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Sam wakes up. The room is dark. Outside is dark. He looks at his watch. 4:05 a.m. The same time that he was outside Lisa's house yesterday. Was it really yesterday?

Sam's eyes adjust to the dark, and he can see a Dean-sized lump in the other bed. Sam throws the bedclothes off and gets out of the bed. He walks over to Dean's bed. Dean is sleeping on his stomach, facing the door. One arm is draped behind him, with the other under his pillow. Sam stands there looking down at Dean. Sam doesn't smell brimstone or sulfur. Is he really out of the cage or is this another scenerio that Lucifer has cooked up to torment him? He thought the last five years were 'real', but they weren't.

Sam pinches his arm and it hurts. He reaches across the bed and pokes Dean's arm. He is solid. Sam pinches Dean's arm, Dean wakes with a start and turns to Sam, "What the fuck, Sam?"

Sam straightens up, "I just wanted to make sure that you were real."

Dean rolls his eyes, "Sam, it is too early for this, go back to bed." He turns to the door and goes back to sleep.

Sam stands there. He thinks of the 'wrongs' that he did to Dean in the last 'five years'. Even though it was not real, Sam still feels the guilt on his soul. He thinks of the actual wrongs that he did to Dean before he had fallen into the cage. Sam wonders why Dean cares about him. Sam continues to stand there as the tears fall from his eyes, he knows that he should go back to bed, but he doesn't want to leave Dean's side.

Sam thinks about the times as a child, he woke from a nightmare, and the safest place for him, was always in Dean's arms. Sam hasn't needed that sense of security since he was eleven or twelve, but now at twenty-seven, he NEEDS to feel safe. Sam stands there, weighing that need against the teasing that will surely come tomorrow morning, and loudly sobs without realizing it.

Dean's big brother ears pick up on the sounds of a little brother in distress right away and he turns around, "Sammy, why aren't you sleeping?"

Sam just stands there, tears rolling down his face, unable to put into words the deep need to feel safe.

Dean, in full big brother mode, turns onto his back, pulls the sheets open and gently says, "Sammy."

Sam silently gets into the bed, he lays his head on Dean's chest. Sam reaches for Dean's amulet with his left hand, as his right arm wraps around Dean's back.

Dean covers them, putting his left arm around Sam, and his right hand over Sam's hand, that's holding his amulet.

Dean gently kisses the top of Sam's head, "Go to sleep, Sammy."

Sam, feeling truly safe for the first time in a long time, sighs contentedly, and falls asleep listening to Dean's heart beating.

Dean, knowing that his little brother is once again stress-free, goes back to sleep.

Sam wakes up, still safe in Dean's arms. He glances up at his brother's sleeping face and smiles. Sam wraps his arms around Dean and silently thanks Chuck for putting him where he belongs.

Dean opens his eyes and smiles at Sam, "It's been a long time since I had an armful of baby brother."

Sam laughs, "It's been a long time since I was a 'baby' brother."

Dean smiles, "Do we need to talk about this?"

Sam smiles, "Not really."

Dean nods, "Good. Is this chick flick moment over with, because I need to pee?"

Sam laughs as he lets Dean get out of the bed. Dean runs to the bathroom.

Sam goes downstairs. Bobby is making breakfast.

Bobby smiles at him, "Good morning, Sam."

Sam smiles, "Morning, Bobby."

Sam grabs two mugs of coffee and a plate of toast. He sits down and starts eating.

Dean comes into the kitchen a few minutes later. Sam holds up his mug of coffee, Dean comes over to the table and sits down.

Bobby joins them with his own mug of coffee and more toast.

They eat their breakfast and talk about nothing important.


Sam looks at Dean, "So, what happened with Lisa?"

Dean rolls his eyes, "Sam, let's not go there. I tried to do what you wanted, but I couldn't. Ok? End of story, let's move on. Namely, what happened with you?"

Sam coldly says, "I was in the cage with Michael and Lucifer and now I'm not. End of story."

