Tsunade and Uchiha Mikoto has devised a plan in order to bring two unlikely people together. All they ask is for Sakura to write to Itachi every week until he comes home from a mission until their engagement is finalized. It should be simple...right

To Itachi, With Love

Letter 10:

An Ending and Beginning

Dear Uchiha,

When I find you, I am going to kill you.

Never in all my years of being a woman, a kunoichi, and a medic have I seen someone as annoying as you!

Don't get me wrong, you are fairly attractive with a huge attitude but you have pushed me to my limit. In your last letter,( where I distinctively told you to never write me again,) you told me to prepare myself.

I did.

Honestly, I thought myself prepared.

I really did.

But, I did not anticipate your next action.

I would have never thought I would wake up to the HUGE billboard outside my window.

Imagine surprise when your brother, of all people, walks up to me calmly and hands me a most recent letter he has received from you.

In all honesty, I absolutely loathe you at this moment.

No, really.

I hate you, Uchiha Itachi.

Not only do you embarrass me and stalk me with your proposal and bothersome family, but you are allowing me to believe that you actually care about me.

I must ask.

Why am I the only one you are torturing?

Is it because of the pink hair?

If so, I can shave it all off if it will get you to leave me alone!

Is it the green eyes?

Surely, I can get some special Uchiha resistant contacts made especially for you?

Or is it because I am your brother's teammate?

Surely, Naruto and Sasuke wouldn't be surprised if I happened to become a missing nin just to get away from you.

Tell me!

What exactly do I have to do to make you leave me alone?

Shishou, will not give me my job back because she feels I haven't completed my mission with you. Your mother will not stop nagging me even though I have told her time and time again that the engagement is off.

Your father.. ugh...I don't even want to talk about him...

Itachi, please allow me to repeat myself once more.

Please leave me alone.

I no longer wish for the chocolates, the stuffed animals, roses, and jewelry being sent to my home every morning.

I just want my life to go back to normal.

Can you do that for me, please? (erratic scribble is seen in margin)

I no longer wish to be Mrs. Itachi Uchiha.


Haruno Sakura

Dear Shishou,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am defeated.

I give up.

I give in.

How was I to know that this letter writing mission would lead to me having feelings for that blasted Uchiha?

There Shishou! I have admitted it.

I. Have. Feelings. For. Uchiha. Itachi.

Please allow me my job back now.

I am going insane without it.


Haruno Sakura,

I am returning to Konoha immediately. I will not allow you to paint me as the villain without an explanation.

I will state this:

Do not shave your hair because it is beautiful.

Do not block your eye color because it is gorgeous.

Do not become a missing nin because I refuse to leave you alone.

I would sincerely hate to have to drag my future bride back to Konoha because of a simple disagreement.

Prepare yourself my dear Sakura. We will speak once I am within the walls of Konoha.

I sincerely hope you will be available for my convenience.

Yours Truly,

Uchiha Itachi

Notes: So there we have it! The end to this fabulous letter series. I am in awe of the fact that this story has been so well received. Also I want to announce that this story will be made into a full fic. I realized that this series would be a great introduction into the next story in this series. I hope you guys enjoyed. please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts about this chapter in a review. I look forward to hearing from you...