Tsunade and Uchiha Mikoto has devised a plan in order to bring two unlikely people together. All they ask is for Sakura to write to Itachi every week until he comes home from a mission until their engagement is finalized. It should be simple...right?

To Uchiha Itachi With Love

Letter 1:

A Beginning

Dear Uchiha Itachi,

Foremost, I want to say that I in no way want to write this letter.

If it hadn't been for my nagging parents and Shishou threatening to fire me, then this letter would never see the light of day. Apparently, Shishou believes that the key to a happy marriage is communication and since I am "supposedly" engaged to you then I guess I HAVE to communicate with you.

Keep in mind, Uchiha that I don't like you.

At all.

But, since Shishou is making me write this then I guess I can tell you a little about myself, so she can say I at least tried.

I am a 21 year old medic who lives for my team. As you know, I am close to my boys. I love helping people, long walks on the beach, and punching Naruto when he does or says something stupid. I try to live my life to the fullest. I have no regrets about things that happened earlier in my life (sentence is scratched through). Also I want to state how much I hate the fact that I am not allowed to erase or use another sheet of paper in my letters to you. You can blame YOUR mother for THAT!

Alright, I am done speaking about myself.

I am hoping this letter will not reach you so I won't have to keep up with this assignment. If it does reach you then I make no apologies, Shannaro!

Yours Not Truly,

Haruno Sakura

Notes: This story was inspired by a story I found in the Skip Beat! Fandom called Dear Sempai. I thought it was very interesting way of telling a story and thought about applying it to this setting. This story will be told through snippets and letters but it will be a very interesting tale.