I woke up in the middle of the night for the second time,like last night I left a note on my bed saying I went out for a little,so my friends pyro , arrow and dust wouldn't go on a mad search for me. I dressed casually like how i dress ( with dark black hoodie, dark blue jeans ,black sneakers,and I have dark brown messy medium long hair,I was a little white skinned but didn't matter to me) i made sure Andr hadn't waken up,so i slipped out of my room and house quietly.I walked outside noticing that there were many hostile mobs,avoiding them.

I walked about 40-50 blocks away to the nearby mountains where I liked to stare at the moon and wait 'till morning and looked up at the moon to see it was full,I stared at it in awe , thinking about later life,what the future will bring and how it will be, hoping it would not be anything bad but soon it started to drizzle,with that I ran as fast as I could.
I made it to my cave/home entrance before the
storm and barely wet because of the rain after that I had taken off my hoodie revealing my white t-shirt and was about to fall back asleep when i heard Andr saying "how long have you been gone and why do you leave?" I took a second or two before replying "well when I cant sleep i like to go to the nearby mountains and look up at the moon and wait till morning,but tonight it started drizzle" and with that i fell back asleep.

The following morning was almost like every other one we had breakfast,chowed down,and got ready for what we had in store for today,except we heard about a home nearby and I decided to go explore it and see what the fuss was about, me and Arrow walked over to a couple of mountains until we saw a house under the arches of a mountain and look to each other and walked closer."what do you think is gonna be there ?" arrow asked taking out his bow." I don't know, probably some hostile mobs and some loot and supplies." I replied to arrow knowing something could always
go wrong.

I unsheathed my iron sword and readied my self to attack anything hostile ,but never found anything wrong, I told Arrow to search the house while I look around. He nodded. I looked around and saw some nether rack and found a small trail and followed it until I found a cave entrance which was dimly lit."hey I'm gonna check this cave out"I yelled to Arrow,hoping he heard me.I walked close until I found a perfect stone wall with a lever and flipped the lever,two pistons open up,revealing a nether portal.

Quickly looking through my bag, I assured I had enough food and tools before entering the soon as I was through I felt nauseous, I never liked going through the portal due to the fact it made me feel sick.I took a minute to recover,got back to my normal self explored a little and found a house made of nether rack,cobblestone and obsidian.I walked cautiously toward it to see there was nothing in there then left.

I saw a couple of zombie pig men and decided to kill them for their gold nuggets
as soon as I snuck up behind them there was a holding chamber,i killed the zombie pigmen with a couple of slashes from my iron sword.I walked closer to the holding chamber and saw to people holding each other,one male blonde around 17 and his clothes were a little scorched,the other , a blonde female wearing a beach dressing and had some gold-like armor on her legs and arms with little rods reminded me of a blaze but it didn't matter.I opened the door to see the male try and swing at me before I barely dodged it and said out loud "hey im not gonna hurt you!" To my luck he trusted me I asked him who he was all he said was "Frost" and he continued walking I asked frost who his friend looked left and right and said silently " don't tell anyone but she is a blaze,her name is Blazette". This quickly reminded me of Andr and how she was an enderman.I said "it's all right your secrets safe with me". We started walking and Frost signaled Blazette to follow.

"Hello" I said with a normal tone.
Frost asked who I was and I said "I'm Shadow" with a cheerful voice."Thanks for saving us." Frost said. "It's okay we've been getting bored of normal life anyways, we'd like to have a ne-" I was cut off by Frost who said "we? what do you mean 'we'?" Frost said with a hint of fear in his voice. "just some friends who I live with,well we live in separate houses but we live near each other."I said with a slightly calming voice. When we first approached the nether portal Frost started to look at it in relief and awe."we found your old house in the overworld" I told him.

It was then I heard a blaze and and turned to see an actual blaze. "Run !" I told Frost and Blazette I tried fighting off the blaze,soon a pair of zombie pigmen approached and hostile.I killed the zombie pigmen, but before I could turn to see if Frost and Blazette had made it through the nether portal,I was torched by the blaze and I felt a very painful burn. Trying to fight I got up and swung my sword at the blaze but was then hit in the chest with a blaze fireball and fell back in pain somewhat dropping my sword.

Frost had come to my aid and grabbed my sword and attacked the blaze, killed it and made sure I was alive,which I was.I tried walking but fell over. We got to the nether portal safely and i sent the two in first ,me last.

As soon as we was through I remembered Arrow was around and started calling for him which he replied, as soon as he replied, I yelled "don't attack! they're friendly!" He didn't know what I meant but came to me and he saw Blazette and Frost and was ready to attack."don't!" I screamed at arrow,feeling pain in my body due to the burns. He asked me who they were and I told him "they were trapped in the nether."

Arrow and Frost soon carried me back home which was a 30-40 minute walk. As soon as i got home I signaled for took a couple of minutes to reply. "I need help!" I screamed, a hint of pain in my voice. He ran outside to see what's happening and I said "I was badly burnt in the nether can i get some help?"

