Author's Note: A few things. First, this is the first time I've written fic in like, years. I mean, I wrote drabbles and stuff but those were for specific people, so this is my first fanfic intended for a big audience since the last time I actually uploaded something. Second, this is my first time writing for PJO, so there's bound to be some off characterization. Third, this is the first time I've written porn like this in a very very VERY long time. So I apologize for like, everything. In any case, I hope you enjoy this! If you don't then, oh well, it was fun writing it either way!

edit 1/24/13: After thinking about it for a little while, I decided to turn this into a multiple chapter fic. After I get a general idea of how I want the story to move forward, I'll put up the second chapter. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed this! Your kind words really helped me.

If you were to ask Percy Jackson what was the strangest thing that had ever happened to him, you'd have to brace yourself for one very long and confusing conversation.

He might mention when he first discovered his godly heritage, and how his mother—the most perfect woman in the universe, thank you very much—disappeared right in front of his eyes. Or the time when he was turned into a guinea pig, or when he tricked killer dolphins into thinking his friend was a god, or... Well, basically, his life was pretty damn weird. Picking out a singular instance that outshone the rest would take a lot of thinking, and Percy had never been the type to just sit around and carefully analyze things. He liked to jump into things head first, much to the annoyance of everyone else ever who had to later deal with the consequences. Yeah, sure, he was pretty good at coming up with battle strategies, but all of his best work sprung out of last minute scrambling.

To put it more bluntly, it would take the moment hitting him in the face like a freight train for Percy to go, "Oh, yeah, now that was super weird!"

Months had passed since the defeat of Gaea, and unsurprisingly, no one thought to give the demigod a break from quests. In fact, he seemed to be getting them more often. Apparently saving the world multiple times meant that the gods were free to throw every tiny task at his feet. The other six from the prophecy were on the same boat as him (both literally and figuratively, considering the Argo II) but Percy got it extra bad. It probably had to do with his lack of filter when it came to addressing the higher beings. Unlike everyone else, he had no problem with pointing out that a god was wrong, which usually ended in them trying to vaporize him. And when that failed, they just resorted to holding grudges that would last a millennia.

He was currently on one of those quests; Aphrodite had gotten into a spat with Artemis, and now Percy had to recover some lost item or other, blah blah, the amount of times the gods lost something was getting ridiculous. Jason and Grover both accompanied him; he was admittedly a little bummed out that Annabeth couldn't make it since she was on some diplomacy mission at Camp Jupiter. Still, he trusted the two guys with his life. Grover was his best bud, of course, and Jason was... well. Admittedly, the two still had those weird macho, testosterone battles that made the girls groan and Leo and Frank exchange money. They couldn't help it! Both were considered leaders, and held a hefty amount of accomplishments under their metaphorical belts. No matter how chummy they became, there would always be that small voice in their heads going, "So who's better?"

Actually, that voice grew louder as they became better friends. Percy tried not to think about it too much.

After about a week of traveling, they located the missing item. It was wrapped very tightly in gold cloth, and they were warned by the goddess of love not to peek inside. Not wanting to get on her bad side, they all heeded her. Now the trio were wandering around Nebraska—at least, he thought it was Nebraska. They were kind of thrown through the air after being attacked by some pretty nasty wind spirits. No one ever listened to him when he said that air travel was a terrible idea. Why did no one remember Zeus was not a member of his fan club? Anyway, one minute they were happily cruising through the skies and the next they were swallowing dirt on some abandoned road in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, that was pretty typical of quests, but it still majorly sucked. Grover thought he smelled enchiladas, so he ran off to locate the (depending on who you asked) delicacies while the two demigods watched over camp.

Jason sat next to their small fire, constantly checking over it to make sure it didn't go out. It was times like these where Percy appreciated Leo a lot more, but there was no use complaining over that. The Roman would occasionally glance away from the flames, scanning through the darkness for the return of their companion. Percy had to admit that Jason looked much more professional than he did, with his neatly cut hair and muscular build. Percy looked as if he had just been through a hurricane (which wasn't that off) with his hair pointing in every direction and his shirt missing a sleeve after an unfortunate encounter with a drunk cyclops. Long story.

But if someone were to give the two guys a look, they would probably conclude that Jason was the leader. And that annoyed Percy, since it was technically his quest. It wasn't his fault that the younger demigod had lost less pieces of clothing throughout their current adventure! Or that Jason had a lot more time to get in shape than he had. Hell, Percy was in amazing shape. He was just more lean than well built, but that suited his fighting style better. He wasn't even sure why he was even fussing over something like this. It was dumb and immature and, man, he would love to have a spar right now.

