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I woke up with my hair a mess and my heart beating wildly within my chest (Just noticed it rhymes! whoops). Mattie and Robert stopped and ran over to me. I swallowed, and my throat ached in pain. I was most definitely in the cave, and as well as the only one who was still sleeping.

"Are you okay?" Mattie asked me, while Robert sat down next to me and rubbed my shoulders.

"I'm fine."

What did it mean? Robert was always there. Were we dating or something? I don't know.

"I Just had a bad dream." I continued. "Just about dad, that's all. I'm okay."

I reassured my brother and Robert and they walked away from me. My hand went searching for my necklace as my face flushed and I started breathing harder. All of my movements went back to normal when I felt the cool and smooth metal under my skin. I glanced across the room until my eyes set on Robert. My eyes went from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet and back, once, twice. So, I checked him out? Our eyes locked and I blushed, shaking my hair in front of my face. I rolled out of bed and walked over to the boys.

"We're going to need to train. If we're going to fight." Jed said, coming from outside.

"Okay, so your point is?" I questioned him.

"Everyone, outside. Now." And he walked out.

Of course, we all followed. That's just what you do when a Marine tells you something and your country's being invaded. He led us to an open, but secluded area that was flat and had some hills and a small stream nearby. In front of us was a small range of the real guns we had collected at the cabin, and some water guns we had found lying around. Jed explained to us how to put in ammo, plus shoot and aim. We were a team now, and we had to learn how to work and live together, as well as survive.

Daryl walked over to me, and asked if I needed any help, seeing that he was trying to flirt with me a played his little game. Never would I ever like Daryl that would be just wrong. I turned around to see who wasn't playing around with the guns. Like always it was Mattie, Jed, and Robert who looked a little jealous. I looked at him in a flirting way to say, "Your friend's got more balls than you do" and returned to how to use a gun: 101 with Daryl. It wasn't like I needed help, I had known how to use a gun since I was around 12 years old, I was just trying to make a certain boy jealous and it was obviously working.

Robert's POV

I looked at Jacq, then Matt, Jacq again. I had absolutely no clue what people said when they looked alike. Sure, they had the same eyes and all, but their twins, its normal. My eyes flickered back to Jacqueline; she was practicing the fighting skills Jed had taught us with Daryl. What did she see in Daryl? He wasn't much different than me. We were both tall and apparently had a charming smile, both into video games, and guns, but she likes him? I could've sworn by the signals she was sending me, she was into me, but then again she's a girl and they're unpredictable. It's not hard to admit that she wasn't near to perfect, she was freaking beautiful, and she just doesn't know it.

I sighed. "She's so beautiful."

Matt and Jed turned to look at me. "Who?"

"No one." I said quickly changing the topic. I was sure they would kill me in my sleep if they found out.

My eyes averted back to Jacqueline who had hit Daryl Square in the chest, hard. I would let her beat me up, if it meant being closer to her and all.

"Oh, you mean Jacq?" Matt asked me. "Yeah, everyone does, she just doesn't believe it."

"And your not going to kill me?" I looked at Jed.

"No, just don't hurt my baby sister and we're cool." He smirked.

"You know you should make your move now." Implied Matt.


"Make your move now, Jacqueline's so into you. She's just trying to make you jealous with Daryl."

"Well it's working." I mumbled.

"Be a man Robert. Go, and don't hurt her." Jed told me as he pushed me forward.

I looked ahead, and started to walk towards Jacq. I had been head over heels for this girl since 6th grade but I messed things up for us in 5th. Sure, we had flirted a couple times since we had all been corralled to this mountain area, but was I going to get anywhere by making a move?

"Uh, excuse me." I said to Daryl. "Can I help her with something? Jed asked me too." That was a good enough excuse right?

"Uh, right. Sure." Daryl said as he walked over to Julie.

"So." I walked closer to Jacqueline.

"Hey Robert." She said. I swore she winked.

"You having any trouble with anything?" Hoping it was just with the guns.

