Destiny of the SWAT Kats

Introduction- Callie discovers the identities of the SWAT Kats by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Can she keep her secret, or are Jake and Chance doomed to spend the rest of their nine lives behind bars? Re-written.

Chapter One

It was a very quiet day in Megakat City, and a tired Deputy Mayor Briggs was heading home for a relaxing weekend. She had spent the last five hours writing up a speech for the Mayor, who was going to be at Megakat Springs golf course for a tournament tomorrow. Besides that, she had to do ALL of the paperwork for the city budget, which would be presented to the council on Monday. Completely exhausted, Callie could barely keep her eyes open, but then she gasped, as her car's engine started to sputter, and smoke started to pour out from underneath the hood.

"Oh, that's just perfect!" she exclaimed,turning her vehicle off the road, "It's a good thing I'm not too far from Chance and Jake's garage, I would have never made it home!"

Pulling her sedan into the salvage yard, Callie beeped her horn to let her two favorite mechanics know that they had a customer. Once the Deputy Mayor was inside the garage, she saw that Jake and Chance were repairing an Enforcer jeep. Chance Furlong smiled from ear to ear as Ms. Briggs stepped out of her vehicle, and walked up to them.

"Good afternoon Deputy Mayor, I can see that old bessy is acting up again.."Chance said, "Hey Jake, Callie is here!"

"Oh, hi Ms. Briggs!" said his partner Jake Clawson, who was currently flat on his back on a rollboard underneath the jeep. Rolling back out, he said, "Pardon us, but this piece of junk needs some serious work, it was damaged during an attack by the Metallikats two days ago."

"I know, thank goodness the SWAT Kats were there to kick their metal tails again.." she smiled,"So when can you get to my car guys, it was really smoking this time.."

"Hmmmm..." said Chance, as he pulled up the hood of Callie's sedan, "Looks like your engine overheated, but sorry, we have to fix this Enforcer jeep NOW, or Commander Feral will hang us by our tails. So you'll have to wait for awhile, Ms. Briggs. Is the Mayor picking you up in his limo again?"

"I wish.." sighed Callie, "His honor is at city hall, practicing his putting for tomorrow's tournament...So I guess I'll have no choice but to wait here until you guys are finished..."

"Alright.." nodded Jake, as he rolled back under the jeep, "Take a seat in our waiting room,and watch TV if you'd like."

"Thank you so much.." she replied, "Say Chance, do you have can of milk, my mouth is kind of parched..."

"Why of course, coming right up.." he smiled back. As Callie went into the waiting area, Chance quickly hurried into the kitchen. Still underneath the jeep, Jake just groaned to himself, "Crud, we'll never get this thing fixed now that Callie is here, Chance will be drooling all over her!"

Deciding to do something about it, Jake rolled back out, went into the kitchen, and closed the door behind him.

"Buddy, we've got to fix the jeep pronto, so just give the Deputy Mayor her milk, and leave, don't try to flirt with her like you did the last time she was here.."

"Pal, I just winked at her after she thanked us for changing her oil.." shrugged Chance, "And as you recall, she did smile back at me.."

"Callie was just being polite to you, she probably gets winks from every kat she encounters.." Jake sighed, "So don't think she's crazy about you buddy, like you always say.."

"You're just jealous.." smiled his partner, as he strode out of the kitchen, "But don't worry, I know we've got to get that jeep repaired before Feral gets here, so I won't be long.."

"Just to make sure, I'll go with you.." said Jake. As the two mechanics entered the waiting area, they noticed that the Deputy Mayor had the sound on the TV turned up a bit.

"Here's your milk, Ms. Briggs!" Chance shouted.

"SHHHHH, not now!" exclaimed Callie, pointing to the TV screen, "City hall has come under attack by Dr. Viper!"

"WHAT?" gasped Jake and Chance together. Staring at the screen they saw that city hall was covered in thick vines. Kats Eye News reporter Anne Gora was live on the scene, and Enforcer tanks and other vehicles had coordined off the area.

"These vines just sprouted out of the ground without warning..",indicated the she-kat reporter, "City Hall has been evacuated, with the exception of one individual, Mayor Manx himself. Dr. Viper has him trapped in his office, and has demanded that the SWAT Kats show up within' two hours, or the Mayor is history!"

"CRUD!" snarled Chance in his T-bone sounding voice, "That creep has gone too far this time!"

Looking at him, Callie said, "Which is why the SWAT Kats need to be called right away, although I'm certain they already know what's going on, since they're always patrolling the skies. Interesting, I didn't see the Turbokat today, but nonetheless, I'd better make sure they know of the situation.."

As the Deputy Mayor stood up from the couch, Jake gulped, "Er, what are you talking about, Ms. Briggs?".

"Ummmm.." muttered Callie, " Look, can you two keep a secret?"

"S-sure, uh, what secret?" said Chance, who was starting to sweat under his fur.

"I have a direct line to the SWAT Kats.." nodded Ms. Briggs, as she walked twards her car, "They gave me a communication device three years ago to call them in case of an emergency, and this certainly is a SWAT Kat emergency. The device is in my purse, it's in the front seat, so if you'll excuse me.."

"WAIT!" gasped Jake, as the two mechanics quickly followed her, "Look, there's no need to call the SWAT Kats, like you said, they must know what's going on!"

"Yeah, Dr. Viper actually called them himself!" gasped Chance.

Looking strangely at the two mechanics, Callie said, "That's true, but what's wrong with ME calling the SWAT Kats, just to be safe?"

Ms. Briggs then stared in incredulation, as Jake and Chance walked quickly by her, and stood on either side of her car, blocking both doors.

"Guys, have you both flipped?" gasped the Deputy Mayor, "Let me get my purse, I want to call the SWAT Kats!"

"Buddy..." sighed Jake, "It's no use, we're just wasting time by doing this, the Mayor's life is in danger!"

"Y-Yeah.." gulped Chance, as he opened the door of the car, and took out Callie's purse, "We'll just have to explain everything to you later Ms. Briggs, after we try to save him.."

"HUH?" exclaimed Callie, as she grabbed the purse from him, "Now what in the world are you talking about?" Reaching into her purse, she took out the device, and was just about to press the button, when she saw both mechanics close their eyes, and grit their teeth together.

"OK, you two are really acting strange today, I think you both need to see a... doctor?", Callie started to say, but then as her paw pressed the button, the klaxon alarm rang throughout the garage. Shrieking outloud, Callie dropped her purse, and nearly fell on her tail, as Jake walked calmly to the back of the room, and switched off the alarm.

"Now just take it easy, Ms. Briggs.."as Chance gently held onto her shaking arm, "I know this must be a shock to you, but just sit back down in the waitng room, and try to relax, we'll explain everything once we get back. Let's hit it, buddy!"

In a daze, Callie stared as the two mechanics ran twards the back of the garage and jumped into a hole in the floor. Too nervous to look into it, the Deputy Mayor walked very slowly into the waiting room, and as she sat down on the couch, Callie shrieked again, as she heard the Turbokat launch out of the ground like a rocket. That was all that her female senses could take...collapsing onto her back, Deputy Mayor Briggs fainted into unconsciousness.