"Percy?" Jason's voice cut him out of his thoughts.

"Uh?" Percy cleverly replied.

The younger demigod frowned, as if he was puzzling over something that he just couldn't figure out. "Care to tell me why you're strangling that stick?"

Stick? Sure enough, when Percy looked down at his hands, he held a twig that was practically snapped in half. Laughing nervously, he chucked it over his shoulder. "I don't think Grover is going to be back anytime soon, and I'm bored. Wanna train?"

Now, Jason was much more uptight than Percy was. It was the whole Roman thing—they were big sticklers for rules and unity and all that fun stuff. But he did share many qualities with the son of Poseidon as well. The opportunity of a fight formed a smile on his face, which made the small scar on his upper lip more apparent despite the dark night. Jason stood, picking up his sword from the ground and faced his companion.

"We don't want to get rusty," Jason agreed. He did give the area a cautious look over, checking to see if there weren't any monsters or mortals in viewing distance. The monsters they could easily handle, but the Mist might make the latter think they're witnessing two teenagers murdering each other. Percy was sadly well aware of how much trouble the Mist could make for a demigod. When everything seemed clear, the two got into position.

Jason was, without doubt, Percy's favorite person to fight against. They were evenly matched, which either got on his nerves or elated him. But the clang of bronze against gold that sent vibrations through his fingers, and the pain that would shoot up when he failed to dodge correctly—those small aches and stimulations were what he craved for. While killing monsters was a thrill, there was just something about battling another person that just made his heart hammer in his chest and his adrenaline burn.

The rush came to a stop when Jason miscalculated a dodge and stepped back a little too far, and onto a small parcel that sat near their bags. A shared look of horror appeared on their faces, and Percy and Jason began to do the only option left to them: Freak the hell out.

"Oh gods," Percy said, dropping Riptide to pull at the ends of his hair. "We broke it. We broke Aphrodite's—what was it again?"

"That doesn't matter," Jason said. He was doing his best to remain calm, but he couldn't hide his look of dread. "This isn't good, Jackson. I... I've never failed a quest before."

Percy let that sink in. His perfect record was also now ruined, and he took a moment to properly grieve it. But, again, that wasn't the real issue here. Their actual problem was the fact that Aphrodite had suddenly appeared right in front of them, and wow, they were going to die. Jason quickly rose to attention to greet the goddess, but Percy was still stuck in, "I am about to be turned into something fluffy and cute then roasted over our campfire" mode.

"Hello," the goddess said coolly. The two teens mumbled an appropriate reply. She either did not mind the unceremonious welcome, or she was so ticked off that she didn't notice. Percy hoped it wasn't option B.

"Usually when we send you off on quests," she continued, "we expect the item to be returned in one piece. Apparently I misplaced my faith when I chose you to locate it for me."

"We're, uh, really sorry," Percy said. The "Please don't make me into a pet dove" did not need to be added.

Jason nodded. "What we did was really dumb, and I can't even begin to let you know how horrible we feel. We'll do anything to make this right again."

Percy raised an eyebrow. Anything was pushing it, but he understood that they were in a pretty desperate situation. The demigod was no expert on mythology, but he knew well enough that when you failed a god, bad things were sure to follow. So he managed to keep his mouth shut, and try his best at making puppy eyes at Aphrodite. She always did have a soft spot for him, after all, and he really hoped that trend would continue.

"You don't have to do anything," she said sweetly. Maybe too sweetly, but the boys were too shocked to notice. Percy resisted the urge to go for a high five. Aphrodite continued: "You tried your best, and that's enough. I have a date with Mars, so I'll see you two later. Ta-ta."

They shielded their eyes as she returned to her full godly form and disappeared. After a few seconds, they realized that they were definitely still in one piece and let out sighs of relief. Percy collapsed next to where the broken parcel once stood. It had disappeared along with the beautiful goddess. "I thought she was going to maim us."

Jason still stood on edge, but he smiled lightly. "Me too. It was a little... too easy though."

He was right. There should have been no way they escaped from that scenario without some form of punishment. After casting a nervous look around, they decided to go to bed and sleep until Grover returned. He was taking a lot longer than Percy thought he would, but thanks to his empathy link to the satyr, he knew that his friend wasn't in any danger. In fact, Grover probably would be better if he stayed away for a little longer. Who knew what might happen?

