do a little revisit on him to make him do his damn job. When he finally got it together, those stupid Americans had already been flying for some months. That was when I decided he could go F. himself."

"Wait, YOU created Ellehammer?!"

"No, I didn't create him; I just brought him back a couple of decades. Idiot was shot down by the Red baron over Somme. So I thought he would like a second chance. Idiot."


"So, have you made up your mind? About the choices?"

Crap, I had such a blast that I completely forgot that I am dead.

"Erhh… is there a "turn back" button"?

"No. once you have made your choice, you can never turn back."

"Well, I definitely not going back as a cripple, and I don't feel like knocking on Heaven's door just yet, sooooo, it will be the last one."

"So, you chose rebirth?"


"In a completely random and unknown place?"


"Amongst completely unknown and random people?"

Now, he is getting a little annoying.

"Yes, just… get it over with"

"Alright, well Thomas, HERE IS YOUR LIFE!"

A bright flash.

"'Doc, I think he's waking up"

Alright, that could have gone better for the poor guy. cliffhangers really are anoying, don't ya think?

remember to leave me a comment for how you guys (and girls) think I did. bad, okay, good?

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