Hey guys I hoped you liked chapter 3, well here's chapter 4.

Melody used up all of her strength killing Jake, so lets see where she's at now.

I woke up as blood started rushing to my head. I groaned and tried to put my hands to my head, only to find them tied.

"Hey," I whispered opening my eyes to look around. I was hanging over somebodies shoulder, and I was freezing.

"Look who's finally awake," a familiar voice snorted from my left. I lifted my head up and found a smiling Rowan starring back at me.

"Oh god," I said as I looked around some more. I looked over whoever was carrying me shoulder and saw that Sage was walking up front, that meant that Ash was carrying me.

"What did you expect?" Rowan smirked, "after that trick you pulled, did you really think that we were going to just leave you there?"

"Actually I was under the impression that you wanted to kill me," I said as I started struggling against Ash, he just gripped my legs tighter.

"We are going to take you to our mother instead," he said before adding, "don't get me wrong I still want to kill you we just think you might be a little more important than that."

"Well if she gave birth to you she must be a real bitch," I whispered not meaning for him to hear that. The next thing I know Rowan punched me and I end up falling off of Ash's shoulder.

"Don't ever insult the queen, ever!" Rowan snapped coming up to grab my throat and lift me up against the tree. I winced as my air pipes were cut off.

"Oh so she's a queen then," I choked out before Rowan squeezed harder. "Does that make you all princes?" I managed to say.

"Of course we're princes," Rowan smirked letting me drop to the ground.

"So you're part of an evil kingdom than," I said rubbing my neck the best that I could.

"Yes, no, shut up," Rowan snapped. "You wanna know what, can't we just kill her now!?" Rowan hissed unsheding his sword and pointing it at me. Even though fear was gripping every inch of my being I somehow managed to stay calm.

"No Rowan," Sage said coming up next to him. Rowan lowered his sword and and hissed in my direction. He went off to talk to Sage which left me with Ash. For the first time I actually noticed that they has pointed ears like Crystal's.

"Ash?" I asked looking at him with curiosity, he looked at me but didn't say anything, his face a complete mask. "Why do you have pointy ears?"

"Shut it will you!" Rowan snapped from a few feet away.

"No than..." I started to say before snow fell on me from the tree above me. "Agh cold!" I screamed.

"This is just getting too weird," a voice came laughing from somewhere in the trees. Ash pulled me out of the snow but pushed me to the floor behind him. All three princes unshed their swords.

"Come out Goodfellow," Ash said calmly but I noticed the change in temperature.

"But this is completely unfair, three princes and one of me," the voice said poutingly.

"Come out!" Ash yelled as Rowan came up behind me lifting me up so that I was standing, leaning against him.

"I know a way to get him out," he smirked, than he lifted his sword to my throat, "come out or she dies!"

"Rowan," Sage hissed as he looked at me. I felt Rowan's ice cold blade touch my neck and I shivered as I realized that he really would kill me.

"Fine fine," the voice said as a boy with bright red hair and emerald green eyes came out from behind a tree, "no need to get violent."

"Oh please, this isn't violent," Rowan smirked digging his sword in to my neck, I winced and tried to back up away from the sword but had no luck.

"Come on let the girl down so we can have ourselves a little dance," the redhead said pulling out a glass dagger.

"I don't think so, I think I might just kill her anyway," Rowan smirked wrapping his free hand around my waist.

"Rowan!" Sage snapped looking at him just as the redhead's eyes hardened. Rowan sighed and pushed me against another tree. I felt cold spread over me for a second but was only covered in snow a second later.

"Damn it," Rowan hissed. Ash didn't pay any mind to anything that was going on instead he lunged at the redhead. The redhead moved out of the way faster than I could see. Before I could even look the other was all three princes were in the fight. Sage got in a lucky shot and cut the redhead in half. I cried out but was surprised to see the redhead turning into a pile of leafs instead of dying.

