Chapter 8

As the SWAT Kats and Commander Feral were heading twards the swamp in their respective jets, a terrified Ms. Briggs had been placed into a make-shift cage that was constructed of the same vines that Viper had used to capture her. Poor Callie shivered as Viper's plantanimals and Dark Kat's creeplings surrounded the cage, and made horrible drooling sounds in her direction.

"Patience, my pets, patience, you'll get to feast upon her very ssssssoon..." Dr. Viper hissed.

"Yes, but not until after she witnesses her precious heroes being devoured first.." smirked Dark Kat. "I can see the fear in your eyes, Deputy Mayor, any last words before the carnage begins?"

"I'm not afraid to die.." Callie said in a brave sounding voice, although inside she was scared to death. "You may as well kill me now, Razor and T-bone will take care of you for good, I just know it!"

"Sssssuch a brave she-kat, isn't she, Dark Kat?" smiled Viper, "Why don't we honor her request, and let one of our pets into the cage with her?"

"Noooo, I want to see her scream in horror, when the SWAT Kats and the Commander are eaten alive!" Dark Kat laughed. At that moment, the roar of two jet engines could be heard, and the villains looked up. The Turbokat and Feral's jet had arrived right on schedule, but they didn't appear to be landing.

"What are they doing?" snapped Viper, "A flyover of the swamp? Don't they know that their precious Deputy Mayor could be devoured at any moment?"

"It ain't gonna happen you sick creep!" snarled a voice behind him and Dark Kat. Before they could even turn around, there was a huge explosion, and both villains got knocked off their feet. Callie was well protected inside the cage made of thick vines, and she could see that Razor had arrived in his cyclotron!

"Razor, help, get me out of here!" she screamed.

"Just a second Ms. Briggs, that missile was just a distraction.."replied the SWAT Kat gunner, as he adjusted his glovatrix, "Huddle yourself into a ball in the corner of the cage, I've adjusted this mini-banshee missile to emit a high-frequency sound that should shatter those vines to fragments!"

Doing as she was told, Callie closed her eyes tightly, as Razor fired the mini-missile. As the SWAT Kat had hoped, when it impacted into the vines, the high-frequency sound waves blew the vines into pieces, as well as the Creeplings and plantanimals. By this time, Viper and Dark kat had recovered, just in time to see Callie being driven away to safety in the cyclotron.

"Noooooo!" yelled Viper, "Dark Kat, you fool, I thought you said that X99 would make our pets invincible!"

"IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!" DK gasped, "How could this be?"

"High frequency sounds, you psycho..." snarled Commander Feral, who was the one who had fired the missile to expose Viper's hideout so Razor could sneak inside to rescue the Deputy Mayor. "Dr. Greenbox told us that X99 was succeptable to it, and apparently he was right!"

The Enforcer Commander then jumped at Dark Kat, and punched him squarely in the gut. Viper then slashed at Ulyssis with his tail, when T-bone arrived just in time to grab the snake's arm, and throw him into the corner of the lab. While the fight commenced, Razor placed Callie into the Turbokat's back seat, and told her not to move a muscle.

"This could get ugly Deputy Mayor, by the sound of it, those creeps aren't going to give up easily this time.."

"Just be careful.." whispered callie, as Razor ran back into the laboratory. He found T-bone pinned against the wall by Viper, so Razor grabbed a wooden chair, and smashed him over the head with it. Dr. Viper was certainly a resiliant mutant, but even that impact was enough to put him out cold. The SWAT Kats then turned their attention to Dark Kat, who was continuing to fight Commander Feral in paw to paw combat.

"Give it up, you scum!" Ulyssis snarled. "You're outnumbered three to one, your sidekick is out for the count!"

"NEVER!" growled Dark Kat, "I've told you before that if I lose, everyone loses!"

"Oh crud, not again.." sighed Razor, as Dark Kat pulled a detonator out of his cloak, "This place is wired to blow, get your tails out of here, now!"

Immediately, the SWAT Kats and the Commander ran outside the labs, and just in time, because moments later, Dr. Viper's lab exploded into a ball of flames. The entire swamp then started to catch fire, so Feral and the SWAT Kats immediately took off in their planes.

"Wow, that was a close one!" exclaimed T-bone, 'You alright, partner, Ms. Briggs?"

"Fine and dandy.." smiled razor, giving him a thumbs up, "Where would you like to be dropped off, Ms. Briggs?"

"The golf course, that's where I left my car.." she replied.

"Sure thing.." nodded T-bone, who then radioed the Commander. "Feral, you alright?"

"I'm... fine.." he sighed, "Just a little... lightheaded, that's all.."

"Huh?" Razor said, "Commander, you don't sound good at all, maybe you'd better see Dr. Conway.."

"Yes, I think I'd better..."

Suddenly, Feral's radio went dead, and his jet started to plummet twards the ground.

"Buddy, fire the emergency rocket boosters, he's in deep trouble!" exclaimed T-bone, as he put the Turbokat at full throttle. Just as Razor did before, when they had rescued that passenger jet from Turmoil, the gunner fired two mini rockets, which then attached themselves to the underside of Feral's jet. Safely outside the swamp, Feral's plane landed softly on the ground. Felina and her team had spotted the entire incident, and immediately rushed to the scene.

"UNCLE!" shouted the lieutenant, as she pulled the Commander out of his plane, "What happened to you?"

"C-Can't breathe.." gasped Ulyssis, "Need oxygen.."