Jason's face was way too close.

That was the first thought that crossed Percy's mind when he sleepily opened an eye. The blond's body was only inches away from his own, and Percy could feel his breath on his neck. It sent shivers down his skin. Percy sat up, still stuck in that daze where you're still too groggy to process anything correctly. He was sure that they had fallen asleep on separate sides of the campfire. Yet, lo and behold, they were now practically snuggling. Could Jason have gotten up and moved closer to him? The idea was so ridiculous it almost made Percy laugh. Something else had to be going on.

He looked over the sleeping figure for any sort of clue, and was struck at how... well. Attractive Jason was. It was something he never thought about before, but considering how many girls fawned over him at both Camps, Percy knew it was true. There was something about his jawline that was especially enticing—whoa. Okay, no. This was starting to get weird. He shook the thought out of his head, and started to rise to move to a different spot. Instead he found himself leaning over Jason's sleeping form, quietly studying his features. His palms were sweaty, and his heart was beating rapidly, like it had during their fighting match from earlier. It didn't make sense, why was he acting so strangely?

Jason eyes opened, and Zeus should have smited Percy for how high he flew into the air from shock. The literal kind of shock, mind you, considering Jason hit him with a current of electricity. Percy groaned as he hit the ground, but he was quickly back on his feet. Never stay down when you're knocked over, unless there's a strategical advantage to it, of course. The two demigods stared at each other; one was alert, while the other looked extremely lost and out of it. After a moment, Jason managed to snap out of his tired state and stood.

"What were you doing?" the son of Jupiter demanded. Any trace of his sleepy stupor was gone; Jason was in full Roman mode now. "Wait, didn't I go to sleep over there?"

So Percy wasn't going crazy. Or maybe he was? He still couldn't shake that odd feeling he got when he was so close to Jason. It was like something was urging him to pull closer, to—who knows. Whatever it was, Percy didn't understand it. He had to get to the bottom of it before anything else weird happened, like how he was now closing the distance between the of them and pressing his lips against Jason's, and what?

No, that definitely did happen. He grabbed onto Jason's collar and pulled him in, their mouths clumsily mashing against one another's. It was rough and extremely awkward, and after a few seconds Percy broke the kiss himself. His face felt like it was on fire, and he briefly wondered if he was a descendent of Hephaestus when Jason climbed on top of him.

That was inaccurate. Jason actually pushed him down onto the dirt, and then straddled him. Percy gaped, unable to keep up with what was going on. He kissed Jason, who now sat on top of him and was... also kissing him. It wasn't as rough as the initial one, but there was a tenacity that echoed his fighting style. And soon enough, Percy was kissing back, equally as determined. Determined to do what was the question though, and neither seemed to have any real idea as to what the answer was. Not that Percy could concentrate on that, though, as Jason's hands had slithered under the Greek's shirt. They traveled upwards until they found his nipples, and Percy soon discovered the delightful feeling of having them massaged and tugged. Not being one to be outdone, Percy's own hands gripped Jason's ass and he dug his nails into them. Despite the material in between them, Jason still smirked.

The smirk disappeared for a second as Jason knit his eyebrows together in confusion. He looked to be questioning what the hell they were doing, and while Percy shared the sentiment, he couldn't help but continue. He just felt like he had to, and he wasn't exactly sure why. He broke off the kiss and went for that jawline he had been admiring earlier. Percy kissed the skin, sucking at it in places where Jason seemed the most sensitive. Soon the Roman's shirt blocked any further progress, and with an annoyed growl Percy tore it off of him. While Jason was caught by surprise, Percy also managed to flip their positions so he was on top. He pinned the younger teen's arms down so he wouldn't try to reverse it, and then continued down his path. Once he reached Jason's navel, however, it began to dawn on him that he was way too close to the dude's assets. He sat up straight, and questioningly looked around as if the answer to what the hell he was doing would come leaping through the field at him.

"What is it?" Jason sounded impatient.

"I dunno," Percy answered. While he really wanted to continue with what was happening, there was still a sane part of him that reminded him that he was currently cheating on his girlfriend with Jason goddamn Grace in what may or may not be Nebraska. It almost made him want to punch himself in the face, and he probably would have done it too if Jason hadn't leaned over and once again captured Percy's lips in his. They battled for dominance, with Jason's hands yanking at Percy's dark hair. But there was no way he was going to let Jason win.

