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Melody Summers is a very shy 16 year old girl and as far as she knows she's a human. Both of her parents are dead so she lives with her 19 year old brother. Her brother comes home most of time drunk if he comes home at all that is.

I didn't understand this. Why me, of all people, why me? My hand started shaking as fear gripped my heart. I could feel eyes on me, watching my every move. My mind was completely blank, I had no idea what to do. It felt as if my throat had tightened up I couldn't get any air into my lungs. I lifted my hand up only to put it down again. I could have died right than and there.

"Well, Ms. Summers?" Ms. Tigerus, or the tiger as we called her, my hideous teacher asked as she started at me with a look of impatience.

"I don't know," I managed to crock out as my cheeks turned a bright shade of red.

"Take a guess than," she said as she rolled her eyes. I heard a giggled from the back of the class. I quickly wrote the number 2 on the broad and practically ran to my seat before I could start to tear up. I could never be more grateful that my seat was in the very back of the class.

I buried my face in my arms and took deep breaths like my father taught me before he died. Just as I thought that everyone had forgotten about me something hit me in the head. When I looked up I saw a crumbled note sitting next to my arm. I opened it and was more than relieved when I saw that it was from my best friend Lily.

The tiger really got you this time didn't she. It wrote.

I wrote back. Yea. I feel so stupid.

She had no right to do that.

Yes she did, it's not like I actually pay attention.

If it makes you feel better you were close.

Really what was the answer?


Oh wow and I guessed 2 how lucky. I wrote back rolling my eyes as I turned to her, she smiled innocently as I handed her the note. I turned back around and looked out the window. I jumped when I saw a red headed boy sitting in a tree smiling at me. I blinked hard but when I looked again he was still sitting there smiling.

"Ms. Summer's what's so funny?" Ms. Tigerus asked as the whole class turned to look at me. Up until that moment I didn't notice that I had been laughing. My cheeks turned bright red again and I turned to point out the window to the boy but he was gone. Just as Ms. Tigerus was about to say something else the bell rang. I darted out the door as fast as I could and ran to my locker. I jerked it open and pushed my books into it.

"Mel, wait will ya," Lily called as she came up beside me breathless. "You know that you run faster than me."

"Sorry Lil I need to get out of this place," I said as I grabbed my backpack and slammed my locker shut. I turned around but was slammed into my locker, the breath was knocked out of me.

"What's wrong 'Mel'?" Crystal Famble smirked as she and her two friends, Gabriela Carela and Sophia Selestia, cornered me. "Aren't you happy to see me?"

"L...l...leave m...me alone," I stuttered as Crystal smirked again.

"What was that I couldn't understand a thing," she said, "no wonder you're such a loser."

"I'm n..not a l..l..loser," I stuttered again avoiding eye contact with her.

"Y..y..yes you are," she laughed. I looked at Sophia for help but was met with a cold glare. Back when I was younger Sophia used to be my best friend but that changed after Crystal moved to town.

"Leave her alone Chris," Lily said coming up next to me.

"You gonna make me Lil?" Crystal asked as she stepped up to me. I flinched back but focused my vision when I saw something move behind her shoulder. As I looked closer I saw that it wasn't behind her it was on her it was like a blur right beside her ears. I looked even closer and the blur disappeared instead there was a huge pointer ear where her normal ear was before. Her other ear was pointed too. I backed up again and looked around Gabriela and Sophia had pointed ears too. I turned to Lily to try to hide but her ears were pointed also. I backed up And ran into Gabriela, I yelped and she moved. I turned around and started backing up faster.

"What's wrong Mel?" Lily asked.

"Y...your ears," I said pointing to them. All four of them paled.

"You can see them, ugh I mean us?" Lily asked stepping forward, I started backing up again.

"No, stop her," Crystal ordered. Gabriela pointed her palm at me, an ice dagger shot out of it and headed toward me.

"NO!" Lily yelled to late. I screamed and put my hands on my face. I waited for the pain but I only felt a little chill in my stomach. I opened my eyes back up and saw that they were all starring at me like I was nuts. I looked down at me stomach and saw snow on my jacket. I turned around and ran but when I got outside a tree root came out of nowhere and wrapped around my ankle and I fell. I shrieked and kicked at it with my free leg until I got my other leg out.

I ran without stopping, I ran until I got home and I ran until I got into my room. When I got into my room I slammed the door shut and jumped on my bed. There was so much I didn't understand and everything just changed so much and I cried. I cried until it got dark, I cried until there were no more tears to cry, and I cried until I fell asleep.

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