"Call an ambulance, now!" Felina shouted, as she put her oxygen mask over her uncle's face. Ten minutes later, Commander Feral was brought secretly into the emergency room of Megakat Hospital. As the SWAT Kats, Callie, and Felina nervously waited outside the emergency room, T-bone said, "I don't understand it, he was fine when we took off, how come he just all of a sudden couldn't breathe?"

"I'm afraid I have the answer to that.." sighed the doctor, as he came out of the room. "I found a puncture mark on the commander's arm, he's been poisoned.."

"WHAT?" gasped Felina, "What kind of poison?"

"Snake venom.." said the doctor, "It's a combination of several kinds of venom, all highly toxic. The Commander must have been struck by Viper's tail during the struggle.."

"Crud, I saw him being slashed by that creep!" T-bone snarled, "But what can you do for the Commander, doc? Is there an anti-venom?"

"I'm sorry..." Dr. Conway muttered, "Because the toxins inside Viper's tail were mixed together, and the fact that Viper himself was burned by that fire, there's no way we can help the Commander now.."

"OH NO!" cried Felina, who immediately ran into the room to be by her uncle's side. The commander , who could barely open his eyes, muttered, "F-Felina, I'm so sorry.."

"No uncle, I should be sorry for not saving you!" she gasped, "I should have been the one who was poisoned, not you!"

"D-don't be sad, it was just my time.." Ulyssis muttered weakly, "At least I know that Dark Kat and Dr. Viper have been vanquished for good, and the city is safe from those omegas forever.."

The SWAT Kats joined Felina, as did the Deputy Mayor, and glancing at all of them, Feral whispered, "Close the door(cough), I don't have much time left(cough), I don't wan't anybody else to hear what I have to say next.."

Nodding, Callie shut the door, and then listened with everyone else, as Feral sighed, "I know who you are, SWAT Kats.. or should I say, Clawson, and Furlong.."

"What?" gasped T-bone, as he stared at a dying Feral. "How long have you.."

"Within' the last year.."the Commander coughed, "While I was driving my car home one day, I saw a trail of smoke coming from the back of your jet. Curious, I followed it all the way to the salvage yard, where it had dissapeared without a trace. At that moment, I knew that the two lieutenants who I had kicked out of the force, and the SWAT kats were one in the same..."

Coughing again, Feral continued, "I... knew then that it had been wrong for me to put the blame on you two for crashing your Enforcer jet into headquarters..I- I was afraid that a scandal would have been caused by the truth coming out... please, can you two forgive me?"

" Of course we do, right buddy?" sighed Razor.

"Yeah, I know I should have obeyed your orders to back off, Commander.." said T-bone, as he placed his paw on Ulyssis' shoulder.

"I still shouldn't have sideswiped you like that.." Feral said in a harsh whisper. 'I.. I feel the toxin burning my insides, I only have time to say one more thing.. Felina, you are now the chief Enforcer.. I wan't you to re-instate Clawson and Furlong as your lieutenants, keep Megakat City safe from any criminal threatening it.."

"We will, Uncle.." she sniffed, with tears in her eyes, "May the kat goddess give you peace, I love you.."

"I love you... too.." Ulyssis said, after which he closed his eyes, and breathed his last breath. Feeling his pulse, Felina said sorrowfully, "He's dead.."

As the lieutenant bawled her eyes out, Callie took her out of the room to console her. Glancing at the lifeless body of Commander Feral one last time, Razor said, "Buddy, I know we couldn't stand him, but he didn't deserve to die like that.."

"I know.." sighed T-bone, "All we can do now is honor Feral's wishes, and kick tail, just like we always have.."

Three days later, a huge memorial was done at Enforcer headquarters for the fallen Commander. All of the Feral family had gathered, including Ulyssis' brother, who said some very moving words, as did Felina. They knew that their pain would last for many years to come, but as Feral said on his death bed, a city still had to be protected from the rest of the omegas, and the other criminals that threatened it. The following week, Commander Felina Feral re-installed Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong into the Enforcers, and made them her top lieutenants, despite protests from Lieutenant Steele. In fact, she shocked the arrogent kat by kicking him out two days later, because of his ineptatude. The following day, Felina cancelled all of the debt that Jake and Chance had owed to the Enforcers, so they no longer had to live in that stinkhole of a garage anymore. Callie gladly let Chance move into her apartment, and when Felina was finally confronted by Jake that he had a crush on her, the Commander immediately hugged and kissed the kat, and purred, "Oh, you don't know how wonderful that makes me feel! I've had a crush on Razor since I met him, or should I say you, when I first joined the Enforcers!"

"Huh, is that right?" Jake growled, as he kissed the back of Felina's neck, "Looks like Chance is not the only lucky kat around here, I guess we were both meant to find the she-kats of our dreams.."

"And to continue to fight for all of the katizens.." mewed the Commander. As she was saying this, her uncle was looking down from heaven in approval. Standing next to him was his parents, who had died many years earlier in a car accident.

"Awww, they really do love each other, how sweet.." Mrs. Feral said.

"I think the city is in good paws, don't you think so, son?" Mr. Feral said.

"I know it is.." Ulyssis smiled, "It was their destiny.."


Author's note- OK, please don't get mad that I killed off the commander, it was just a story. He'll be alive again in the next story, which will be completely unrelated to this one. I might do another crossover, I don't know yet, but not until AFTER the holiday season! I'm going to enjoy Christmas, and then start my next tale sometime in January. Until then, Merry Christmas everybody!