Thanks a lot to anyone who reads this! If you love Jarlaxle Baenre half as much as I do, you'll like this! I just figured that Jarlaxle doesn't get nearly enough spotlight time, so I wanted to give him the recognition he deserves! Through poetry

(Btw, I think that smiley face looks evil)

The Best Kind of Evil

Velvet skin black as night, doomed to never feel the light.

Endless pain yet never fear, even when the threat of death looms near.

Never bends a knee to praise a god, whose heart is black and features drawn.

Endless hours spent deceiving, and countless more spent in retrieving.

Finding more than meets the eye, and seeing the world through a loveless mind.

Never bending to society, or promising what cannot be.

A thousand means to a single end, and endless courage that does not bend.

A silver tongue and skills most lack, and makes others bend their backs.

Built from naught but misery, yet manages to be complete.

Morally starved and a chaotic heart, yet catches us all in his wicked charm.

Mental prowess and martial strength.

There can only be one,

Jarlaxle Baenre

Thanks for reading! Hope yall enjoyed it! Please leave a review as this is my first poem. Yeah, never been much of a poet, stories are more my style. Goddess out.