Head Gamemaker Manette

Il ne faut pas faire ces choses à moitié.

Being a Gamemaker is a thrilling position by itself, but being a Head Gamemaker makes it even more thrilling. I, with the assistance from a few others, orchestrate the event that Panem strives off of – the Hunger Games.

I create the tributes' outfits, the arena, the muttations, and many other things.

Being a Head Gamemaker allows you to have a degree of vanity; you're essentially below the President. But for me, it means something much more than just the title.

I am the first female to be a Head Gamemaker. I have to prove myself; I must create an arena that no one else could possibly imagine, muttations that are much more advanced than last year's, and lastly, impressing the President with whoever makes it out of the arena as victor.

I have been analyzing and scrutinizing each Hunger Games, starting from the first.

Looking back on the previous Games, I contemplate whether to resign or simply scoff. The arenas were dreadful, as well as the tributes who participated in them. Such disgraces of events have besmirched Panem and its glory.

It's scandalizing to see the President of Panem allow such Games to occur. The past five games specifically have been the most banal and appalling Games yet.

The Fifteenth Hunger Games was set in a small arena with a large lake in the center of it. Of course, all of the tributes stayed near the lake. It was tedious to watch and it was a severe let-down. Thankfully, it only lasted four days; which is the shortest any Games have ever lasted.

The Sixteenth Hunger Games was set in an abandoned city. Nothing too special; some random landmines, stores supplied with food and weapons, and when the final ten came around, several natural disasters ravaged the arena.

The Seventeenth Hunger Games was one of the most mysterious. The actual environment of the arena was never revealed because of the fog. The fog was thick, not allowing any tribute to see a few feet ahead of them. The Bloodbath was the most brutal, with a total of fifteen deaths. The tributes stumbled around, attempting to find a single weapon or a single food item. Unknowingly, allies killed allies and foes killed foes.

The Eighteenth Hunger Games was set underwater. The tributes rose into the arena in a glass tube, equipped with scuba-diving gear and an oxygen tank that only contained enough oxygen for fifteen minutes. In the Cornucopia, oxygen tanks were supplied, along with tridents, harpoons, nets, and other nautical items. The weapons were extremely heavy, which made it difficult to use them efficiently. A fit victor from District Four won that year's Game.

The Nineteenth Hunger Games was set in seemingly endless badlands. But this was the most vexatious games in all of the history of Panem; the victor was a weakling from District Ten. It came down to the final three and the male from Ten decided it was time to trick the two remaining Careers. He took the capsule from one of his sponsor gifts and put Nightlock berries into it. He placed the false-sponsor-gift on the ground, expecting the Careers to open it and eat what's inside. Luckily for him, that's exactly what they did – thinking it was from a sponsor, they ate what was inside, ultimately killing themselves.

The nineteenth Hunger Games is a lesson for all Careers; a lesson that must be put into effect. They should not ignore survival courses and should not underestimate tributes from outer Districts.

This year, I will personally test the Careers. I want see if they are as observant and clever as they think they are. A combination of traps, muttations, and deceiving objects will be present in this year's arena.

No matter the District, no tribute will be safe in this arena. Every single tribute must pay attention to those survival courses during training. Studying and training at those might make the difference between life and death.

Obviously, the tributes won't know about my arena until the launch. If they have watched the last few Games, they should have realized that survival courses would have been beneficial to several tributes.

But for now, all I have to worry about is getting the approval from President Carton.

President Carton, who has been the President ever since the Hunger Games were inaugurated, is who I must impress. If he has allowed those Hunger Games, mine will most certainly be accepted as well. My arena for the twentieth Hunger Games will be a shoo-in and will be remembered.

It will be remembered for being one of the most ingenious and foreboding arenas. Hopefully, the President will admire me to such a degree that he will ask me to continue my position as Head Gamemaker.

These asinine Gamemakers that have made such terrible arenas have plagued the Head Gamemaker's position. I, Head Gamemaker Manette, will turn that legacy into a reputable one. From now on, Gamemakers will be feared and revered.

It must be perfection.

Now, what else can I do to enhance this year's arena?

Il ne faut pas se fier aux apparences.

District One

Male: Cove Barley, 16.

Female: Velour Versailles, 18.

District Two

Male: Nero Recknor, 17.

Female: Olivine Keenan, 18.

District Three

Male: Robin Sherrell, 16.

Female: Kaelyn Taitrin, 16.

District Four

Male: Adam Kent, 18.

Female: Mariel Seavey, 17.

District Five

Male: Sinter Farwood, 16.

Female: Minx Hyede, 13.

District Six

Male: Harley Astaire, 16.

Female: Ivonette Frost, 18.

District Seven

Male: Tobias Cress, 17.

Female: Seer Brine, 17.

District Eight

Male: Emmett Till, 15.

Female: Quole Issa, 14.

District Nine

Male: Noah Miller, 12.

Female: Amelie Delaine, 16.

District Ten

Male: Asher Hadamik, 18.

Female: Lyra Bane, 16.

District Eleven

Male: Dresden Scott, 13.

Female: Cama Zale, 17.

District Twelve

Male: Caolan Harper, 15.

Female: Amara Dane, 18.

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