Chapter 6

The following morning, Jake, Chance, and Callie were having a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, when Jake said, "You know, Felina showed up last night around midnight, and left her bike here, it kind of conked out on her. But she also said that she had been out on patrol, and found out some information that she said was classified to me and Chance, but that you should know, Callie.."

"Oh, really.." muttered the Deputy Mayor, "Wasn't she any more specific about it?"

"Nope.." Jake shrugged, "She couldn't tell me anything more..So I think it might have to do with an Omega problem, don't you think so, Chance?"

"Yeah, something has to be up, buddy.." nodded his friend, who then turned to Callie, and said, "So I think the SWAT Kats will have to look into this, wouldn't you say so, love?"

"Hmm, I agree with your assumption, T-bone, and with your suspicions, Razor.." she smiled back."One advantage of knowing your identities now, is that I'll know where to go to look for you if my communicator isn't functioning. But getting back to the subject, I'll talk to Felina and her uncle as soon as I can. However, Mayor Manx wants me to be at Megakat Springs for his tournament in two hours, so I'm afraid I'll have to leave..."

"Alright, my sweet.." replied Chance, kissing her muzzle. "Thank you for a wonderful evening.."

"Thank you too, handsome.." Callie purred back. "Call me anytime you want to, I'm usually free on the weekends... except for this one, of course.."

"Stupid golf tournament.." growled the mechanic, "Why doesn't that mayor do his job for once, and let you take a vacation with me for a month?"

"I would certainly enjoy that.."sighed the Deputy Mayor, "But duty calls guys, thanks for the breakfast, and for fixing my car, and of course for saving the city again, SWAT Kats.."

"That's what were here for, Ms. Briggs.." nodded Jake, "Take care.."

"See you later, love.." whispered Chance, who gave Callie one final kiss before she left the garage. Hearing her green sedan drive away, Chance sighed, and looking at Jake, he said, "Pinch my buddy, I think I'm dreaming.."

"It's no dream partner, Callie is your girlfriend.." Jake smiled, "I just wish I could be as lucky with Felina, she looked so beautiful last night.."

"Huh, don't let Feral hear you say that.." Chance muttered, "Speaking of that blowhard, he should be here any moment, so let's clean up the dishes, and get ready for him..."

The Commander arrived about ten minutes later, and as he took the keys to the jeep from Jake, he growled, "I see my niece left her bike here, you'd better get it fixed on Monday.."

"Of course sir.." nodded Chance, who wanted to punch Feral right in the mouth. "We told her it would be ready.."

"Good.." Ulyssis said, "By the way, did she mention anything to you about the omegas?"

"Um, no... why, sir?" Jake asked.

"Never mind, forget I said anything.." Feral muttered, as he got into the jeep. As he drove out of the garage, Chance whispered, "Now what the crud was that all about?"

"I think Felina's uncle likes to keep tabs on what she tells people.." said Jake, "I don't think the commander wants the general public to know what's going on with that classified information. Excuse me buddy, but it's time I did a little hacking into the Enforcer computer files. I just hope that Feral didn't change the password.."

"Do you mean, 'Superior Supreme Commander'?" giggled Chance.

"Yeah, that one.." nodded Jake as they went downstairs into their underground hangar. Turning on the computer, Jake, who was quite the genius, logged onto the Enforcer website, and put in the password to access the classified files. Luckily, Feral hadn't changed it, so Jake was able to see the latest ones.

"Crud, listen to this, Chance. Somebody stole a chemical from Pumadyne last week, called X99. It's completely resistant to extreme heat, cold, and electrical shock. And according to this file, Dark Kat was the one responsible for the theft.."

"No wonder Feral looked so concerned..." Chance replied, "We've got to find that creep now, if he uses that chemical to make his Fear ship stronger, he may be unstoppable!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth buddy!" Jake said, as they started to change into their SWAT Kat gear. Meanwhile, at Megakat Springs, Mayor Manx was just about ready to tee off to start the tournament. Callie was there just to be present for the opening ceremonies, but as soon as Manx got under way, she would be leaving, pronto. Anne Gora and her camerakat Johnny were standing next to the Deputy Mayor, and all three of them giggled, as Manx duck-hooked his first shot into the lake.

"Why, you stupid club.." the Mayor snarled under his breath, "Er, folks, I meant to do that, that was just a practice shot.."

"Yeah, right.." sighed Callie, as Manx took another shot, which went into the fairway this time, but not very far, only 100 yards. Growling again, the mayor tried to avoid Johnny's camera, as he stormed off the tee.

"Are you as bored as I am?" yawned Anne, as she gazed at Ms. Briggs.

"Yes, so unlike you, I'm not staying, I want to relax at my apartment.." she replied. Callie then thought to herself, "Or, maybe I can relax with Chance... hmm, I'd better give that handsome tomkat a call when I get home.."

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted, when without warning, a huge vine burst out of the ground, followed by another, and then another, and another. As kats ran screaming for safety, Callie, Anne and Johnny headed for their respective vehicles, but they were instantly cut off, as more vines sprouted out of the ground. Moments later, Dr. Viper appeared on one of the vines, and then hundreds of plantanimals, bigger than anyone had ever seen, attacked the crowd. Ms. Briggs immediately reached into her purse to get her communicator, but then Dr. Viper snarled, "Oh no, you don't!" and he grabbed the Deputy Mayor tightly with his strong tail. As callie screamed, Viper said, "No one can help you now, we've got plansss for you Missss Briggsss!"

To everyone's horror, Viper and his vine then dropped into a hole in the ground, taking the Deputy Mayor with them. Moments later, the rest of the vines had dissapeared, along with the plantanimals. Mayor Manx, who had heard the commotion behind him, ran back to the tee, and gasped, "What's going on, what just happened?"

"Viper captured the Deputy Mayor!" exclaimed Anne, "You'd better call Commander Feral, Mr. Mayor!"

"But we need the SWAT Kats too!" Manx gasped, "Oh Callie, you poor thing, I hope you're still alive..."