A/N: Bunny's POV. Set during the anime when the group is searching for the pieces of the Imperium Silver Crystal, before she learns either of Tuxedo Mask's true identities.

"Vanishing Man"

Silk top hat rests

At a sharp angle on your head

One sapphire-shard eye

Peers out from under its brim

And you flash me a smirk as bright

As the crystal in your fist

Your ebony cape flares out

To reveal blood-silk lining and

An immaculate black tuxedo

As a single, precious rose

Flies directly at me

I catch it on instinct

And in the instant it takes, you vanish

Why am I not surprised?

Same as ever, same as always

My vanishing man

Of silk and perfumed roses

And the white opera mask

Someday I will find out

Just where you vanish to.

* ende *