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"I think I love you. Please, never leave me"

It was a day that made you feel like the whole world must be as beautiful as that glorious morning. Climbing out of bed, he walked over to the windows and threw them open, the air full of wonderful music from the songbirds, and the courtyard full of people scurrying to and fro.

"This is going to be a day to remember." he thought, and hurried to down to the breakfast hall of Kinkan Academy. The hall was full of people from the different departments, even the staff joined the students for breakfast – over by the fireplace were Miss Crocodilia and Miss Anteater of the ballet department, discussing the proper way to perform the perfect pilé, and at the far end of the hall by a suit of armour, Miss Goatette was watching (or rather, stalking) Mr Cat as he headed for the teachers table.

After grabbing a plate of bacon and fried eggs, he settled down at a table with a group of people who were also talking about the annual Kinkan Academy Ball.

"Oh, I heard from my older sister that this event is always so amazing, filled with lovers dancing, oh how cute!"

"You and your sister are way too dramatic about everything, Lillie."

"Oh hush, Pike"

The group had only just noticed that he had sat down when someone turned to him and said "Hey cousin, what kept you, you writing stories until the morning hours?"

He looked up to see his cousin – a teen with shoulder length mid-knight blue hair and equally blue eyes – smirking at him.

"None of your business, Autor."

His cousin's smirk broadened. He knew he was only winding him up about his writing, but it still got on his nerves.

"So, Fakir, who are you attending the ball with this evening?" the boy across from Autor inquired softly.

"I'm not, Mytho, I didn't ask anyone, nor did I accept any of those annoying fan girls' invitation. I will be going as a party of one, just me, myself and I."

"Fakir, you shouldn't be so harsh to those 'fan girls', as you so like to label them. Well, I hope you can still enjoy the ball. Rue agreed to let me take her, so it looks like you'll be the only one going stag this evening."

Mytho was a boy of slim build and sinewy muscles, acquired from his endless ballet practices. He had silver hair that looked like feathers, which always looked perfect, no matter how long he'd been dancing for, and amber eyes were of which no girl in the ballet department, heck, the whole academy, could resist. Fakir had never envied him for his looks. Even he, with his long black hair, which he constantly kept in a ponytail at the nape of neck, and his bright green eyes, was considered as handsome as the 'prince', Mytho. Fakir was the 'knight' of Kinkan Academy, as his fan girls had so eloquently dubbed him.

"Oh well Fakir, I'm sure your fan girls will love you even more if you brood in a corner at the ball" Autor sneered at him in reply. Thanks to Autor his glorious morning had turned sour, and it wasn't even ten o'clock yet.

After classes had ended for the day, the students were told by their instructors to gather in the academy's garden, or as the students liked to call it, the garden of fate. There had always been a legend that if you met someone new under the honey suckle covered archway at midnight, they would be the person you were fated be with for the rest of your existence. Fakir thought it was a load of crap, probably some myth spun by the town's old story weaver, Drosselmeyer, but many did, though many feared the tragedy even more – that if you met someone new under archway at midnight, but the shadow of the angel statue in the garden also covered you, then you would be doomed to suffer a most awful fate. Fakir thought the tale even more incredulous than the legend, but nevertheless, he didn't walk by the statue if he could avoid it.

Mr Cat had entered the garden and cleared her throat, calling all attention to him now.

"Attention students, as yo-"

The students couldn't help but laugh as Mr Cat cringed, for Miss Goatette had rolled out of a bush and was standing quite close to him.

"A-as you all know," Mr Cat managed to continue "the annual New Year's ball will be tonight. What you don't know is that we shall have a few special guests attending the ball."

The student eyes widened with surprise, while Fakir rolled his eyes, and many burst into conversation.

"I wonder who they could be?" said Pike.

"No idea, maybe they're doomed star-crossed lovers that have run away, and are seeking refuge at the academy under a guise! Oh the tragedy!" exclaimed Lillie, her eye sparkling with the anticipation and love of doom and tragedy.

