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Chapter 5-supsicions in the script

Autor P.O.V

I was very much unnerved now. Fakir was smiling, and all because of that transfer student. It was incredibly weird and suspicious to say the least. I needed to find Mytho and the rest and talk to them about this bizarre behaviour of my cousin.

"It's not even funny to tease him about this."

I found the others at our usual lunch table, chatting amongst themselves like always.

"Hey Autor, where've you been, huh?" Pike asked me as I sat down in my usual seat. I sighed and took of my glasses, wiping them on my shirt cuff. Maybe my they were the problem, maybe I hadn't seen Fakir and Ahiru laughing together. Maybe I'm just tired from scripting the spring production. I don't know.

"I was finishing up another scene for the production. I needed to get this scene done before the words vanished from head."

Pike gave me a nod to say that she understood me. She knew what I was like, once something for the script came in to my head, I had to get it down on parchment before I lost the idea. Pike seemed t understand me the most out of our band of friends. She was the one to talk to me the most, well, that was when she wasn't having to calm Lillie down (which was most of the time). As though she knew I was thinking about her, Pike turned from her conversation with Rue and smiled at me. I returned it in kind, but my thought wondered back to Fakir. How come he seemed to be so… so…. familiar with the transfer student? At once more he surprised me, his own cousin, by showing some emotions around that Ahiru guy. He never, ever, did that, not around me or our friends, or even Charon.

"Have any of you noticed how Fakir acts when he's around Ahiru?" I voiced my confusion to our little group.

"Now that you mention it, he is acting nice towards Ahiru, but I guess that's just because he's new to the academy." Rue stated.

"True, he was nice to Rue when she first came to Kinkan, once they got to know each other." Mytho vouched for Fakir, leaning closer to Rue, making her smile.

"I hope you know what you've started, Autor." Pike said to me with a knowing look in her eyes. I furrowed my brow at her, a little confused, but then it hit me what she meant by those words just when I saw that twinkling look that Lillie was sporting.

"Maybe Ahiru was rescued by our knight when they were children and the two of them grew close, but then Ahiru had to move away due to family circumstances of untold tragedy, leaving our brave knight behind. Now that he's returned, our once cold and distant knight has regained his feelings of his childhood, letting him be his true self around the one he rescued all those years ago. Oh, it's like our bold knight has been waiting for his prince's return all this time! Oh, how lovely!"

I don't know how Lillie had the breath to spout such a tale, but I couldn't help the laughter that followed her rubbish. Even Pike was laughing at this particular tall tale from our blonde friend.

"Lillie, you do crack me up sometimes, but that the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard about Fakir in my entire life!"

Once our laughter had dies down, I got out my notebook so that I could write down Lillie's tale. She may be completely out of her mind when it came to dramatic and tragic assumptions, but this was a good plot line for the spring production, a pretty good twist actually.

"So, Autor, was the spring production about this year?" Rue's questioned caused all the table's eyes to fix on to me. I smirked at them all, reaching into my bag to pull out the first page of the script.

" "Once upon a time, two people fell in love. Because of the boy's father, the girl was not allowed to marry him, while she was also banished from her uncle's home. Clad in breeches and shirt, the girl and her cousin took to liberty – not banishment – to where her father dwelled. Likewise, the boy escaped his brother to such a place of liberty. But if the two lovers meet again, will he recognise his love or a man of similar qualities? This is our story for you." That's the introduction to the production."

I smirked again as Lillie's eyes lit up, while Rue and Pike stared at me in awe.

"Now that sounds like a kick-ass story!"

I t was my turn to stare now, because I'd never heard Mytho say such a thing, with so much enthusiasm either.

"Why thank you, Mytho. This production shall be a more modern version of As You Like It by Shakespeare. Auditions will be held as soon as I finish write the last scene, so, around about the start of February"

Just then, the doors to the hall opened and in walked Fakir with Ahiru by his side. I could here them laughing as they made their way to our table.

"Wow, I've never seen Fakir look so happy." Mytho said, earning nods from the rest of us. It was true, never had Fakir looked as happy as he did then with Ahiru, he wasn't even this happy before his Aunt and Uncle died.

"But it still seems a little weird to me."

"So, what are you lot talking about?" Fakir asked as he and Ahiru took the two empty paces across from each other, Fakir next to Mytho and Ahiru next to Lillie.

"Just the spring production. Autor read us the introduction to it, and it sounds pretty cool." Pike answered my cousin's question.

"It's about two lovers who can't be together and the girl dresses like guy to runaway from home. There's more to it then that, but that's the jist of it."

I saw Ahiru gasp and look towards Fakir, who shook his head at her questioning and worried look. She visibly sighed and relaxed.

"Odd, what's wrong with my script?"

I voiced my question to Ahiru. I would make him give me an answer one way of another.

"Sorry Autor. I-it's only th-that something s-s-similar happened to someone I know."

"I see." I pondered over his answer, still thinking it and him weird.

By the time that lunch was over and afternoon classes, rumours had already began to circulate about Fakir and the new transfer student. Many had seen them together at lunch and those more fortunate had seen them in their classes and walking from the boys' dormitory at lunch. Some girls were excited about the transfer student, and none could help but like him when they met him, for he was the epitome of cute and was ever so polite and charming towards them all. The guys thought him to be an okay guy too, especially after to their (and Fakir's) surprise that he had an interest in sword fighting. This happened to be what all Kinkan men thought to be the manliest of sports, next to dancing that was. The most upset and astounded about the transfer student had been the fangirls that Fakir had acquired over his first year at the academy, for no one was allowed to be close to their precious Fakir. But all their annoyances were abandoned when they saw them together, laughing and smiling. Now, all the fangirls had ruled that they'd not be happy if Fakir got a girlfriend, but a boyfriend!? Well, by the looks of how things were between Fakir and Ahiru, the fangirls would be totally obliging – one more hot boy, and moe for them to fan over.

The afternoon came to an end for Ahiru, Fakir and the rest as they head to their last class: ballet.

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