And so, Percy slid his hand down Jason's pants. The blond momentarily stopped, his eyes widening, and Percy knew they both shared a thought of, "Oh gods, what is happening?" But Percy stuck his hand inside the teen's boxers, and had a small moment of panic when he realized that he was now touching another person's dick. It was hard, much like his own, but he still couldn't shake the feeling that he was touching someone else's thing. Knowing that he seriously could not back out of it now, he slowly slid his hand down Jason's shaft and back up again. He did it a few more times in that careful, experimental, pace but when Jason let out a few moans of approval he began to pick up the pace.

Jacking someone else off was a rather unique experience, but the sensation of Jason squirming against his skin was more than enough to keep Percy going. He felt himself throbbing in his pants, aching for a little attention, but he ignored it to concentrate on his fellow demigod. Jason writhed on the ground, his blue eyes cloudy. Every now and then he sent small shocks into Percy, which the son of Poseidon figured was a good thing. Percy went back to kissing Jason's neck, and he worked very hard to make sure marks were left. He wanted to make sure that some piece of him was left on the blond, some kind of territorial mark so other can know that he had claimed him. Which was a crazy thought, considering he didn't want anyone to ever know what was going on.

After one last stroke, Jason came into his lover's hand. Percy laughed against tan skin, and brushed his lips lightly over a collarbone before returning to eye level with Jason. There was a distant look on his face, as if he still hadn't recovered from what just occurred, but Percy couldn't blame him. He did just receive a handjob from a guy who was not his Native American girlfriend. Percy apparently miscalculated just how out of it he was, though, because Jason suddenly had him pinned to the ground.

"Your turn," Jason said, his voice ringing with authority. Before Percy could even think of a way to protest (not that he would) Jason pulled down both his jeans and his underwear. Having your bare bottom pressed against dirt was not an experience he would recommend to anyone, but Percy didn't have time to think too much on that. Jason had moved his face to Percy's thigh, kissing it gently. The closer he got to Percy's erection, the harder he pressed against the flushed skin. Percy let out a moan that was way too embarrassing for his liking, and he stared hungrily at Jason, waiting for what would come next.

No pun intended.

Jason's mouth brushed lightly against Percy's shaft, and it sent a shudder throughout his body. Yeah, he wondered what it would be like to get a blowjob, but he figured that if the day ever came it would be with a different blond. He wasn't exactly complaining when Jason began to suck, sometimes gently, and other times with his teeth. Percy knew that the Roman was doing it on purpose, to mess with him, but all he could really do to protest was dig his nails a little too deep into Jason's back. Jason fell into a rhythm, allowing his friend's cock to go as deeply into his throat as he could manage before pulling out again. In a blind moment of pleasure, Percy thrust his hips, causing Jason to choke. His reply was biting down a bit before going back into his rhythm of sucking. His fingers played with Percy's balls, squeezing and massaging them as he deep throated their owner.

He came, filling Jason's mouth with his warmth. Jason sputtered, pulling away and spitting it out in such an undignified motion that Percy laughed out loud. Jason glared down at the older guy, but then grinned and kissed him. It was pretty disgusting, as Percy never wanted to know what his own junk tasted like, but he still kissed back. They stayed like that for a while, only breaking a part to gasp for air and mutter things like, "What?" and other sexy phrases. Percy was just about to pull Jason's pants fully down when a voice behind them interrupted.

"Is this a bad time?" Aphrodite sat a small table and chair that magically appeared along with her. She calmly sipped out of a cup, watching the two of them play tongue tango with great interest.

The two demigods froze, looked at each other, and then made a mad scramble to untangle themselves. After what felt like way too long, the two stood facing the goddess, their faces bright red. It took another few seconds for Percy to realize his thing was still exposed to the world, so he hastily pulled up his jeans. Aphrodite merely drank her tea as if this was something she saw all the time. And considering what her domain was, Percy was pretty sure that she did.

"I think we all had a lot of fun, don't you?" she said brightly. She then gestured at a plate of cookies on the table. "Want one? You burned a lot of calories, so you should probably have a bite."

Realization of what had happened began to dawn on Percy, and his embarrassment turned to rage. No wonder the goddess was so forgiving earlier—she had something planned all along! A plan that included... er. He preferred not to think too much about it, especially given that he still wanted to rip off the rest of Jason's clothing. The other demigod appeared to have figured it out as well, because his face was now a shade of green that did not compliment his features.

"You—you made us do stuff!" Percy shouted. "I have Annabeth, and I... Holy crap, what did I do?"

