So, hey I guess! I've always had this idea of a Robert/OC story, and this is just going to be the bad turnout of it! This "first chap" is just to kind of test the waters and, see if I think I could continue on and if there is anyone out there that likes my idea. It's based off the 2012 version and I'm going to change some things and make it different. Question though, Should I switch POV's or keep one main one? Anyways here's the first chapter I guess.

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My name is Jacqueline Eckert and since 5th grade I've hated everything to do with Robert Morris.


"Mattie, come on we're gonna be late for school!" I was "ruthlessly" shouting at my twin brother as he called it.

"I'm coming just give me a few more minutes!" I heard him yell back from sound like upstairs.

Sighing and rolling my eyes I leaned back into the passenger seat of my older brother Jed's car, shaking my now curly brown hair out of my eyes. (I have straight honey-brown hair, and the same eyes as my brother, I was around average height, but I've always been told I look like my mom). I looked to the right to see him smirking at me and Mattie's relationship. I was a little mad, but it was good to see Jed smile. Our mom had died when we were a bit younger, and then he went off to join the Marines, leaving Mattie and I to live with our dad in Spokane, Washington.

"You guys still bicker like 5 year olds, huh?" Jed turned to me and asked.

"You bet. Come on it is Mattie we're talking about" I said, trying to stifle a laugh.

Thirty seconds later, the car shook with infinite giggles and snorts, something that we all inherited from our mom. Finally Mattie came rushing down the stairs and out into the car, just as my IPhone lit up with a text from my best friend Erika. Also known as my brother's girlfriend. I locked my IPhone, buckled my seatbelt and turned around to look at my brother. It was my blue-green eyes looking at another set of blue-green.

"You ready to go Princess Mattie?" I asked him, with sarcasm in every word. "I'm only ready to be late, if it's okay by the Princesses standards" I told him, then added a charming smile and turned back around.

"Totally, I wouldn't want to keep Robert's girlfriend away from him to long, you know, separation anxiety and all." Mattie fired back.

"Robert is an a**hole, and you know I would never want him to be my boyfriend. " I barked. "Besides, I have no absolute clue what Erika, of all people sees in you."

After my last comment it was almost completely silent. I tried to wrap my head around the fact that Mattie had just referred to Robert as my boyfriend. I wouldn't be caught dead with him. And as if it wasn't worse enough hating him, my brother had it so that they were actually friends and would invite him over to play MW3 or Black Ops or something (Not like I had never played, you always learn how to use weapons in my family). I then realized the car wasn't moving; we were still sitting in the driveway to our house.

"Jed" I said cautiously, trying to control my anger. "Why aren't we driving to school?"

"Oh…" He said, as he changed the gear and started to back out the driveway.

Enjoying the silence, I turned back around and stared out the window to look at the trees, and houses, and happy families we passed around town. Sure, I was always going to envy that one kid who had their mom, and dad with them. It was just a part of life that I would have to move on from and accept.

"Hey." Jed's voice rang throughout the car. "Wasn't Robert like your best friend?" He questioned me.

"Yeah until like 5th grade." I mumbled, obviously not into the subject.

"Oh." He said, dropping the subject.

When Spokane High (I Couldn't find the name if there was one) rolled in my view a mix of fear, nausea, excitement, and joy invaded my body. I saw Erika out front looking around, probably for me as we rolled in. When Jed stopped the car, I grabbed my stuff, gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran out to Erika. I could've sworn I heard a "Have a good day" find its way out of his mouth. Matt came up out of nowhere and did they typical boyfriend girlfriend thing with Erika, as usual and predicted I started to make gagging noises and such, when Erika would pull away and start talking to me with Matt following and occasionally talking to a few football buddies.

You see, while Matt was on the football team, Erika and I were cheerleaders. Erika was Captain, and I was Co-Captain. So, at this school when you think cheerleaders you think, A-Class pain in the a**. Pretty much any one considered a "Jock" was shelved and housed under that category. You could be the most sweet, and considering person ever but this school was nothing more than labels. It was an unfair system of judgment and unfortunately it was the way of High School life. The school crowds were always mood swinging too. During the day they could hate you because your on the team and they're not, or just because your you and on Friday nights they go for cheering you on, and congratulating you. This is why I for one will never understand the unusualness of High School life. Another thing about this school, the whole shelving and labels thing, and I'm 100x better than you'll ever be was something that Matt Eckert eats, breathes, and sleeps at this school.

