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I couldn't sleep tight for a day or two. "It's okay. I'm here..." Shadow said, holding me close. I always felt safe in his arms. "I love you. I won't ever let that happen to you ever again." He said, kissing my forehead. I was almost crying. Both out of joy because of his devotion to me, and out of fear, because I didn't want anything like this to happen to me again... Angel was asleep, down in her bed. I looked at Shadow. "Shadow? I love you too." I pinned him, kissing him passionately. "mmm..." I loved it. He slipped in his tongue and explored my mouth. I began playing with his tongue. After a minute, we broke away, gasping for air. " That was an amazing kiss." I said. "I agr-" I cut him off again, kissing him, this time me slipping in my tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck. Another amazing minute passed, and we broke away, gasping for air. " I love you more than anything in the world." I began to remove his shirt. "Shadow..." I said, seductively licking his neck. He began removing my jacket. I threw his shirt aside, after he removed my jacket. "You've still got that amazing hourglass body of yours." He said, kissing my cheek and undoing my bra. I hugged him, pressing my small breasts against his chest. "Mmmm..." I heard Shadow. He was getting hard. I felt the bulge in his pants getting harder.

He slowly and seductively removed my skirt, leaving my stockings and panties on. I got up and removed his pants, revealing his black boxers. I pinned him again, grinding against him. "Mmmm you like?" I asked, as he removed my stockings and lacy purple panties. "Alot" He replied, smiling. I removed his boxers, revealing his fully erected cock. He entered me slowly. "mmm" I moaned. I placed my hands on his chest and began riding slowly. "Sh-Shadow. You feel amazing!" I picked up the speed. "Aahh! A-Andr! I love you!" "I love you too!" I pulled him into a kiss. I rode faster and faster. " Mmmph! Mmmmph!" I was moaning in the kiss, as was he. We broke away, gasping, me screaming in pleasure. "AAHHH! SHADOW!" "A-ANDR! I'M GOING TO-!" I was drooling a bit. I loved this so much! "AAAHHHH!" I screamed. Shadow came into me. "AAAHHH! A-ANDR!" He maned, loudly.

I collapsed on him, and he held me close, still in me. " I love you, Andr" He said, kissing my cheek. " I love you too. Goodnight. sweet dreams." We held each other close and fell asleep.


In the morning, I woke up before Andr. I gently flipped us, so she was laying down. I grabbed my clothes and dressed, going down to check on Angel. She was sleeping, but before I left, I heard a cute yawn. "daddy!" She said, extending her arms to hug me. I hugged her and picked her up. We walked upstairs and I made her some eggs. "Daddy? Can we go on a walk?" I nodded. Andr woke up after Angel finished her breakfast. I made her some eggs, steak, and some chocolate milk. "Angel and I are going for a walk in a bit. Wanna come with us?" She hugged me. "I'd love to." She said. "Yay! mommy's coming too!"

After breakfast we packed some food, water, some wood, and iron. "Let's go" I said, smiling sweetly. As we walked out Angel would run ahead. "Angel? Stay close please." Andr said. "Ok mommy" We continued walking. Angel ran up ahead again. "Angel? Come here. " No reply..." Angel? Now..." I said a little worried. Still no reply. "Angel! Come here now!" I yelled, really scared. I was about to run towards the direction Angel ran in, but she came running to me, smiling, laughing.

"Daddy! The strange man knows mommy!" I looked at Andr. She looked at me confused. "Who?" Andr asked. "I don't know!" She said, smiling. "Can you show us this man?" I asked. She nodded and began walking ahead of us. " Andr!" We heard a voice call out from behind. We turned to see this male, around our age. He looked at me, giving me a cold look. "Shadow..." I looked at him, shocked. 'how the hell does he know my name!?' I thought. "Mommy! Daddy! This man knows you two?" He looked VERY shocked. "Andr!? What the fuck!? That's your brother!" He yelled. "Don't you fuckin dare yell at my girl! I'll fuckin beat your ass right now!" I yelled in anger. " Fuck you Shadow!...What happened to you Andr? Your make up, breast size, hair color." I was really pissed and I tried socking him in the face. I swung the punch and nailed his cheek. He didn't seem too affected. "DON'T YOU FUCKING CRITICIZE MY GIRL!" I yelled in anger. He got up and socked me in the face. I swore I lost a tooth or two. "Shadow!" Andr yelled, running towards me. "I'll fucking finish you right now..."


After being sent through this strange portal, I appeared in this strange world, next to a burnt village. " I need to find Andr, or Lone or somebody..." I said to myself. I walked into a forest and noticed a little girl, around 10 running towards me. " Hello, mister!" She said excitedly. "Hello. have you seen Andr or Lone? They love me alot. " She nodded. " you're looking for mommy?" She asked. I didn't know what that meant, but I nodded. "Follow me." She said. I obeyed. I soon saw Andr and her little annoying guardian brother Shadow. But these two looked a bit different. Andr had B-cups instead of D's. Reddish brown hair, and no make up. Shadow had black hair and sliver eyes... I walked up to them and questioned them. "Mommy! Daddy! This man knows you two?" I was very shocked. 'Incest!? What the fuck!?'

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