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"Marine's don't die, they go to hell and regroup."

Jed wasn't quite sure when he became coherent, grasping at the dark-colored floor boards he laid on. The more he struggled to force himself to his feet, further exacerbated the wound near his heart.

He should have been dead with such a fatal gun-shot, that's what his fellow Wolverines had assumed, leaving with tear-stained faces. With bullet's ricochetting against the worn apartment walls, there wasn't a chance for any of them to make certain. After all, it was Jed himself who had taught them to move on at all costs to keep fighting.

But that was far from what was on his mind as he stumbled forward, one arm wrapped around his laceration. His mind had not yet come to terms with the reality of his situation as he hobbled from room to room, only allowing for one name to escape his lips, "Matty?"

The word was followed by a dark stream of blood from his mouth, sputtering uncontrollably with a cough. To say he was in bad shape would be an understatement. Luck may have saved him from dying on the spot, but if his injuries weren't treated soon, he'd bleed out for sure.

That didn't stop Jed from staggering his way downstairs and out on to the streets, a disorient look to his expression. Every once in a while he'd stop short, leaning against a building to catch his breath.

He had to find his brother, there was too much left unsaid between them. Matty had grown stronger for sure, hardened by the situation they'd been thrusted into, but he would always be his kid brother in Jed's mind. They had made a promise to stick together, being all that one another still clung to for hope.

Jed didn't want him to think he had left him alone in the world, faded away like their parents. He couldn't leave him behind, not like six-years ago. That notion was what made him to continue pressing the last of his energy to the limit, eventually falling to the pavement in a crumbled heap.

A sane mind would have kept still, relishing in the last few moments of breath they still had. Jed couldn't do so, moaning in agony. He hated not being able to stand, how weak he must have appeared to any lone individual still in sight. It would appear ironic knowing that his phrase seemed to be, "to just rub some dirt on it", and he couldn't even manage that.

Perhaps the only blessing was the fact that no North Korean soldiers were around, although one could question if that would even matter since he was dying anyways. At least a shot to the skull would be quick, relatively painless. Anything would be better than this slow suffering.

What hurt the most was knowing, he wasn't going to make it back to the Wolverines. He would never get the chance to admit how truly proud he was of Matty, and reveal his feelings towards that red-headed bombshell, Toni.

He'd never get the chance to smile about frivolous problems over beer, never get the chance to fight for the country he'd placed all his passion towards. And that's what hurt him the most.

Jed's vision was soon swallowed by a dark haze, heart's rhythm slowing. He wondered if the Wolverines would be okay, and Matty... he had to find him. By now his brain had become muddled with repetition, the same thoughts fluttering over and over again. It was most likely the blood lost inducing this, and no way of preventing it.

Soon enough he'd be washed away into a sea of blackness, and his body would shut down for good. But being the strong-headed individual he was, he managed to hang on a few seconds longer to hear footsteps approach and crowd around him. Unintelligible voices squeezed their way into his consciousness, speaking rapidly.

At first he thought they were inhuman, but it was soon recognizable to be that of a foreign language, Koreans. He couldn't make out any of their dialogue, but they seemed to have a hint of amusement to their tone.

Only one phrase he was able to identify, spoken in broken english. "Seize him!"

He chuckled at the thought, like that would change anything. Jed promised himself he'd be seeing them in hell soon enough, rifle ready in hand.

And then he shut his eyes.

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