"Lillie, you really need to tone it down with these assumed doomed love stories, there's little to no chance that your assumption will be true" replied Pike.

Lillie and Pike were the best of friends, more like sister; Lillie with long, wavy blonde hair and forest green eyes, and Pike with her fuchsia pink hair and violet eyes. Fakir had never seen them not involved in their two person play, Lillie with her monologues on all that is doomed, and Pike dismissing her ideas since they were too outlandish for reality.

Mr Cat cleared his throat again, though a little more loudly than before, and all attention turned to him yet again.

"Students, these special guests are the children of our King Siegfried and Queen Odette, and that of the neighbouring kingdom of Rosario."

Everyone gasped, bar Fakir, and all were about to start up new conversations before Mr Cat shouted "If anyone starts talking instead of heading back to the dormitories to prepare for this evening, then you will all….be forced… TO MARRY ME!"

The students were gone in a cloud of dust as they all ran back to the dormitories, none intending to marry the ballet instructor, well, all except Miss Goatette, who wink suggestively at Mr Cat.

When Fakir closed the door of his room behind him, his eyes focused on the small piece of parchment on his writing desk, covering the beginnings of his latest story. The note read, in what he knew was Mr Cat's hand writing, that the visiting royals would be wearing mask like all the other students would be.

"At least we know the reason the ball has a masquerade theme this year, all for their benefit" Fakir snidely remarked to himself.

Apparently, the only way to tell the royals apart from everyone else would by their birthmarks on their checks – a crescent moon on the prince and a feather on the princess of King Siegfried and Queen Odette. The prince from the neighbouring kingdom had a rose birthmark somewhere on his person.

Fakir threw the note in his rubbish bin and sat at his desk, penning the next few lines of the story he'd started the night before – this, as Autor had so correctly guessed, was the reason why he'd slept in late. "Why would I care about the royals, it's not like they're that interesting."

The clock on his bed side table chimed ten o'clock. Fakir was wearing a navy tail coat, with a pair of black velvet trousers, a cream shirt and a black waistcoat. He placed a single white rose in the breast pocket of his coat (on Rue's insistence) and left the room.

"Well, here goes nothing." He breathed as he left the boy's dormitory, heading for the academy.

He made his way across the bridge under the clock tower and followed the throng of students heading towards the ball room in the ballet department. Music played through the room as couples danced gracefully in the centre of the floor. Fakir spied Mytho and Rue dancing a pas de deux from across room, each with a smile on their face.

"Seen the royals yet?"

Fakir shook his head as Lysander, a tall and well built blonde teen from the art department, came to stand by him

"Me neither."

Lysander leaned on the way next to Fakir. "Nice to see someone else going stag this evening" Fakir thought, but too soon. Hermia, a fellow ballet student, walked over to the teens, with a mask that looked strangely like a donkey covering her face.

"Hello Fakir, Lysander, aren't you two going to dance?"

Fakir looked towards Lysander, watching in amusement as a blush crept over his face.

"I-if you want, I'll d-dance with you" Lysander muttered.

Hermia turned to him, a blush rivalling his own gracing her face, and smiled.

"I… I'd love to Lysander."

Fakir watched as the two tomato faced teens made their way to the centre of the room, along with all the other dancers, and smirked

"Took them long enough."

After an hour, after speaking to Mytho and Rue, Fakir left the stuffy ball room and headed to the garden of fate for some fresh air (and to escape from his crazy fan girls). He stopped by the honey suckle covered archway, and sat on the stone bench underneath it. He was glad to be able to just relax.

"Can I sit with you, I don't really like these balls and I don't really know that many people here."

This small voice came from beside him, from a girl with a mask of white feather and light orange hair that flowed down her back.

"Sure, whatever." Fakir replied, not really caring, since she didn't seem to be a fan girl. After a moment of silence, the girl broke the ice.

"What's your name?"

"Fakir, and yours?"

"Ahiru, pleasure to meet you Fakir." Ahiru beamed back at Fakir, taken aback by her sunny disposition and smile.

