The TND were throwing a Christmas party. Everyone was required to wear a Christmas-themed costume. And there was an uber-cliché tradition of TND couples having to wear matching costumes.

So, here Kuki and Wally were; at the shopping mall, picking out costumes.

"Ooh, look! That is so cute!" Kuki pointed to a matching set of reindeer costumes.

"No way. There is no way in hell that I am ever wearing a cruddy reindeer costume. We should wear those." Wally pointed to a Santa Claus costume and a short, sexy Mrs. Claus dress and bonnet costume set.

"I don't think so. That thing will make melook like a stripper." Kuki said, referring to the dress.

"Point taken. How about these?" Wally pointed to a set of matching elf costumes.

"Yes! Let's take them!" Kuki excitedly took the elf costumes off the rack. "Ooh, I adore the curly shoes! They have bells on them! I love bells!"

Wally chuckled at his girlfriend's antics. She was a teenager, yet she was acting like a little kid; getting excited over shoes with bells on them. But he wasn't complaining. Her antics were rather cute.

Kuki was about to pay for the costumes, but Wally said he would pay for them.

"Okay." Kuki put her money back in her purse.

Wally paid for the costumes, and he and Kuki left the shopping mall.