"Almost got me that time," said a voice as another two redheads came out of the trees and started to attack. I was so caught up in the fight that I didn't notice someone come up behind me. A hand was put over my mouth covering my instinctive scream.

"No screaming ok?" the redheads voice came from behind me. I nodded and he let his hand off of my mouth, I didn't scream like I said I would. "So what's your name so I can quit just calling you the beautiful girl in my head?" he smirked. I felt my cheeks grow red as he started to work on the rope on my hands.

"My name's Melody, what's yours?" I asked as he started untying the rope.

"You can call me Puck," he smirked as he helped me up. I looked at him closely when he faced me, he had shining green eyes, not like Sage's but still beautiful. A small smile was placed firmly on his lips until he looked behind me towards the princes, "Oh shit."

"You didn't think that some doubles were going to take us down, did you?" Rowan asked smirking. I could see that him and the others were breathing hard.

"Well your royal icenesses, it was fun to catch up but I'm afraid we must cut our time a little short," Puck smirked as he grabbed my arms and started running in the opposite direction. I stumbled at first as the blood rushed to my legs but soon got the hang of it. From the corners of my eyes I could see some type of ice shards shooting past us as the princes ran after us.

"Why..are...we..running," I gasped as my heart started pounding really fast.

"So that we don't get turned into icicles," Puck said back ducking as an ice shard flew over his head, as I looked at the ice shard I saw that it stuck in a tree in front of us.

"But, can't you take them?" I asked ducking under a branch.

"Ummm, not really," he admitted before his face turned into a mask of complete horror, "Nooo!" he screamed before I felt a small push from behind. I fell on the floor but got right back up and started running again. It took me a minute to realize that Puck wasn't with me, I turned around and found him starring at me in awe. I ran back to him, grabbed his hand, and started running again.

"I thought you said you couldn't take them," I gasped as I pulled him along.

"I can't," he said as he seemed to come out of whatever trance he was in before.

"So you wanna die, is that it?" I asked as I made a sharp right turn. I let go of Puck's hand as he started running on his own.

"Not really," he smirked as he lifted me up by the waist. I yelped in surprised but quickly closed my eyes as Puck jumped. We landed with a thump high up in the trees, covered by leafs. "Shhhh," he said putting his finger on his lips. Seconds later the princes came running past us.

"Cool," I whispered as Puck pulled me back into his lap. I was surprised for a moment put quickly let myself relax.

"So Melody," Puck started, "why didn't you die back there?" I laughed when he said that and he looked at me funny.

"Sorry, you just say that as if it's the most normal question in the world," I said as I leaned back against him. "I don't know why that ice shard thing didn't kill me, it didn't work back home either."

"Somebody shot an ice shard at you in the human world?" he asked resting his chin on my shoulder. I nodded.

"Crystal told Gabriela to and she did but it didn't hurt me, it just made my jacket get covered in snow," I explained as I looked up at the sky. I was surprised to see that it was already dark and that the stars were out.

"Why would a fey in the human world try to kill you?" he whispered. I didn't know what he meant but I still answered him.

"I saw their pointy ears," I said turning my head so that I was looking at him. I pointed to his ears, "Like yours just more pale, though Lily's were just like yours."

"You could see past their glamour?" Puck whispered.

"What's glamour?" I asked, "Rowan said something about glamour but I don't know what it is."

"I'll explain in the morning," Puck said. I yawned and looked up at the sky.

"I'm not tired," I said looking up at the stars.

"We need to figure out what you are before anybody else does," Puck said, "Fine if you don't want to go to sleep than I will." He stated.

"No, no I didn't mean that," I said scooting off of him, "Just don't know where to sleep."

"Come back here," he said pulling me back. I stiffened and he noticed. "I'm sorry I just meant you can sleep on me, ugh that didn't come out right either," he said running his hand through his hair not meeting my eyes. I smiled and put my head on his chest listening to his heart beat.

babump babump babump, over and over again. I fell asleep hearing it as it turned into a song in my head.

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