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Zachariah tried to use Adam to get Dean to say 'Yes', but Dean had other plans. Michael ended up with Adam as his vessel instead.

With a plan in mind, Sam said 'Yes' to Lucifer.

Lucifer!Sam killed Bobby and Castiel. He also beat Dean, until Sam was able to regain control.

Sam fell into the cage, taking Michael!Adam with him.

Castiel was bought back to life. He healed Dean and revived Bobby.

They all parted ways. Dean went to Lisa and Ben Braeden to try to have a normal life.

Castiel, now more powerful than he has ever been, got Sam out of the cage. But, he forgot Sam's soul.

While Dean was trying to be 'normal', Soulless Sam was hunting with his born-again Grandfather and cousins.

A year later, Soulless Sam finally showed up at his brother's doorstep.

Dean and Soulless Sam hunted together, once again. But Dean knew that there was something wrong with his brother.

Soulless Sam allowed a vampire to 'turn' Dean, knowing that Grandpa Samuel had a cure.

Dean summoned Death to make a deal to get Sam's soul back.

Death re-souled Sam, placing a wall around his Hell memories.

Castiel and Crowley were working together against Raphael.

Rufus, Grandpa and all the cousins were killed.

Castiel pulled down Sam's wall, in order to distract Dean.

Castiel, even more powerful, proclaimed himself 'God' and demanded respect.

Sam, thanks to the wall being gone, now saw Lucifer!Nick.

Castiel died and released the Leviathan. They caused trouble and death. Their leader, Richard Roman killed Bobby.

Castiel returned to life to 'heal' Sam.

A new prophet, Kevin, was chosen to translate a tablet that would destroy the Leviathan.

Richard Roman and the Leviathan were sent back to Purgatory, unfortunately, so were Dean and Castiel.

In the year that Dean and Castiel were in Purgatory, Sam had given up hunting and lived with a woman named Amelia.

With the help of a vampire named Benny, Dean got out of Purgatory. Castiel felt that he needed to do penance for all the crimes that he had done against man and Heaven, and stayed.

Naomi, the new head angel, had Castiel rescued from Purgatory.

Kevin translated a new tablet that would rid the world of all demons, but it got broken in half. Crowley now had one of the halves.

Sam said that once the demons were gone, he would retire for good.


Sam sits and ponders life with no demons. He longs for the feeling of peace that he had with Amelia.

Dean looks over at him and says, "Sam, you ready to go?"

Sam sighs, "Yeah, Dean."

They leave the motel room and get into the Impala.

Sam looks out the window and remembers Amelia.

Dean looks over at him and says, "What am I supposed to do, when you 'retire'?"

Sam snorts, "Whatever you want, Dean. Hell, maybe you can give up hunting, as well."

Dean shakes his head, "Tried that. Didn't stick."

Sam sighs, "Whatever, Dean."

Dean continues to drive, as Sam continues to think of his time with Amelia.

Sam hears a familiar, but supposedly banished voice say, "Boooooring."

He turns to the driver's seat and sees Lucifer!Nick driving the Impala.

Sam sits up, as Lucifer!Nick says, "Really, Sam, could you get more boring. This stopped being fun, a long time ago."

Lucifer!Nick snaps his fingers and Sam is back in the cage.

Sam, with a sob, looks to the right and sees his half-brother Adam curled in the fetal position on the floor.

Standing over him is Michael, in the form of John Winchester circa 1978, laughing

Lucifer is standing next to his brother, in the form of Nick, also laughing.

Sam sobs as he slides down the wall, curling into the fetal postion on the floor.



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