Dean nods, "Ok." He gets up and puts his mug and plate in the sink. He starts walking out the kitchen.

Sam whispers, "Please don't go."

Dean stops and turns to Sam, "I'm only going outside to the Impala, she needs a tune-up."

Sam swallows, "Fine." Dean leaves the kitchen and goes outside.

Bobby looks at Sam, "You okay, Sam?"

Sam shakes his head, "Not really, Bobby. I screwed up, didn't I? I shouldn't have mentioned Lisa."

Bobby shrugs his shoulders, "Sam, he really did try with her, but your brother, and you for that matter, don't do well when one of you are dead. She couldn't compete with you and she knew it, she gave Dean a way out and he took it."

Sam takes a deep breath and stands up, "I'm going to go talk to him."

Bobby nods, "Good idea."

Sam goes outside and finds Dean underneath the Impala. Sam hesitates, then gently kicks one of Dean's feet, "We need to talk."

Dean says coldly, "I'm busy."

Sam bends down and grabs Dean's ankles, pulling him out from under the car, "I said, that we NEED to talk."

Dean stands up and coldly says, "What is so important that it couldn't wait until I was finished?"

Sam, trying to maintain his calm when all he wants to do is punch his brother, takes a deep breath and says, "Dean, the last time I saw you, I beat your face to a bloody pulp. Then for 'five years', I made horrible decisions and hurt you more times than I want to count, and now I feel that I have a second chance to make things right between us. But, then I go and open up my stupid mouth and we are at each other's throats all over again. Please, Dean, I am sorry for bringing up Lisa, but I just wanted you to be happy."

Sam lowers his head, so that his brother won't see the tears that have started to fall down his face.

Dean gently says, "Sammy, I was a mess. I knew it. Lisa knew it. I was lucky, they put up with my shit for the twenty-five days that I stayed, but I had to go. I tried to find a way to get you out, but there was nothing. I tried to make a deal..."

Sam interrupts him with a hard punch in the arm and bitchface #77, he says "What are you fucking kidding me?"

Dean chokes on his next words, "Sammy, I didn't know what else to do," as tears fall down his face.

Sam whispers, "We are a sorry pair."

Dean looks up at Sam, "Speak for yourself."

Sam snorts, "Right," he wraps his arms around his brother and smiles when his brother's arms hold him just as tight.

Dean pulls away after a few minutes and looks at Sam, "What is this about 'five years'?"

Sam takes a deep breath, "I thought I was out of the cage for five years, but it was only a scenerio of Lucifer's."

Dean thinks about it, "A 'scenerio'? Is that like Jarod's simulations from 'The Pretender'?"

Sam nods, "Kind of. The only difference is that Jarod didn't appear in his simulations."

Dean calmly says, "Anything you want to share about this 'scenerio'?"

Sam shakes his head, "Not really."

Dean nods, "Ok. It was obviously not real."

Sam whispers, "It felt real."

Dean squeezes Sam's arm gently, "Consider it, 'what NOT to do'."

Sam weakly smiles, "That's for sure." He glances over at Bobby's house and a thought comes to his mind, "Dean, did Bobby get his soul back from Crowley?"

Dean snorts, "No, the son of a bitch, mentioned some loophole in Bobby's contract that allowed him to keep it. Why?"

Sam smiles, "Because I know how to get Bobby's soul back."

Dean looks at him, "Then why are we fucking standing out here for. BOBBY!"

They run into the house and find Bobby.

Bobby gets in touch with Rufus, who gets in touch with a hunter, Calvin McMann, in Scotland, who digs up Crowley aka Fergus MacLeod's bones. Calvin Fed-Ex's the bones to Bobby.

Bobby summons Crowley and offers the bones for his soul. Bobby also wants to make sure that he retains the use of his legs. Crowley reluctantly agrees. Bobby hands over most of the bones, saying that he is keeping an arm and a leg, "just in case you (Crowley), get some idjit ideas." Crowley leaves in a huff.

Sam and Dean leave Bobby's the next morning, they have a 'family business' to run.



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