A/N: Sakura gets thoughtful while waiting for Li at the park. Set after Li moves back to Hong Kong, so obviously he's only visiting.

"Waiting For You"

Snow coming down

From the clear blue sky.

It's not my fault this time,

So I don't much mind.

I hum a little tune

And drop a stone into the river,

Waiting for you to come.

Old friends so dear to me

Go walking by arm-in-arm.

They smile and wave,

But don't even pause.

I don't mind; I'm still here.

Waiting for you alone is best,

Because then I can miss you

And no one need ever know.

It's been so long since we've met,

So irony makes me early for once

And you of course are late.

But I don't mind waiting.

I'd never mind anything if

It meant I got to see you,

Just for a moment,

To see you again.

* ende *