He nodded. We went into his lab but before saying that I told Arrow to make them a small house which he did in and hour. I heard the door open to see Andr run down the stairs,fear in her eyes. "What happened?" she said sobbing a little " little incident in the nether ." I said to her she now sat in the bed next to me I saw Pyro( who wore a green beanie,dark hoodie,blue jeans,and his grey gloves he hid his dark brown hair and his glasses on, he was a little tan )I was glad to see him and I smiled a little.

My hoodie scorched a little with holes in it and my white shirt underneath was also burnt.I was given some sort of lotion. "rub it on your body once a day,for 3 weeks ,or until it runs out." Pyro said with a hint of sadness, but it wasn't anything he just hated seeing his friends get hurt. Pyro left the room, leaving me and andr and she looked very sad."It's okay, Pyro gave me this lotion ill be fine soon." I said trying to cheer her up. I took off my sweater and my shirt to put the lotion on ,I
looked over to see a blushing Andr. I rubbed the lotion on my body and it felt cool against my scorched chest, it was late soon asked Andr if she wanted to stay,she said yes and then I kissed her and lied on one of the beds till we fell asleep.


I woke up with the sound of Cupa waking up and realizing we where here. She then whispered to me with a slight giggle "Why is Shadow here, and why is he shirtless ?" "he was badly burnt in the nether and Pyro gave him a lotion to heal his burns." I said with a slight sadness "well,I hope he gets better soon." Cupa said before getting up,putting on her jacket and shorts and headed outside. "get well soon." I said to a sleeping shadow.I walked up the stairs to to go outside.

I saw Dust (who was wearing a blue t-shirt,pants, and a hat ,he was white skinned and had dark blonde long hair) I said hello and he asked "heya Andr,where's Shadow?" I replied saying" in pyro's lab healing his burns."

I soon walked over to meet our new guests who lived in houses close to each other. I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Seconds later the door opened up, revealing Frost who seems to had just waken up he still had his scorched clothes,but Arrow had given him a green hoodie ( camouflage patterns),purple jeans, and black sneakers (like every one else except me,Cupa, and Yurei).

"I don't believe we've met." frost saying to me" Oh, I'm Andr"i said politely. "well ,I'm Frost ,and your name,sounds a little like ender, though im not trying to be rude" he said with a hint of curiosity in his voice. I started to look scared and he said" why are you scared ?" "its nothing ,i jus-" Frost then said " you're an enderman! " I then cowered and said "please don't hurt me ! Ive done nothing to hurt you!" Frost replied "Its okay my friend here ,Blazette, is a blaze your secrets safe with me." he said in a strong voice that instantly made me know he wasn't lie-ing.

I walked home in about an hour, to see how Shadow was doing,but was stopped by Arrow who asked" how's Shadow doing?" With a couple of seconds I replied "actually, im going to check on him now." We walked to Pyro's lab but he said he can't have anyone inside at this time so Arrow went home and I went to Shadow's cave home.

The obsidian walls 5 blocks high and I went to my bed laid down and fell the morning i woke up to the sound of Pyro's voice on the surface,with that I dressed and went outside to say hello to Pyro but he was no where to be seen.

I looked around for some one when I thought I saw Dust.I waved waved back I approached him."where is everyone?" i asked him "well they went out for food,and I'm off to see what's in store from the nether ,maybe some goods I can sell" Dust replied "well wheres Cupa and Yurei?" I asked "probably in there homes" replied Dust with a hint of sarcasm. "Bye " I said to him waved back and walked towards his home.

I walked to Arrow's tree, knocked on the door to see Yurei answer."Morning Yurei" I said in happiness and joy because she was home."morning Andr" she replied."have you seen Shadow around?" I asked "no he's probably still in the lab." Yurei replied. I walked away waving bye to Yurei and headed to Pyro's lab.

I knocked on the door and saw cupa answer. "morning Cupa." I said in a happy voice
"oh, morning Andr, I guess your here to see Shadow?" she said teasing me a little, and let me in and ran into Pyro's lab to see that Shadow wasn't there and looked around until I thought.I walked to the bathroom to hear Shadow in the shower taking a bath.

I opened the door, I guess he heard me because he said out loud "Cupa is that you? I told you to leave me alone in here." I heard water and saw the shower curtains open up revealing a head."Andr? Why are you here? how'd you get in here? was Cupa wasn't it " I giggled a little at his expressions."please Andr, I'm taking a shower this is really weird." Shadow said in embarrassment."sure are taking along time in there Andr!" Cupa said trying to tease me. "sorry Shadow."

I walked out ,my face blushing of then started to tease me saying that I liked him and what not." no I don't!" I then whispered " hes a human where mobs, remember?" Cupa then nodded and said one last thing about me liking him before walking off...