Chapter 1- How did Cows and Wolves manage to work together?

A long backstory, that's how!

For both the Barnyard and the United Pack of Jasper Park, natural laws were more of an entertaining thought than a set truth. In fact, both worlds had seen so much unnatural or out-of-place events and characters that the idea of a natural law was laughable. It didn't exist. After the last alien attack on Barnyard, and the last battle with evera alloy in Jasper the idea of being a simple wolf or a simple cow was thrown out of place and out of existence, never to have even put up a glint of resistance. However, the unnatural experiences had given them a new resource, one that added to the cows' and wolves' strengths and weaknesses: each other. Barnyard and Jasper had united to help fight each other's enemies. The cows fought with and guarded the wolves' hunting packs, in turn, the wolves devoted their most to suppressing the grim coyote raids. Injuries from caribou stampedes and animals lost during coyote raids dropped significantly.

Their alliance had come out of desperation, four months ago. Both their worlds were threatened by lava and aliens, and Brandon Wolf, who with his Alaskan Husky girlfriend Snowball Cleamans had traveled between Barnyard and Jasper, brought what was left of the United Pack and the cows of Barnyard together and both groups decided that, for the sake of their species' survival, they wouldn't fight. That's when the glorious movement began. It fell upon the capable shoulders of teenage bovines Miller, Daisy, DJ, and Missy, and teenage wolves Brandon, Kate, Humphrey, Lilly and Garth (Snowball is a Alaskan Husky) to stop the threat to their worlds. The threat was the lava.

The lava wasn't natural. Neither Jasper nor Barnyard were near any known faultlines. That meant it wasn't natural. Miller lead them through an apocalyptic Jasper and revived Winston, using a resurrection device the cows had called the Ruby Sun. Winston and Eve were reunited, and they met with the chosen leaders of the Barnyard: Bessy and Dallas (DJ and Miller's parents), and Rose and Daniel (Daisy and Missy's parents). They also tracked down a caribou named Hunter Killer (HKill as he was known) and revived Tony, and his wife Tatum, leading to an emotional reunion between Garth, his sister Rooney, and the recently resurrected Tony and Tatum. Tony and Tatum then joined Winston, Eve, Haley and Jackie alongside Bessy, Dallas, Rose and Daniel.

Miller and company fought and picked up clues as to who could be responsible, leading to a shocking discovery: the sorcerer was Rogers DeMario, a pig and former squadmate of Miller's. Miller and the rest fought through his spire, which held a device that could decimate Barnyard and Jasper once and for all with lava, and came to a one-way elevator. The spire coming down, Miller orders Daisy, Missy, DJ, Brandon, Snowball, Kate, Humphrey, Lilly and Garth to fall back while he continues alone, claiming it is his problem to fix, but they object and all proceed up the elevator.

Rogers waits for them, and Miller and company defeat him in his power. Miller tries to save Rogers, but has to kill him. Meanwhile, the device is close to launching. Seeing no escape, Miller and company overload the spire to perform a reverse function, and the spire explodes. Instead of burning the worlds out of existence, it undoes all the damage the lava caused and restores the worlds to their former glory. All 10 are presumed dead, until they emerge from the rubble, unharmed. They are given medals for their heroism, and the bovine-lupine alliance is further strengthened when Bessy, Dallas, Rose, Daniel, Haley, Jackie, Winston, Eve, Tony and Tatum form The Council of Elders to help govern their worlds, and it ends with a celebration at Howling Rock.

2 weeks later, during a hunt. Miller and company discover via an injured caribou that a new threat had emerged, one that the wolves were familiar with: the rams. The rams had found another Weather Stone and plan to destroy the lupines first, and then the bovines for being allies with the wolves. The report is taken to the Council of Elder, where the wolf councilors are quick to declare war. The bovine Councilors, not wanting more bloodshed for both their worlds, decide to give Miller and company clearance to wage tactical warfare on the rams, under the name Delta Company.

Delta Company destroys all of the rams supply lines, leaving them unable to gather up an army to fight. The bovine councilors insist it is enough, but the wolves want their leader dead. The councilors get into a heated argument, which ends when the wolves reveal that the rams had tried to kill them once before. The bovines are outraged, but are further pushed when Jeffery, a younger wolf is revealed to be unintentionally the ram's spy. Jeffery seizes all contact with the rams, and the bovines, infuriated, try to raise up an army, when the wolf councilors tell them they have a weather stone which could slaughter their army within days and leave them defenseless.

It falls up to Delta Company again, to save their worlds. They fight rams to the heart of ram territory, where the Rams' leader, Cornelius, is about to activate the weather stone on the Barnyard and the United Packs' territory. Seeing Delta Company, he decides to activate the weather stone on his location, and tries to kill Delta Company. Delta Company fights him through all types of extreme storms, and finally manages to kill him. As the rams leave in exile, Delta Company takes the Weather Stone and returns to the Council. They are once again commended for saving their worlds for the second time, and the Council reveals a secret. The cows and wolves had actually grown up together, and Dallas, Bessy, Rose, Daniel, Haley, Jackie, Winston, Eve, Tony and Tatum had met when they were pups and calves and had stopped the Alpha Wars and had raised Miller, Daisy, DJ, Missy, Brandon, Snowball, Kate, Humphrey, Lilly and Garth together.

3 weeks later, Delta Company is called once again to save their worlds, but in different. A car accident throws 10 of them in a hospital and in a coma. Their spirits travel to Purgatory, where all souls go to await their final entry into Heaven or Hell. They think they are dead, but it is revealed through contact with Heavenly beings that they were brought here for "a very special purpose". That purpose was Rogers DeMario, who had survived the spire and now wanted to stop all the dead from traveling to Purgatory, and turn Barnyard and Jasper into a land filled with zombies and lava. Delta Company navigate the world of Purgatory, learning more about their puppyhood and calfhoods, and how their parents met. They discover a horrible car accident had given them amesnia , and the cranial surgery needed to save their lives leaved their memories altered. Coincidentally, all the bovines were left with no memory of the wolves and the wolves with no memory of the bovines. All the parents were affected the same way, as well.

After many fights and revelations, they arrive at Rogers' lair in Purgatory. Roger again tries to kill them, and again, they defeat him, although this time making sure he's dead. They release the hold Roger had on Purgatory, and them and their parent's memoires, which were lost during that fateful car accident, are restored. They wake up from their coma, fully healed and are commended for saving their worlds for a third time.