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Arthur doesn't sleep much anymore, and when he does sleep he definitely doesn't dream. He attributes that to his odd line of work, his whole perception of dreams being shattered. Arthur doesn't even remember the last time he's had a dream.

So when he awakes in the morning with the sheets all tangled around his ankles and feeling sticky in sweat he down right almost has a heart attack. It felt real, all too real, but he should know by now - by the amount of jobs he's done - that's how dreams always feel.

But that doesn't stop him from blindingly feeling the spot next to him, relieved that he is indeed alone. At that thought his heart almost aches a little.

Alone. Arthur is always alone.

Well not always. Not in that dream. Not where it felt so beautiful and raw and amazing and real.

He could still feel the ragged breath, the rough voice and those damn lips. The truth was that he could still feel Eames and that both terrified him and excited him.

Maybe Arthur would try to dream more often.