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The white petals stirred uselessly at her feet.

Hermione Granger looked out over the ocean, the sea breeze washing over her, causing her white dress to rustle. Her brown eyes glittered as the last of the sun's rays struck the tears there. He had abandoned her. The love of her life had gone and left her at the altar. Hermione bowed her head, hair falling around her face. She had given her entire life to him and he had thrown it back in her face.

"'Mione?" came the hesitant voice out of the wind. Hermione knew who it was but she didn't turn, she didn't react to her best friend's voice. A gentle hand held one of her own. "'Mione, I'm so sorry." Again she didn't respond. "Hermione, say something. Please," Hermione was silent for a little longer.

"Why?" Hermione turned and looked at Harry, her eyes brimming. "Why? What did I do wrong? Why doesn't he love me anymore?!" Before she knew it, she was shouting, sobbing, tears falling. Harry felt helpless as he watched the strongest woman he knew crumble in front of his eyes. "What's wrong with me?" Hermione demanded. The sudden crack of someone apparating echoed on the beach. Harry and Hermione looked to the sound.

There he stood – Ron Weasley, Hermione's fiancé. As she looked at him, her hurt turned to anger.

"Hermione, I'm sorry. I can explain. I –" he began but before he could continue Hermione hit him with her bouquet.

"I should have known!" she screamed, hitting him again. "I should have known you would do this! You humiliated me! I sh-should have known!" Hermione stepped back as Harry reached for her arm. He pulled her into an embrace. The bouquet dropped from her hand, crimson petals joining white.

"I'm sorry, I –" Ron reached out a hand to her, almost brushing the back of her dress.

"No!" said Harry, pulling Hermione away. She sobbed brokenly in his arms. "No," Harry apparated them both away leaving Ron alone of the beach.

Hermione came down the stairs at the Burrow, entering the kitchen to see Harry and Ginny eating breakfast.

"Morning," she muttered looking away resolutely. Despite there was no longer anything between them Hermione felt awkward being in their presence.

"Morning 'Mione," said Ginny. She got up from the table to open the window for the owl that pecked there. She dropped the few Knuts in the pouch, took the paper and the owl flew away.

"I'm surprised your mums not in here pestering you two about getting back together." Hermione toasted them with her orange juice. Harry laughed and Hermione smiled a very small smile.

"She and Dad left to see Teddy a little while ago. They'll be gone for hours." Informed Harry as Hermione sat across the pair of them at the table. She picked up the Daily Prophet that had been left there. She unrolled it and gasped. Tears filled her eyes and in her haste to get up she knocked over her orange juice. She dropped the paper.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Hermione pulled her wand out and cleaned the mess with a non-verbal spell.

"'Mione, what's wrong? What is it?" Harry stood, eyes filled with concern.

Ever since Ron had deserted Hermione, his family had practically shunned him. Hermione had begun living with those who remained at the Burrow – Mr Weasley, Mrs Weasley, Harry and Ginny. Fred and George often crashed after a family dinner but they still rented a flat in Diagon Ally. It was often painful for Hermione, being surrounded by happy family environment but she delved into work and didn't focus on her loneliness too much. She pointed to the paper, not looking.

The headline read: "Ronald Weasley spotted with another woman just days after leaving Hermione Granger at the altar!"

There was a large picture of Ron on the cover along with said woman – she had dirty blonde hair and fair skin. The faint echo of "Won-Won!" resounded through Harrys head. He looked up to Hermione, who had wrapped her arms around her torso, as if to hold herself together.

"'Mione, I'm sorry," Harry murmured.

"Doesn't matter," she said, determinedly avoiding looking at the paper. Harry moved around the table and held Hermione in his arms once more, a tenderness in his gaze that Ginny recognized. Harry had looked at her like that for the duration of their relationship. She watched the pair, an idea taking shape in her mind.