To say I can't tolerate my brother is one thing, because it's about 50% true. His arrogant personality drives me completely insane versus my somewhat normal one. Though when someone says, "Oh you two are just alike" I want to just run, because they have it all wrong. I for one am nothing like my twin brother Matt Eckert.

"So, how's life?" Erika said snapping me back to reality.

We were in the cafeteria eating lunch, which meant that our day was almost over and we only had 1 bell left.

"Good, besides your arrogant boyfriend annoying the crap out of me, like always." I told her taking a swig of my Coke. I put it down. " Like really, what to you see in him?" I asked.

"That's for me to know and for you to never figure out." She said smirking.

We both laughed, something around a normal conversation for us. See Erika moved to Spokane in 3rd grade, and we just clicked.

"What about you and Robert?" She asked me, poking my side.

"Who, Morris?" I said acting like I didn't know who she was talking about.

"Jack" She called me by the name she had made in 3rd grade. "You, of all people should know." She said smirking.

"It's that Robert huh." I said underneath my breath.

"Of, course, what's up with you two?" She questioned. "If you guys are alone for more than five-minutes you can cut the tension in the air." Erika said. "What happened? You guys were best friends."

"People change Erika." I mumbled. "He wasn't there when I needed him the most, and we just grew apart to end up hating each other?" I said.

Luckily she dropped it and quickly changed it to a conversation on cheerleading. Though, I had started to loose my appetite. Looking down at my tray I pushed the cheeseburger away in disgust. Erika surprisingly did the same. I signaled her, and we got up to go to History, the last class of the day.

Tap,tap,tap. Nothing. Tap,tap. I was bored. History could be considered as one of my favorite subjects, but this lecture was not. We were learning about some ancient persons battle strategies. My mind would only flash back between two subjects, history not one of them. We had another football game tonight. And, What had happened to Robert and I? I scowled. Erika had to go get those questions going through my head.

"And you'll partner up" As Mr. Allen finished that sentence I snapped my head up.

I looked around; Erika was already with Mattie and anyone else that looked remotely close to who I would choose were taken. I heard footsteps become closer to me, and slowly I looked up. No, not, ever would I partner up with Robert Morris. Knowing I lost that battle, I pulled out the chair for him while I heard him mutter what he thought was an inaudible "thanks".

"So" I said.

"Soooo." He replied.

"Let's get started?" I asked sounding less and less sure of my self.

It seemed like we were moving so slowly. Everything was just one giant blur. I glanced up at the clock, each minute was like an hour. I felt something warm, and squishy for about thirty seconds touch me. I snapped my head to my hands, our hands were touching, my head snapped up to look at his hazel brown eyes. Robert's eyes screamed something along the lines of "whoops, I'm gonna die, no I don't like you, and disgust?" I snatched my hand back, and packed up my stuff seeing the bell was going to ring soon.

"Bye" I muttered and rushed to my locker not even taking a second look at him.

The football game seemed to go fairly well. The crowd was pumped as normal, the weather wasn't that bad, but we were loosing by just a couple points and my arrogant quarterback brother wasn't helping the team. We started another round of "Let's Go! Wol-Ver-Ines!" Erika and I both flinched when we saw Mattie fly backwards and watched his helmet come over towards us. Erika grabbed it and ran up to him. I glanced at the scoreboard, 15 more seconds. We're not going to win. Thanks Mattie, though I guess I couldn't blame him, but it's not a one-man team.

After we changed Erika and I drove around front in her Mustang to pick up Mattie. We were meeting Jed, and Erika's friend Toni at the sports bar. When we got there we told them where we were going, and sat down. I watched as Toni took a french-fry from Robert and his friends, I watched as their eyes followed her down to our table. We were laughing and we having a good time, when my whole world went black.

So, sorry it was a long boring chapter. Please comment on what you thought, and if I should continue or not. Oh! With the cheerleader and jock stereotypes, I don't believe them because I cheer at my school and stuff, I just didn't want any one to find it offensive. So I spell Erica's name like Erika, I like it that way actually. Thanks for reading!