As the sundial next to the bench changed its shadow, the two talked about everything and nothing – the royal family, the academy and themselves. Fakir couldn't believe he' chanced upon such a brilliant girl, for she was funny, if a bit naïve, and loved ballet and stories as must, if not more, than he did. Looking into Ahiru's shining blue eyes through her mask, he finally voiced what he had been mulling over in his mind for the last hour and a half.

"Ahiru, would you care to dance with me?"

He had said it so fast that he feared she may not have heard him correctly. But Ahiru blushed, turning her cheeks a deep shade of crimson and smiled.

"Why not, since this is a ball and all" she whispered in reply.

Fakir took her hand and led her to the circular mosaic that lay next to the angel statue of the infamous garden tragedy. He placed his hands on Amy's hand and waist as he had been taught to do so by Mr Cat in his advanced ballet lessons.

The world seemed to melt away, and Fakir was in bliss. Never had he felt so comfortable dancing, or just being with, a girl, not even Rue, who he'd know ever since she arrived in Kinkan Town. The garden seemed disappeared, only leaving him and Ahiru to flow from pirouette to lift to arabesque in their make shift pas de deux, as though they were two parts of one being. Ahiru laughed and Fakir joined in. "I was right; this is a day to remember."

When the two had stopped dancing, they returned to the honey suckle covered archway. The sundial's shadow was edging closer to midnight, to the New Year and another year at the academy for Fakir. Still holding Ahiru's hand, Fakir thought of the legend of the archway.

"Maybe it could be true."

He dropped Ahiru's hand, and untied the ribbon that secured his mask.

"This is real me, can I see the real you?" he the beautiful girl whom which he'd enjoyed dancing with like no other from the ballet department.

Ahiru looked surprised, but only for a moment, and she too untied the ribbon of her mask.

On her cheek bone, just under her left eye, was a small feather – the birthmark of the princess. Daniel noticed this, but did not feel angry or surprised. He merely smiled, and cupped her face in his hand, caressing the birthmark with his thumb.

"You truly do have the beauty of a princess"

Then the world exploded into fireworks, literally, as fireworks shot into the star strewn sky, splashing gold, purple and red across the night canvas.

Her lips tasted so sweet, and Fakir never wanted this kiss, this night, to end. His free hand was placed on Ahiru's back, pressing her flush again his chest while her hands were tangled in his hair, deepening their kiss.

"This is the best night of my life!" was the singular thought that ran through Fakir's mind.

When the two parted from each other, they were breathing hard, both with swollen lips and half-lidded eyes. They sat down upon the stone bench, both looking as though the entire world's Christmas's had come at once, at that very moment. Fakir gazed into Ahiru's beautiful eyes.

"I think I love you. Please, never leave me."

Ahiru was a vision of an angel to Fakir, albeit a duck of an angel, and her words touched something in him that he never thought he would able to regain after his parent's gruesome death. Her smile gave him such pleasure, he may do anything for that smile to brighten his existence. A small grin spread across his face, maybe he could be happy for once in his life, just to let go of his painful memories (and Autor's relentless, annoying teasing), even if only for tonight, had been relaxing, and surprisingly wonderful for him.

"I will never leave you Ahiru, I promise. I dare the universe to try to challenge my words."

His lips were pressed against hers again, and he would happily have stayed there for the rest of his life, in that precise moment.

While the sundial shadowed midnight, fireworks continues to light the star strewn sky high above Kinkan Academy. The spectacle cast colourful lights of blue, gold, purple and green across the garden, making it look like a scene out of a book of fairy tales. The angel cast her shadow along the garden, where it covered a stone bench underneath an archway, turning the stone black as coal.

A multi-coloured hat and cloaked figure watched the new lover from his rocking chair.

"I dare say that the universe will no challenge your words, my boy, but that doesn't stop me from having a bit of fun with my old hometown, now does it? Oh, I knew that garden would be of use to me one day."

Laughter rang out through the spokes and cogs of a clockwork realm.

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