The yelling irked Aphrodite, but thankfully she just put her cup down instead of angrily blasting any demigods that happened to be in the vicinity. She let out a drawn out sigh, as if she had gone through this conversation many times before (again, she probably has). "The two of you are always so eager to fight each other, so I decided to let you do a... ah, different kind of battle. You did quite well, I actually blushed."

"That's not fighting! That's—" Jason started, but he was unable to describe what exactly it was that they did. That, or he didn't want to.

"Tsk," the goddess said. "Love is war, so what you did was exactly that. Speaking of war, I honestly do have a date with the god of it. I hope you two have learned to not break my things." And with that, she disappeared, along with her table and chair. Percy didn't even get to try a cookie.

The two sat in uncomfortable silence. Percy wasn't sure about Jason, but he still wanted to continue where they left off. But the knowledge that it was all Aphrodite's revenge was a real turnoff, so instead he awkwardly stared at his feet. Jason concentrated on staring at the direction where Grover had ran off to hours before.

Oh, shit. Grover.

The satyr now approached, singing happily and holding what appeared to be a gigantic enchilada. Well, that's weird. The two demigods began to quickly clean themselves off while trying to not come off as suspicious to their returning friend. When Grover was finally near enough, he broke into a wild grin. "I found an enchilada festival! Oh, it was so great. I was going to come back to get you guys, but then I ran into a group of nymphs and..."

He paused, and looked at each of them. Percy forced a smile on his face, and Jason tried to laugh but it came out more as a whimper. Grover frowned, and gingerly set his giant meal aside. "Is something wrong? The two of you smell weird."

"Hey, I have an idea!" Percy interrupted. "Why don't you tell us more about that festival?"

And to Percy's relief, Grover happily obliged.

The rest of the journey back to Camp Half-Blood was long and awkward as hell. Grover knew something was up, but after the first few failed attempts at initiating conversation, he gave up. Percy felt bad, but there was no way anyone was going to find out about the little escapade in Nebraska. Hell, he wished he was out of the loop as well.

The thing was, he wasn't exactly sure if Aphrodite's spell had completely faded. After the first night, Percy no longer wanted to ride Jason into the sunset. But there was still a pang in his stomach when he looked at him, and a sort of longing that he only felt for a very small amount of people—all girls—that wasn't there before. He wanted to ask Jason about it, but the two had made a silent pact to never bring up what had occurred again. Sometimes Percy worried that he was the only one affected in that way, but he would occasionally catch Jason staring a little too long at him. Percy didn't know if they were still experiencing the effects of it, or if it had just opened the door to something else. But one thing he did know for sure: He couldn't do anything about it.

One night, a couple of weeks after the incident, Percy found Jason sitting next to the lake. He almost turned around the way he came, but that was dumb. He couldn't hide from his friend forever. So he sat down next to him, and thankfully Jason nodded instead of running away screaming. That made Percy feel somewhat better about things.

"This sucks," Jason said.

Understatement of the year, but Percy smiled anyway. "Apparently it's not the only thing that does."

The remark earned him a punch in the gut, but Percy knew he deserved it anyway. He rubbed his sore stomach, and was about to apologize for it when instead he felt himself pulled into another kiss. Percy momentarily panicked, wondering if there were any peeping goddesses nearby or, even worse, girlfriends. But he soon forgot about that and kissed back. It was pretty chaste compared to the ones from before, but he enjoyed it a lot. Sometimes things were better when they were just kept simple.

"That was the last one," Jason said when he pulled away. He looked pained, as if he had to fight himself in order to give Percy that kiss. He probably did. "I like Piper. A lot. And I don't ever want to hurt her, and I know you feel the same way about Annabeth. I just... I don't know. I needed closure, I guess. I kept thinking back to what we did, and it made me mad. And ashamed. But I liked it. I guess I just wanted you to know that."

Percy's emotional response was gaping and nodding like an idiot. When he finally managed to pull himself together, he replied: "Me too. I don't know if Aphrodite is still messing around or not, but... Thanks. For saying something. And the kiss, I guess."

They laughed. Even if nothing would ever come from the experience, Percy was glad that it was with Jason. Er, not that he was glad that he got to fool around with Jason specifically, but—it was best not to think about it too much. He leaned lightly against the Roman, and they sat like that until dawn approached. Together, with the other as support.

If you were to ask Percy Jackson what was the strangest thing that had ever happened to him, the only response you'd get will be his nervous sputtering before he runs away.