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I shot up from my sleep, panting and sweating. Either from the nightmare or the heat of this damn home. I need to build more Vents. My ears perked up as I decided to get out of bed. My partner, Andr, lie still deep asleep. This was a good thing. I didn't want to wake her so late at night... or early in the morning.

I entered my bathroom and turned the sink on. I proceeded to splash cold water on my face. "Much better." I whispered to myself the cold water waking me up a little more. My tail was wagging a bit. I exited the bathroom and quietly made my way out of the bedroom.

"Shit.." I muttered to myself. I forgot to get some clothes. I sighed, and walked out, still in shorts and a long sleeve sleeping shirt. I never let myself be bare naked in front of Andr. Yeah, we had sex when we first met, but that was much different. As I entered the living room, I grabbed my sneakers, which were just plain black like the rest of my wardrobe.

I exited my obsidian cave home and locked the door. It was so much cooler outside and I enjoyed the freshness of the night. Making my way to the nearest hill, I avoided the occasional hostile mob. This was a bit of a challenge since it was still rather dark, despite the moonlight illuminating the landscape.


I tried to clinging to something that wasn't there and that's when I woke up, alone. "Again...?" I couldn't help myself. Anthony really is a wolf. He can't be held back and just goes where he wants. I stood up and stretched. I suddenly fell back on the bed, dizzy. I rose up to fast.

I took a moment to recollect myself. Smiling I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. As I was in the kitchen, I heard the front door open. Anthony came into view slightly wet from the morning drizzle. "Hey Anthony." He jumped a bit, surprised I was awake. His wolf tail then began wagging. He couldn't hide his feelings from me with his tail and ears and it was rather cute.

"A-Andr? What are you doing up so early?" He asked, taking his shoes off. "I woke up alone. I deserve an apology for being abandoned like that." I teased. "Ah!?" His ears lowered, his tail now between his legs. "I'm sorry Andr! I didn't mean to!" He was sincere but didn't realize I was toying with him.

As I passed him to return to our room, I kissed his cheek. "I was just playing with you, puppy." I continued to have my fun. I called him puppy because he's still seventeen years old. I turned nineteen about a month before we met.

Anthony followed me to bed, and despite the heat, he still wore that long sleeve shirt and shorts. "Why don't you undress, Anthony? It's rather hot." He simply shook his head. "Want me to undress with you?" I teased. I was dressed only in some boy shorts and a rather large t shirt. Why Anthony had it was beyond me, because he's so much shorter than me. We got into bed and headed to sleep.


I woke up with the sun shining on my face, interrupting a rather pleasant dream. I got up and walked down to my kitchen to start breakfast. To my surprise, Anthony was already cooking. He prepared eggs, bacon, pancakes, as well as some hash browns. It's weird to think that I saved him when he was about fourteen.

"Good morning Anthony." I smiled as I kissed his forehead. I scratched behind his wolf ears. "Hey Alex..." He smiled. "S-stop that! I'm trying to cook!" Anthony has been my best friend for so long, it wasn't hard for me to learn his weak spots. "Hey Anthony. I'm gonna need you to hunt after breakfast. Is that okay?" I asked. He nodded, setting up plates for Andr, Cupa, and I. "Thanks Anthony. I appreciate that." "You owe me though. It's your turn."

Anthony had served breakfast. His cooking was always the best. I could never come close to his cooking, despite how much he complimented my cooking. Anthony was always a great person. I don't know much about his past and I never bothered ask. I know that his body is in fact covered in scars. I left it alone.


After making breakfast, I was helping Cupa wash dishes. I made sure Alex wasn't in the room or near us to hear our conversation. "Do you plan on telling him?" I asked. "Telling him what...?" I set a plate on the rack to dry. "That you're a creeper." She was shocked. Cupa froze up in fear. "How do you know?" She asked, her voice trembling, full of fear. "I am a wolf. I discovered Andr was an enderman out first night and put the pieces together. Your scent, appearance. Everything." I smiled at her. "Don't worry. I won't tell. Besides. Alex doesn't know that other mobs can be human. He only thinks that ocelots and wolves can be human too." I reassured her.

After my conversation with Cupa I left Alex's mountain side home to tend to the farm. I always hated farming. I had my hunting gear next to the fence post so I could immediately do some hunting and replenish our dwindling supply of meat. After tending to the farm, I grabbed my gear and made my way to the dense forest surrounding our homes.

Something wasn't right. I caught a scent. A person. I heard footsteps in the grass, my ears twitching. I suddenly turned only to meet a fist of a stranger. I was knocked unconscious and fell to the ground.

When I came to, I was tied up. My mouth was gagged and my hands bound. I began to search around frantically. I've been here before. I never thought I would be. But here I am. A man approached me, my ears perking up. "Alright, puppy. You're gonna answer some questions for me." I shuddered in fear. That voice. I thought I had escaped that voice years ago. I was wrong.

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