Hello! It's been a long time since I posted anything. I recently deleted "Beautiful" (sorry to those of you who were patiently awaiting the next chapter) because I was not happy about where it was going. So, I decided to start a new story... It's called "History is Repeated" and it's based on the last chapter of Wanted (PLL book 8). Remember when it said that Ali had transferred to a new school? Well, this is about her new life. I hope to update frequently, and I hope you like it! Comments are appreciated! So, now that you have read that boring paragraph (Again... sorry lol), enjoy "History is Repeated."

I sat at a desk in the back of the classroom, reading the latest issue of Vogue once again and painting my nails Chanel Jade. The outfit the perfect blonde model was wearing was gorgeous, but her body looked so airbrushed it took away from the photo. I sighed as I flipped the page, making sure I didn't smudge my nails. "Oh yay," I muttered. "Another ad for watches."

When I was a freshman, I never thought my senior year would start out so uneventful, but it did. I pictured stepping out of my black Escalade, with my four best friends in the back seat, soaking in my glory. Instead, I drove to school by myself in my black Escalade, listening to sports radio.

In my freshman through almost the end of my junior year, I was "queen bee." I had guys falling at my feet; I could manipulate anyone at any time; I had four best friends who worshipped the ground I stood on. Basically, my life was perfect.

Now, here I am, sitting alone looking like some freak. All because of something I didn't do.

I looked up from my magazine and looked at the entrance to the classroom just as my four ex-best friends walked in. Sophie looked gorgeous as usual with her almond-brown hair straightened to hip and a beige sweater dress. Mandi had dyed her hair blonde, obviously to suit her airhead personality, and wore a black pencil skirt with a ruffled pink blouse. Grace's blonde hair was up in a high bun, and she wore a dark blue sweater with black leggings.

And last but certainly not least their new leader, Roxy. Roxy's chest-length black hair was straightened, and she wore red lipstick. Her smile said, "I know you're jealous" as she laughed at something Sophie had said. She wore a black sweater with white jeans and black stilettos.

I closed my eyes, and mentally pictured myself with them. I had a brand new blue-sequined tank top with a black blazer. No one could pull that off in autumn, but I could without a doubt. I smiled at them my signature "do as I say" smile, and they smiled back their "whatever you say, Shanelle" smiles.

I opened my eyes and realized that the four of them were glaring at me from across the room. Roxy locked eyes with me and mouthed. "You got what you deserved."

It's hard to believe that I was best friends with them less than six months ago.

I looked away from them, ashamed and embarrassed. Why would they do this to me? I invented them! If it wasn't for me, they would still be low-life losers with no friends. When I get my life back, I'm taking them down.

I went back to my magazine, flipping the pages hastily. It wasn't long though, until the bell rang, signaling the beginning of my senior year aka the worst year of my life.

Just as the bell rang, a blonde girl with blue eyes and a heart-shaped face walked in the room. She was gorgeous, way more gorgeous than I was! She wore skinny jeans and a dark blue sweater, which made her eyes more noticeable. Why did she look so familiar? Did she go here last year?

The ancient English teacher walked over to the girl and touched her arm. "Class, this is Laura St. DeLions. She's a new student this year, and I expect each one of you to give her a warm 'Panthers' welcome." Yup, she just infused our school mascot into the conversation. Feels just like elementary school all over again.

Laura smiled as the teacher looked her in the eyes. "Go sit wherever you like."

Laura, along with her Chanel tote bag, sat next to me on my left and grinned at me.

I smiled back a happy smile, a first for me in a while.

The teacher started rambling on and on about a stupid book report we had to do this week. I mean, didn't she understand that we JUST started school, like ten minutes ago?

"Psssst." Laura whispered. I looked at her, confused. She pointed to a piece of notebook paper under my desk, and I picked it up.

I unfolded the paper, revealing a note. I thought about the last time I had been passed a note; it certainly had been a while. I pushed the useless thought to the back of my mind, and read Laura's perfect handwriting.

Hey, I know I don't know you, but could you show me around school today? It's huge, and I KNOW I'll get lost. xx

I took a blue pen out of my Coach backpack, and wrote back:

I'd love to. I'll show you around right after class since I have study hall.

I folded the paper back to its original state, and slid it under her desk, almost to her beige boots.

Laura nonchalantly picked up the piece of paper, and unfolded it again. She read the note and looked at me, and smiled. Laura scribbled another note onto the paper, and folded it again. She kicked it under my desk, and my red leather boots stopped it.

I picked up the note and unfolded it yet again.

Perfect. I'm sorry I didn't ask before, but what is your name?

I wrote back:


I refolded the note and slid it back under the desk.

Maybe senior year wouldn't be so bad.