"Well, just the shooting part. I'm too scared to pull the trigger." She sounded like she was just flirting hard to prove a point.

"Okay well you …"

I explained to her what you do when you shoot a gun, and then she asked if I would help her shoot. Jacqueline was good at flirting and it just seemed to come naturally to her. I went behind her and grabber her from behind her waist, and then placed both of our hands on the trigger. I whisper counted to three and then we applied the pressure and shot at the tall tree. I think I was going to ask her out.

"So, Jacqueline." I started. "There's this girl I like and she's up here with us. Well, she's actually right next to me"

Her face lit up. "Yeah? And?"

"Well, uh –God this was stupid- I know it's a horrible time and all seeing we're practically in a middle of a war and all."

She nodded as if to say continue on.

"But I was wondering and really hoping that girl would, um, go out with me?" Jacq looked lost.

"What I'm trying to say is –deep breaths- would you be my girlfriend? I know it's stupid and all with the timing, I just had to ask."

"Yeah, Robert, I'll go out with you. But you do have horrible timing. " Said a now blushing and smiling Jacqueline. " Next time ask sooner? And you know I never needed you to show me how to use a gun right?"

"Right." I said, feeling a little stupid.

"Whatever." She laughed. "Lets go back, I'm tired and it looks like everyone else is too."

She handed me her gun and I watched as she walked off to go talk to Toni. Score 1 Robert. I smirked and walked back up to her brothers.

"So you asked her out?" Matt asked.


"Don't hurt my baby sister, because like Jed said, we will kill you." He patted his hand on my shoulder and walked back towards camp.

I shuddered and followed him, almost unwillingly.

Jacq's POV

My day seemed to just keep getting better after my nightmare this morning. Robert just asked me out, and all my confusing questions about him had been answered in my head. I walked over to Toni, and we continued walked towards camp together. Wouldn't my brothers want to kill Robert or something? I hope not. When we got to camp, I saw Mattie, and my boyfriend carrying a normal conversation and as well as finding old logs for a fire pit. So either they won't kill him, or Robert just didn't tell him. I giggled to myself quietly and walked inside the cave with Toni.

After we had eaten what was the last of our food supply for the day, Jed decided that we needed everyone to meet outside. The initial thoughts that came to mind were "Yay! Bonfire." Except we weren't having a bonfire, we were mostly planning for an attack we were going to launch. I spotted Robert sitting on a log and plopped myself next to him, and intertwined our fingers together. I wiped my bangs out of my line of vision and listened to my brother talk. The plan was simple, they would be in covered pits, while I would be the bait and would get the Koreans to follow me over to where they were. Robert squeezed my hand, and I looked up at him. I mouthed an "I'll be fine." And looked at him. He responded with an "Okay, and are you cold?" I looked down at my arms; I had goose bumps up and down both of them. "I guess so, not that much." I mouthed back. In one quick motion he took off his jacket and slipped it on me.

"Thanks." I whispered.

"Your welcome."

After Jed, had explained our next mission/ advancement in the game, the fire turned into a friendly place to do campfire things. Apparently we had marshmallows at the cabin and someone thought they were important so we just burned marshmallows and sang songs. It reminded me of those weird scenes in movies when people would be sad, and just had a campfire for the heck of it. We were all starring in a horrible movie with a few relationships during it, and that's just how life was. I grabbed Robert's hand, scooted closer to him and put my head on his chest, letting the sound of his heartbeat calm me down, and I realized how much I really loved him.

So, a belch chapter, but Robert and Jacq got together. Most of it was really Robert's POV, and a lot less Jacq. I think I probably got them together a little too fast but then again probably not because I wanted them to get together before a lot of the action started. See I know it's weird because Jacq hated Robert since 5th grade, but she always kind of liked him and now it just really came out and she can't deny it soo. Yes, I'm weird. Thanks for the criticism I really appreciate it. I also need a chapter tittle for this chap! Tell me what you think about the story and the name! Review! xo